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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scientologists: Buy My Magic Pebble


If I told you that I had a "Magic Wishing Pebble" that would grant me every wish, would you believe me?

If I said it gave me super powers, allowed me to live forever, made me cause over the whole universe and much more, would you believe in my Magic Wishing Pebble?

If I said I had a bunch of these pebbles, and I would sell you one, would you buy one?

If you asked me to show you the pebble, and I said, "No, it's confidential," would you still want to buy it?

If you asked me to demonstrate the powers of my Magic Wishing Pebble, show it granting me some wishes, and I said, "No, you're not ready for this sort of thing, you can only experience it after you've bought your own," would you still want one of my incredible Magic Wishing Pebbles?

What if I had a list of hundreds of other people who had bought the Magic Wishing Pebble from me, but they also refused to demonstrate any special benefits from their pebbles, and just spoke in vague terms about "feeling more myself", would you go ahead and join them in buying a wonderful Magic Wishing Pebble from me?

And what if I told you the price was $300,000.00, in advance. Or more, if I'm slow in delivering it to you.

And what if I refused to sell it to you until you signed a long contract which said, essentially, "Buyer agrees the seller has made no promises whatsoever as to performance or even existence of the 'product' being sold to buyer . Buyer agrees that the seller is not responsible for anything at all regarding the 'product'."

Would you buy my Magic Wishing Pebble?


Well, what if I called it "OT VIII"?


  1. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

  2. Sign me up!!!!But I would ONLY buy one from YOU.

  3. Kind of intuitively obvious, though most of your stuff is brilliant. Hey Bill, what does the phrase 'project much?' mean? I know you can explain it in terms a mere garden variety humanoid can understand.

    -Red Pill on Topix

  4. Hi Red Pill,
    Not intuitively obvious to Scientologists, though.

    The phrase "project much" isn't Scientologese. Comes from psychology: to ascribe one's own feelings, thoughts, or attitudes to others.

  5. ooh, ooh! i want a pebble! me, me! = )

  6. Sure the "magic pebble" analogy would apply to the person that is completely ignorant of the subject.

    However, Hubbard had been discussing OT abilities in his earliest books and lectures.

    The "EPs" or end phenomena for all these advanced levels at one time were listed on the Grade Chart. So the person knew exactly what he was paying for and what ability he would attain in doing that level.

    This was in the early days as you've discussed in your earlier post.

    Under Miscavige the person is supposed to purchase the level sight unseen. Not only that most people who do these levels are ignorant of the philosophy behind these levels because they are untrained in the subject.

    Back in the 70's most Pre OTs had some kind of Scientology Auditor training.

    Now under Miscavige's regime this is a small minority of the public currently doing them, because they are told incorrectly that the only training required to do these levels is the Solo Auditor's Course which is completely contradictory to what Hubbard himself said on the matter in the HCOB "Training and OT".

    Not only that but "Tech Degrades" have also entered the area. The truth is that many of the original OT levels that where offered to public from the Late 60's when they were first developed to the mid '80's are no longer offered by the Church.

  7. I appreciate your comment. I'm well aware that the earlier OT material (which was used for some of the OT levels) is no longer being offered by the church.

    But there is no evidence that the earlier material produced anything either. Where are the OTs? As the goal of Scientology, it's pretty significant that it isn't being produced.

    Personally, I think it would be world-changing if the church could produce even one OT. But, in all the years they've claimed to be able to, they haven't been able to produce one. Yet the public Scientologists still believe.

    I have some Magic Wishing Pebbles with the exact same record of success.

  8. Brilliant analogy! :) I hope you don't mind if I quote you on occasion.

    "Ashtray, arise! ... Arise I say. Ashtray, arise! Arise! Now, Arise! .... Arise? Please? ... Fine, have it your way, but LRH won't be happy."


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