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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Correcting Scientology

Scientology, and especially the Church of Scientology, is a closed system. Think of it as a steel bubble. The "bubble" is, essentially, everything that L. Ron Hubbard said, wrote or demonstrated. Everything that Hubbard "created" is included in that bubble, but nothing from the outside world is permitted in. It is very much a closed system.

And there is no allowed procedure or method for correcting Scientology. In fact, "correction" of the actual technology of Scientology is strictly forbidden. Since it is postulated to be "perfect", any alteration is considered a corruption.

As covered in Using Scientology to Solve Scientology's Problems, all of the "solutions" to problems in Scientology are directed at "handling" the Scientologist. As the technology is asserted to be "perfect", all problems must be with the Scientologist. All doubts are wrong. All questions are answered within Scientology. All solutions are Scientological.

There is no procedure, method or formula for correcting Scientology itself. There is no way to correct Scientology leadership. There is no method of detecting when the actual technology of Scientology has failed. And there is no monitoring to locate when Scientology leadership has failed.

Because perfection is assumed, because Hubbard declared himself and his technology so, there is not and can never be any assumption of error.

But the technology has failed. Even Scientologists can see this, though they don't necessarily recognize the cause and effect: Fewer and fewer Scientologists are making progress "up the Bridge". More and more are stuck somewhere. More and more are in trouble. And those that do "make progress" find that nothing happened!

The "releases" end up without the promised "new abilities". "Clears" end up without any of Hubbard's promised abilities. The "OTs" look, feel and act just as they did before any of this stuff.

The technology has failed.

And the church's leadership has failed. Again, even Scientologists can see this, even if they don't admit it. Scientology groups are disappearing, churches are closing, recruitment of new members has dried up. Attacks, protests, legal problems, lawsuits, bad press, leaked documents, laughter are increasing. Scientologists are leaving.

Big projects are announced. Big expansion plans are presented. Big "wins" are shown. But months and years pass and nothing happens. Again and again, the big projects are quietly abandoned. Again and again, plans are silently scrapped. New Scientology buildings stand as empty monuments to those failed plans and programs.

Scientology leadership has failed.

But, since there is no method for detecting or correcting the failures of Scientology's technology and there is no method for detecting or correcting Scientology's leadership, the situation can never be fixed.

Even if Scientologists did want to correct the technology, they will never be permitted to do so. It would be considered "squirrelling" (altering the tech). No matter how much the technology fails, it must never be altered.

Even if Scientologists did want to correct or replace Scientology's leadership, they would never be permitted to do so. It would be considered an "enemy action" and they would be stopped. They would be expelled.

And, of course, no one from outside the Scientology bubble would be permitted to affect any changes. That would be completely impossible.

And so, for these reasons, the Church of Scientology cannot ever be corrected.

But it can get worse.

David Miscavige keeps on "improving" the Scientology technology, Scientology's books and Scientology's administration. Each change makes things worse: More Scientologists stuck or in trouble, more failures, more collapse.

Like any completely closed system, it can and will only get worse. While it remains completely closed, its problems, and its corruption will increase. And increase. One can see that this has been, and will continue to be, a geometric progression -- not only will the problems continue to increase, but the rate of increase will accelerate.

As bad as it is now for the church, it will only get worse.

Is there a solution? Is there a way out for Scientology? Not the way it is constituted. Because the bubble-factor and the assertion of "perfection" is built into the very foundation of Scientology, correction of the church is, and will always be, impossible.


  1. You forget how DM took power. The same can be done again. A group of "shiny" beings can remove him as he removed the Broekers. Or a white mutiny can be fomented. I can think of many ways to remove DM. In the end the rabble will be happy that they don't have to do anything. It's easier to follow than to lead.

  2. CoS in the USA and EU is dying. In other parts of the world it's growing. Mexico city has 5 class V Orgs. An Org in Venezuela has 2 HGCs and over 40 auditors full time auditing people to Clear for $5000 USD.

    You won't hear about that in any events or googling, you have to go and look.

  3. As a 30 year veteran, ex-Int staffer, I can attest your words are well spoken. A bit of lipstick and rouge on the exterior of present-day Scientology belies the fact that internally, it is quietly and weirdly imploding as we speak. I feel sorry for all the staff and sea org members who are going to shortly find themselves on the street in the middle of a recession/depression with no professional qualifications for good jobs. It will be very, very ugly for these poor brainwashed dupes when they find themselves jobless and pensionless after the cult finally collapses. And if they applied the disconnection policies in the course of their "careers" in Scn, they will find themselves with no friends or family to help them too. It will be quite tragic. And it IS going to happen. God help them.

  4. @Pascal,

    No, I didn't forget how Miscavige took power -- and you can be very, very sure that Miscavige has not forgotten.

    Over the years, he has taken steps to ensure that that kind of coup can never be accomplished again.

    But even if it could be repeated, the only people willing to do such a thing are those who will only make the corruption worse.


  5. @Pascal,

    LOL! ... and you "won't hear about that in any events..."!


    Miscavige's events make mountains out of the slightest "good news" molehill. Yet he ignores this? And, conveniently, it won't show up in Google, you "have to go and look"?

    Yeah. Sure.

