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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scientology Attacks!

OK, so that really isn't news. The Church of Scientology always attacks, has always attacked and, for as long as they can, will always attack. Since this is mandated by L. Ron Hubbard, they just have to do it.

So what?

Well, things are changing.

First, the attacks are much more narrow. David Miscavige has directed that the broad attacks cease and that his henchmen focus on major media and those individuals who have the greatest potential for damaging the church. Why? Because he is running out of money and, more importantly, personnel. He can no longer support the broad attacks of the past.

While this means the general critic community is seeing fewer attacks, it, unfortunately, means that a few major figures are seeing more.

Second, the attacks are becoming more vicious. It did appear that Miscavige had realized how his ill-conceived and poorly executed attacks were more damaging to the church than to his "enemies" -- and had started easing up on his criminal attacks. However, recent times have proven that, once again, Miscavige didn't learn at all.

And, once again, his attacks are, indeed, seriously damaging the church.

Attacking the media

As is standard Hubbard policy, Scientology has continued to attack any news outlet that dares report the truth about the Church of Scientology.

But things are different now. The news media isn't backing down out of fear anymore. They are reporting the attacks. And the attacks by Scientology are causing the news outlets to expand their exposés, dig deeper and report even more about the lies, crimes and threats by the Church of Scientology.

Only Scientology would think that viciously attacking news media outlets would result in positive articles.

Attacking big names

There are people who are no longer in Scientology who were very big names in the church, and who have never spoken out against Scientology -- but who are being viciously attacked by the church.

They are being attacked because, if they ever did speak out about what they know, the results would be devastating to Miscavige's church.

These big names do not wish to speak out and criticize anyone. They have many friends who are still in and do not wish to harm them. If left alone to get on with their lives, they would remain silent. But the Church of Scientology continues to viciously attack them, and continues to work very hard to control and destroy their lives.

Don't look for logic here, neither Scientology nor Miscavige are capable of thinking logically.

Only Miscavige would think that viciously attacking these people, who have done nothing, is the right thing to do. Eventually and inevitably Miscavige's attacks will result in exactly what he fears most.

(Private message to big names: While I respect your desire to not hurt your friends, you do have all the power, Miscavige has none. Please, write up everything you know, give it to a lawyer and then demand Miscavige stop all attacks against you and your family -- or you will release it. You have the power, please use it.)

Attacking critics.

While the broad attacks by Scientology have abated, the focused attacks against prominent critics have increased.

But the reaction is different now.

The church's illegal activities, hacking, lies and attacks are being carefully documented. They are being reported. They are being investigated.

Before, police, government agencies and corporations couldn't believe that a church would do such things. But now they know it is true. They now know that the Church of Scientology does lie, does commit crimes, and these organizations are more than willing to investigate and report. We hope that, soon, there will be more criminal prosecutions.

Times have changed. And it is the Church of Scientology itself, that has caused these changes. By continuing, robotically, to attack and attack and attack "by any means possible", they have created a world-wide backlash and a broad awareness of how vicious and criminal they really are.

They have no one to blame but themselves.


  1. Not that I doubt you, but I'm interested to know more specifics about these attacks: can you point your readers to evidence of any particular recent attacks by the church? I realize you may need to protect some identities, but your account will gain power if you can offer some specific examples. Great blog, by the way.

  2. I would rather not give specifics at this time about recent attacks. Since evidence is being gathered, and illegal activities are being tracked and documented, I don't want to give the church any warning.

    I understand what you are saying, but specifics of these attacks will have to wait.

    But the attacks are more of the same as reported in many, many places. The church doesn't change -- these earlier attacks are covered in detail in other web sites.

  3. I, too, would like more detail on the attacks, but keeping things close to the chest is important for ongoing criminal investigations. I'll wait.

    I'm currently reading "A Piece of Blue Sky," so I can totally believe that the "Church" would attack people who have done absolutely nothing because they could potentially be enemies. It's quite idiotic, but Scientology isn't the first group to attack out of fear, bringing about the very thing they feared. Very old and ironic behavior.

    I just don't get why they can't learn from their mistakes. Wait, I do. As you said, they're following Hubbard, and since Hubbard policy never changes they cannot change either. It would be almost pitiable if they weren't being so vicious.

    I think that's one reason why Scientology is truly doomed. It can never change and evolve over time since their only source is dead and they have no philosophers, and are expressly forbidden to change anything or think anything contrary to exactly what Hubbard meant. It can't grow, only be tweaked to sell more material. Scientology, at the core, is static and stagnant (not to mention a little crazy) and will eventually die out. I can only hope it will be sooner rather than later.

