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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where Are All the Scientologists? Part 3

Reports are coming in that the big Scientology New Year's Event was another big window into the rapidly vanishing planet Scientology.

No one was there.

Oh, there were some Scientologists in the audience, although not nearly as many as previous years. The few remaining True Believers, plus the not-yet-announced ex-Scientologists were there, but Church of Scientology upper management totally failed to appear.

David Miscavige, leader of the church and re-inventor of Scientology was missing.

Marc Yager was missing. Mark Rathbun was missing.

[EDIT] This is unconfirmed, but there are reports that Guillaume Lesevre was a speaker. It is important to note that he's no longer part of International Management. He used to be Executive Director of the Church of Scientology but is no longer listed anywhere as such. Reportedly, what he does every day is "conditions", punishment and "deck work" (digging ditches, etc.). Apparently he was pulled off of his punishment to speak at the event.

Heber Jentzsch was also reportedly a speaker, but he is not part of International Management either. He was President of the Church of Scientology, years ago, but no one handles that post any more. According to recent leaks, Heber is also on "conditions", punishment and "deck work" and only gets a reprieve when he speaks at an event.

Neither Guillaume nor Heber are in Scientology International Management positions.

Top management was missing.

Tommy Davis, a second-string PR flack was running the event -- not someone from management, not anyone who actually does anything, just a PR flack.

All the puffy and fluffy stories were there. All the we-have-no-proof-but-look-how-great-we're-doing creations were there, but nobody from top management bothered to show up.

Is there anyone still there in top management, or are they all on "conditions", punishment and "deck work"?

It appears that all the Church of Scientology has left is PR. Everything else, everyone else is gone.

Where are all the Scientologists?


  1. Do you think DM has flown the country with his ill-gotten money?

  2. There are two theories, based on previous times when Miscavige hasn't shown up at one of his events.

    First is that there is some huge threat to the Church of Scientology, on the level of a Lisa McPherson disaster, that he is off to "handle". There is nothing in the wind hinting of such a disaster.

    The second, and most likely is that something went wrong with the event preparation and Miscavige had a huge hissy fit. He said "Fine! You do it without me, then!" and is now holed up somewhere, pouting. This is one of the "effective" ways that Miscavige is managing the Church of Scientology!

    Whatever the reason for the no-show, it only points up how bad off the church is right now.

  3. Following what Just Bill said, as an example of something going wrong with the event, Miscavige would not want to attend the event there was nothing really important to announce. He reserves himself for "big releases" and "big announcements" since he is totally slavishly dependent on such to maintain his "PR." Many times he has threatened to boycott an event if "the release" didn't make it. There always has to be something to release.

    The crazy thing, and this is huge, is that all these International Events violate a specific LRH order. I posted about this in “Another Look at Scientology” in the previous week:

    LRH held the first “international event” in 1977. After that, he put out an issue (a CBO or “Central Base Order”) in the Sea Org that there were to be NO MORE INTERNATIONAL EVENTS EVER. LRH forbade them! Why? Because they suppress org stats and expansion... since everyone in Div 6 was ripped off post to prepare for the event, doing call-in, etc.

    Since that point, until the late 1980s, there were no “international events.” There were just local events.

    Then, after LRH died, what did Miscavige do? He launched an unending stream of events that take not only everyone in Div 6 off post, but all of International Management off post. Scientology became a hype machine, racing from even to event, instead of a delivery organization. The mission of orgs became “to prepare for the next event.” The business of management became, “to write the next round of speeches and videos.” And if you think top “management” has done anything else for years, you are uninformed. They’re just glorified speech writers and performers -- and bad ones at that since they all are forced to write in Miscavige’s own trademark (and horribly cheesy) “brag and boast” style. Miscavige personally micro-manages, rewrites, re-edits and approves every single speech and video.

    Every international event that has ever been held in Scientology violates explicit LRH orders. Miscavige’s international events are the propaganda machine that he uses to generate the large donations that go into his personal pocket.

    Also for info, Heber is viewed by Miscavige as a total failure. Miscavige LOATHES Heber and calls him "Grampa" out of derision. The main reason Miscavige hates Heber, of course, is probably because Scientologists love him. Generally speaking Miscavige detests and attempts to ruin any rivals and anyone who might threaten his power.

    Heber basically does nothing important. He is considered “an old fumbler” and not to be trusted. In OSA, he doesn’t even have a real post. Before he blew, Mike Rinder told me he didn’t even know what Heber did all day. He just chats with his Baptist minister friends, etc., and doesn’t actually serve any useful purpose. However, as a last resort, Miscavige will use Heber as a speaker.

    Was anything released at the event? I.e., book, tape, film or course?

  4. Perhaps DM has been thoroughly embarrassed by Cruise publicly stating he is no longer going to act as the world's leading advocate of Scientology? Maybe that's the "big flap" DM has to go "handle himself." That is certainly the highest profile example of "where are all the Scientologists" that I can think of.

  5. Interesting point the other commenter made on Tom Cruise. That is a huge blow to their business.

    Ethics Officer: "You are not telling people at work that you are a Scientologist. You're PTS and need to handle."

    Public Person: "I did that at my last job and it wrecked my PR and I lost valuable friends. If staying under the radar is good enough for Tom Cruise it's good enough for me, so piss off!"


    ED (looking around empty academy and HGC): "Where are all the Scientologists?"

  6. Per other forums I have seen DM did make an appearance at Flag in Clearwater, Florida to introduce the event. So we at least know where he is but do not know what he is doing there. Whatever it is he is working on, it doesn't seem to require his presence in Hemet, and it is too important or ballistic for him to bother much with the NYE event. Very interesting about the lack of execs at the event and the 2nd fiddle PR flack hosting it. And very strange indeed that DM himself would introduce such an odd video at the Flag event. Any other info coming in related to this event that confirms that the public are leaving and the collapse is really occurring?

  7. Yeah, Miscavige missing from the big "These are the huge things we've accomplished this year" event is quite significant. It is very unlike him to miss the opportunity to brag.

    As for confirming that the collapse is really occurring, every piece of news leaking from the Church of Scientology confirms it. The hits just keep on coming!

  8. Now the awful, tragic death of Jett Travolta comes to light. We know the bereaved family will be going to Clearwater where DM is. If that was not the reason for DM being in Clearwater in the first place, it will be a big reason for him to stay there. He will undoubtedly be all over the PR handling for this one. Perhaps this horrible loss could prompt another article on Scn's disdain for proper medical treatment? Where are all the Scientologists? Some are dying of curable illnesses.

  9. The death of Jett Travolta is, indeed, very tragic. Our hearts go out to the family.

    I will say no more. Unlike the Church of Scientology, I will not see tragedy as an opportunity to promote an agenda.

  10. You are quite correct.


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