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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scientologists: What IS the Greatest Good?

L. Ron Hubbard taught that all decisions should be made on the basis of the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics". This is how Scientologists believe they are supposed to weigh things and make decisions.

The "dynamics" that Hubbard referred to were:

The first dynamic, self, is the effort to survive as an individual, to be an individual and to fully express one’s individuality.

The second dynamic is the urge toward existence as a future generation. It has two components: sex and the family unit, including the raising of children.

The third dynamic is the urge to survive as a member of a group. A company, a political party, a church or a social organization are all examples of the third dynamic.

The fourth dynamic is the urge for survival of man as a species. All of the races of man together constitute the fourth dynamic.

The fifth dynamic is the urge to survive for all life forms — animal or vegetable and anything directly and intimately motivated by life.

The sixth dynamic is the urge for survival of the physical universe and reflects the drive of the individual to enhance the survival of all matter, energy, space and time –the component parts of the physical universe.

The seventh dynamic is the urge toward existence as a spiritual being.

The eighth dynamic is the urge toward existence as infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being. Thus, this dynamic can be called the infinity, or God, dynamic.

I'm not saying this is the correct way to make decisions, I'm merely noting that Scientologists are supposed to do it this way. They are supposed to balance all these "dynamics" to get an "optimum solution".

But they don't. They are not allowed to. They are forced, by the Church of Scientology to do what David Miscavige wants. They are not allowed to evaluate, for themselves, what is the "greatest good". All that is required of Scientologists is compliance.

But let's do the forbidden evaluation, shall we? Let's see how David Miscavige's "solutions" stack up in the "greatest good" test! We can only look at the first four. Determining what is the "greatest good" for the physical universe, God and such, is a bit presumptuous, if you ask me, so we'll skip those.
  • First dynamic - Self: Scientologists who fully support Miscavige's solutions are, to a person, deeply, deeply in debt -- all their credit cards are maxed out, extended and maxed out again. If they own property, the property is mortgaged to the hilt. If they can manage to keep up on their monthly payments (and this is a major problem), it is only the minimum -- so they are only paying on the interest. This means it will be "forever" before they can pay their debts.
"Good" Scientologists have no time for relaxation, no time for family and friends. If they have any free time after work and weekends, it must be spent on Scientology courses, volunteering at the church or fund-raising.

If a Scientologist's credit is not maxed out and if they are not constantly involved in Scientology, they are made to feel very, very guilty. Heck, even if they are doing all of that, they are still made to feel guilty that they are not doing even more.

Scientologists might claim that they are taking courses, getting processing in order to improve themselves, but that's not quite what's happening for most of them. Most are buying books they've already bought, taking courses they've taken before and otherwise covering ground they already covered. Instead of moving forward, most are moving backward. In addition, many have found themselves in trouble and are now off lines, getting "security checked" and doing ethics programs and conditions. If you check, you'll find that, for the most part, Scientologists are not "progressing up the Bridge" but are paying for and doing something else required by Miscavige.

No, Miscavige's Church of Scientology and its constant demands makes every Scientologist's personal life much more difficult.
  • Second dynamic - Family: A "good" Scientologist has, by now, "disconnected" from any and all family and friends who are not 100% gung-ho Scientologists. This is actually true. Miscavige's church requires total commitment from all its members. If a Scientologist had any friends or family who were not in Scientology, the Scientologist was required to work on them to get them into, and busy, in Scientology.
So, typically, all a Scientologist's friends and family become separated into two groups: Those who did get involved, and those who refuse to get involved. See where this leads? All those who refused to buy into Scientology must be "suppressive" -- and the Scientologist must "disconnect" from them. As it is proven that Scientology actually appeals to less than 1% of the people exposed to it, this means that virtually all Scientologists have had to "disconnect" from more than one of their immediate family.

No, Miscavige's Church of Scientology breaks up families; separates spouses; disconnects parents from their children. It is a very rare Scientologist who is still connected to all his or her family. See Ex-Scientology Kids for more information about this serious problem.

Perhaps this is why Miscavige has recently redefined the Second Dynamic as "creation", so it's OK to break up families -- families are no longer part of the Dynamics.
  • Third dynamic - Groups: This one is a bit strange. You see, David Miscavige has redefined the third dynamic to mean only the Church of Scientology. "Good" Scientologists may have no other groups in their lives. Work, clubs, neighborhood, friends - they are not included in Miscavige's definition of the "third dynamic". When Miscavige (and, therefore, everyone else in the church) talks about "the third dynamic" he is referring to only one group. If the Church of Scientology improves, but every other group in a Scientologist's life declines, well, that's positive, you see!
The stress of heavy debts and heavy guilt, and the lack of time, makes the "good" Scientologist a poor member of all other groups. At work, the "good" Scientologist is constantly stressed about time and money. They need a raise, or a better job, but they can't put in the "extra effort" that other staff can. The "good" Scientologist is never available for emergencies, or important work projects in the off hours -- they're at the church, on course or out fund-raising.

The fact that the Scientologist's time is all wrapped up in Miscavige's projects means they have no time for their friends, their neighbors, or their clubs.