  4. The real problem here is that there is not a free thinking spirit whitin the church sea org members. Because they are not allowed to think for themselves; just follow command intention and no c/i. See a lot of S.O. references on this topic.
    This is why current COB (or whatever who takes his place next when the current falls down) can do almost wathever they want; because coward, not trained and low tone people who lets other do and interpret wathever they dub-in.
    This is infected to org ans mission staff with hard ethics (a misuse of the ethics in his traditional and common-sense sense) and harrasment.
    I was on staff for 10 years and this is one of the main problems. But the problem is getting bigger because the followers of the orders themselves.
    ¿Why can´t think for yourselves; and I really meant it. Not as a promo piece, but factually and with real integrity.
    It does not matter if LRH says so or not; what really matters is what one consider; and this is pure common sense and also LRH says so in Personal Integrity.
    So why "scientologysts" are afraid to disagree?
    Because they are poorly trained and consider themselves "scientologists"
    Because dont read other authors because they consider to be "wrong". (again another hiden line to control)
    You name it...
    I´m highly trained and I can disagree. I do.
    I dont care if someone inside the current management is going to let me think or not.
    Get it...
    The problem is not David or Joe or Joan; the problem is IGNORANCE.
    I´m not anti-something
    I´m pro enlightment; this is only mankind´s cure.

  5. Well, I don't know what point you're trying to make, especially how what you said relates to this article, but much of what you say is true.

    Common sense seems to be mostly lacking in Scientologists, and especially Sea Org members. If they simply used common sense, much of what has gone on wouldn't have happened. Of course, then they probably wouldn't be in Scientology.

  6. The point I´m trying to make is this: The article bases on attacks and exemplyfies how scientology attacks. And then focuses on DM related to this subject.
    My point: A human being has the power of choice in his life. Scientologyst, Christian, Agnostic; you name it. Someone ignorant would take ok that a church attacks. Someone enlighted not. Someone ignorant would support a management that is corrosive to freedom; not because this management had bad people in it; but because his leader loose the track.
    My point: Scientology (or any other religion or cult or belief or whatever you call it) correctly INTERPRETATED would not need attack.
    The problem is not solved pointing out what is wrong; is needed some kind of opinion of the possible route out the problem.
    Thats my point. Aware people is what is needed to stop this. I don´t care his label (religion).

    Maybe you feel attacked yourself for my comment and if this is the case I apologize. I´m not pro or anti Scn here. Just want to express a viewpoint that i hope would be usefull. (Focus on improve people for real)

    Thank you for your blog.
    I agree with your article endind also. Scientology has always know that itself is his only enemy. (KSW #1)
    How would a S.O. feel when he wake up and realize the many outpoints?

  7. Ah, well, then I'll have to disagree. Since I have studied Scientology quite thoroughly, in the 30+ years I was in, and since I left, I'd have to say that its thought control mechanisms, its policy of abuse, its policy of lying are built into the technologies themselves, not tacked on by "ignorant" followers.

    Granted, intelligent people certainly might ignore the bad parts -- but they are there!

    No, someone could strictly follow LRH's policies and only LRH policies and still end up with a horribly abusive cult -- no "interpretation" needed, it's all right there in green and white.

  8. To Anonymous,

    Let me put this in Microsoft speak. The lies, fraud, and abuse in Scientology aren't a bug. They're a feature.

    -Red Pill on Topix

  9. @Red Pill on Topix

    LOL! Yes, indeed.

  10. That was good!! Very well put. And I agree. Was in Scn for many years and most of those on staff. From early on I started becoming aware of the lies and abuse. The things that didn't make sense. But the control mechanisms of Scn are strong and it took me many more years to leave. Many never do make it out. They just can't accept that they've been duped and wasted their talents and years of their lives on something that just doesn't work and actually harms people. I had to leave behind some of my family and all my friends and social network. Been out for years now, but never spoke out publicly as I just wanted to have a life and was all too aware of how viciously Scn attacks critics. I saw it first hand with people I knew. I wonder how many of us there are out here now? Those of us who were seriously into Scn, highly trained, ex staff/SO who realized we'd been going down the wrong road and got off the bus. I wonder how huge a gathering it would be if we were all to come together? Are there more of us out now that there are in??
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your articles and I will enjoy seeing Scn meltdown just like the wicked witch.

  11. Thanks.

    I am absolutely certain that there are lots more ex-Scientologists than currently active members -- by a wide margin!

    Maybe someday there will be that kind of large gathering. Small groups are already holding reunions.