    Pardon me while I take that "good news" with a grain of salt.


  6. @Pascal,

    News from insiders, who have seen the statistics fairly recently, are that Scientology's stats are abysmal everywhere except Africa. There is some expansion in Africa.

    When will the Western exploitation of Africa stop?


  7. History proves that tyrants have been overthrown by the bucketfull. DM cannot escape his fate. Heroes always show up.

  8. Bill, As an ex-Int staffer I can tell you that THERE ARE NO SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE in Cof$ who are going to emerge and topple DM. Unfortunately that is just a cute little fantasy with zero basis in hard reality. I know every single person at Int and I know NONE of them will ever do anything other than lick DM's boots or do a runner the second they get a chance. His power is absolute and he is COB until the bitter end. PERIOD. The only way he will be brought down is through LITIGATION by people OUTSIDE scientology. And I am afraid such litigation will take down Cof$ as well, so there won't be an organisation left to take over and "save" anyway.

  9. @Pascal,

    I'm a student of history, and, for sure, history teaches us many things. But history does not show that "Heroes always show up". That's the lesson from Hollywood.

    History shows us that "history is written by the winners" who always cast themselves as "heroes". But that doesn't make it true.

    No, sometimes heroes don't show up.

    Miscavige has made significant and systemic changes to the Church of Scientology. Good people have been destroyed. Bad people, and useless sycophants have been put in charge. Changes have been made to the administration methods of the church, with bad policies emphasized and "good" policies discarded.

    Even in the highly unlikely event of someone "good" taking over, all the current staff, all the current policies, all the current programs, are destructive. Nothing constructive is left! This theoretical "good" person would be fought at ever turn. And, inevitably, if it were that easy, the good leader would be subsequently replaced by one of the bad people who wanted the Miscavige culture to continue.

    The church has been thoroughly destroyed by the culture of Miscavige. That culture has infected everything. Rooting that out would be nearly impossible.

    But even if someone could revert the whole structure back to the culture of Hubbard, what would they have? They'd have the exact same culture that created Miscavige.

    The Church of Scientology is a closed bubble with its own corruption and destruction built right in.

    What might happen is that something reasonable and sane might be created out in the Freezone, with people aggressively discarding the parts of Scientology that are so harmful. But if they did that, it wouldn't, technically, be "Scientology", it would be something else.


  10. I remember, when I was freshly out of the bubble, asking ex-Scientologists why they didn't organize and, essentially, take back the church. Some of the most effective leadership Scientology ever had is now outside.

    And the answer was simple. Once they got out of the bubble they regained their ability to perceive, to think, to reason. And they could see that, even at its best, Hubbard's "church" was wrong.

    They would not choose to go back and "save" the Church of Scientology, because it was never worth saving.

    Of course, this isn't everyone who left, just the one's I talked to.


  11. How do you explain the Catholic Church having reformed? CoS just needs a Loyola. But guys like that don't come around often, you're right about that.

    Sure the FZ could shape up and take CoS.

    When DM goes down things will become interesting.

    I believe in the power of one, as in Joan of Arc but you can't really count on that happening.

    Time will tell.

  12. Regarding your comment about being freshly out of the bubble and asking others who got out why they didn't organise and take back the "church," I agree with your conclusion and feel the same way. However, time has marched by following my exit, and I now intend to take it a step further. In the very near future I plan to organise with others to help TAKE DOWN the "church" to help make up for the evil I brought into the world by supporting Cof$. It's people like Marc Headley who are now on the front lines of that particular fight. And I appreciate all you are doing to unmask the cult as well.

  13. @Anon: Of course noone inside CoS could pull it off. But MEST is big so... And litigation would fuck up CoS in countries with a legal system, i.e. 20% of the planet. Duh...

  14. @Bill: About high-up exes not wanting to reform. I too have got in comm with some of them and they seem to be quite weak beings. I mean, to accept that a guy like DM hit you? To run around a tree because DM says so? Total lack of balls and character. I never took any shit in CoS and it took 5 big men to pry me off an EO who was messing with my bridge progress and goals. And I'm not much bigger than DM body-wise.

    Like the ED of NY Org said... I smell pussy. Of course he was talking out of his own bank.

  15. @Pascal,

    "weak beings"? You really are too much into Scientology! You really bought into that whole Hubbard BS of "big beings" and "small beings", didn't you?

    Sorry, I totally reject that whole fantasy where "I'm a 'superior being', and you are a 'small being'".

    That attitude is the purest, and most disgusting BS, and reflects very poorly on those who espouse it.

    When you spew that kind of crap, it says things about you that I really don't think you want people to know.


  16. @Bill: LOL, humans are not equal. Read the lives of Joan of Arc, Ghandi and Bolivar. You don't see people of that caliber in CoS and never have. Not even LRH was that big. It's not fantasy, sorry. Life is not fair and some beings get laid more than others. Some beings get monuments and nations named after and others get zilch. Blame life!

    I don't give a damn what others think about me and being liked is not on my agenda.

  17. You tell'em Bill. Awesome job as usual!

  18. Scientology is a cult. You're all diluted. Hubbard played the biggest religious practical joke on all time and you're all SUCKERS. How does it feel? All religious is garbage, especially yours.


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