The Church of Scientology actually destroys the Scientologist's participation in any group but itself. No, it isn't very "pro-survival" for groups.
  • Fourth dynamic - Mankind: Miscavige's Church of Scientology claims to have the answers to all of Mankind's problems. If you read the Scientology press releases and web sites, you would be convinced that all the problems of Earth would be solved if only Scientology would do its magic.
And, if you've seen any of David Miscavige's wondrous events, you would be equally convinced that the church is solving all the world's problems.

The only problem is, it isn't happening. The incidents reported by Miscavige, when investigated by others, can't be found. The areas that "were improved" are found, on inspection, to be unchanged -- not actually improved at all. The "leaders" who are quoted in the event videos can't be found, aren't actually the leaders they were proclaimed to be or, when contacted, say they where quoted out of context. The huge "successes" reported in the events are, on inspection, simply not true.

The Church of Scientology "solutions" are untested, or when tested by unbiased observers are found to be not particularly effective or noteworthy. If these solutions actually solved the problems, the Church of Scientology would have some proof that this is so. Trust me, the church desperately needs such proof and would have eagerly provided any such proof to the world.

The fact that the church never provides any proof means there is no proof. There are only press releases with vague stories of "success" but no real evidence. There are only flashy event videos of questionable veracity.
Any evaluation of "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics" must require that the data used for the evaluation be real and absolutely true -- otherwise the conclusions would be incorrect.

So, Scientologists, take an honest look at your first Dynamic. Are you flourishing, or struggling? Are you happy, or stressed and worried? Are you living the life you want to live?

Take an honest look at your family. Do you get on well with everybody in your family? How are your parents, your children, your siblings? Or have you been forced to disconnect? Do you miss your family?

How about groups? Are you active in the groups you should be, or want to be, part of? Or are all activities not dictated by the Church of Scientology pretty much off limits? Do you miss your previous friends and activities?

How about mankind? Do you simply believe that the church is having an effect on the world, or do you look for some evidence on your own? Do you see any evidence?

According to Hubbard, it's up to you to evaluate for yourself, using real data, not just "what you've been told". It's up to you to make the decision -- and not just "follow orders".

It's up to you.


  1. "It's the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing."

    HCOPL 7 FEB 65, KSW Series I

  2. Good quote!

    Today the quote would be "It's Miscavige that says the group is all and the individual nothing."

    Oh, wait, that's the same quote.

  3. This is a fantastic site. I've recently left after 23+ years and this site is definately helping me to be deprogrammed. I've had no trouble leaving but that may be due to the fact I'm hooked in with some celebs and it would create a flap if I were mistreated. The best thing about Scn is the people in it. Incredible people. FYI, you spell the fourth dynamic incorrectly - "Forth" is how you have it. Want your site to be impressive. Kudos to you!

  4. Thanks! Glad to hear you are out and that I have helped in whatever small way I have.

    (Thanks for the editing help)

  5. Same here, Just Bill, I'm a 25+ yr ex-member, free for almost 5 and I can't believe you two guys have done the work you have. You never cease to amaze me. Your commentaries are very incisive and you, Just Bill - I haven't personally seen Cactus Jack at work but I presume he's just as good - have a keen understanding of Scientology.

    You see, there's a lot of truth in Scientology; you just have to read between the lines, and you do that extremely well. You also see that Scientology DOES work - as I do. It doesn't work better due to the misapplication of the technology by Upper Management; especially David Miscavige.

    Can you imagine, if they did their jobs correctly, how many more well indoctrinated and brainwashed Scientologists there would be? We could have a nearly cleared planet by now. Thank God for incompetence!

    Continue with the onslaught. You are tearing the cult apart bit by bit with each of your clear, easily understood essays.

    Thank you.

  6. I've read that the 2nd D has been redefined as "creation" in a few places, but I just looked in the "new" Miscavige version of Intro to Scientology Ethics, and it lists the two parts as always. Did I miss something? Just a fine point, as DM's causing a lot of much bigger problems.

  7. @2nd Dynamic

    The information is here with details here.

  8. Hi Just Bill,
    I am new to your site. I am still "In" but am enjoying your site. Learning a lot. Love this thread. I was on LOC and got really stuck on this definition of the 2D. I just couldn't think with it. Wasted a lot of time asking, researching on my own, trying to make it fit. I finally gave up.
    I loved KTL, but did not get expected result from LOC. Kept thinking it was me. Do you know of any other LOC out-tech. Thank you. Lady Lancelot

  9. @Lady Lancelot

    First, for readers who don't know all the acronyms:
    LOC = Life Orientation Course
    2D = Second Dynamic
    KTL = Key to Life (course)
    The KTL course is all about definitions. Lots and lots of definitions. L. Ron Hubbard even wrote large dictionaries so that the words would be "correctly defined". The LOC comes after KTL and is supposed to help a person decide what they should do with their life.

    OK, back to your question LL, about out-tech -- to tell the truth, I did not do KTL or LOC. I did all the earlier "study/life enhancement" courses. I can't comment specifically on LOC out-tech.

    However, if you want to know more about current out-tech in Scientology, check out COB vs. LRH. For anyone still in, it's an eye-opening site.

  10. Dear Just Bill,
    The Key to Life course changed a lot for me. Really loved it. But the Life Orientation Course was a bust. Very disappointing. Not sure why I am telling you this.

  11. @Ann
    Because you were not allowed to be honest within Scientology. Out here, you can admit the truth, "This worked, that didn't". It is a relief to be able to do so.


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