    I know what you've gone through, losing touch with friends and family. One of the nice surprises is being contacted by those you left in the cult when they finally get out. Then you can help them get through the rough parts of re-joining the real world.

    Thanks for your comments.

  12. I am sure you have seen it, but this site kicks ass. Between your site and this one I have been thoroughly deprogrammed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant...

  13. The internet is a power medium. Too bad the german underground didn't have it to fight against the nazi's. I'd like to see that mass gathering of ex Scns some day. Where we've all gone and what we've all done since. Without Scn. Maybe it will be at the prison gates when they lock up DM for all his crimes or at Int Base when they take it over and turn it into a state park! Or even better - an amusement park! Hard to believe that even one new person would buy the Scn story these days. They must be bleeding out their "war chest" as a speedy gush.
    By the way - whatever happened w/Diana Hubbard?

  14. Re: War chest

    Yes, they are dipping rather deeply into their war chest. Used to be that donations more than covered war expenses, so the war chest grew and grew. Now, not nearly. So the war chest is shrinking. Mind you, it is huge, but Miscavige really hates to let go of any of "his" money. These recent expenses must really hurt.

    Re: Diana Hubbard

    Last I heard (and that's pretty recent) she was assigned to some menial post at the Int Base. Very much under Miscagive's thumb and with absolutely no power.

    LRH left his children quite a bit of money, but Miscavige changed it so that the church controls it all. In this way, he has (what he thinks is) absolute control over the Hubbard kids. They step out of line one tiny bit and he shuts off the meager flow he usually allows. Miscavige really hates Hubbard's children and works to demean, degrade and destroy them all the time.

  15. My personal thought is this:

    1) Scn is starting to realize they're running low(er) on money.

    2) It cannot reconcile what-used-to-be-called Fair Game or DA or whatever it's called now with the concept of out-PR. They're mutually exclusive, and with the internet, little things can get big right away. I mean, a C&D letter leads to 9000+ protesters within 6 weeks? LRH didn't see *that* coming.

    3) The people who were in are now out. It's hard to walk the line between "attack" and out-PR when people "violate" unenforceable agreements that you keep your findings and bad experiences to yourself. This is what dissem should have been (wide-spread and infectious,) but it's backfired - quite the opposite.

    4) Squirreling by RTC will drive more out. I'm not saying it was *ever* workable, but when COB redefines core concepts such as 2D, everything trickles down as invalid. I recently read the story of Twin A, it seemed especially clear that she saw the nonsense, and it still took years to fully agree with it - even once off-staff.

    In the end, I keep looking at the history I can gather as an outsider. I see the draw, even if I don't think I would have made the same choices (although, looking back, a lot of Ex-Scn say the same thing, so I cannot say for certain I would not have been drawn in in the "charisma" days.) I see the desperation once in - I feel empathy there. But I cannot say that even if the Broekers had taken over, things would be any better. Different? Probably. DM is the bad guy in an action film - a malevolent creature, hard to wrap your mind around. But the Tech is still blindingly backwards, in my mind.

    The Tech says Attack. I still see this as a "defense," in the sense of response. The Tech does not allow you to be at-cause, only to react to a situation already out of your hands and try to handle it.

    If the Tech worked, there would be nothing to handle.

  16. All very good points.

    They are stuck with an unchanging policy in a changing world -- and they are desperate. Their answer is to do what isn't working more and harder. This makes them look clownish and stupid.

    As I said earlier, Scientology requires secrecy and mystery in order to attract new people and they have no alternate method.

    It is a really fascinating thing to watch -- their own policies are the core of their own destruction.

  17. > It is a really fascinating thing
    > to watch -- their own policies are
    > the core of their own destruction.

    Indeed it is. It's a slow-moving train-wreck. You feel bad for those involved, you feel animosity towards those who caused this and could have avoided it, but either way, you're watching it.

    Ya'know, I keep circling around in my own mind to the Dunning-Kruger effect. This all goes back to Source. LRH flunked out of his single course in Nuclear Physics, but became a so-called expert, in his own words. Same with his Naval role. Same with his Psych-influence role. Same with his Admin-Tech role.

    He knows just enough to convince those who know nothing in that area to fool them, unless, of course, they fact-check.

    I've had this on my mind since I first read about this study many moons ago. I'd love to see how this applies to his claims versus background. His background has been extensively covered (I especially enjoyed a Piece Of Blue Sky,) and it should be pretty straight-forward to condense this and point out the parallels with Dunning-Kruger.

    As always, a great read, Bill. Lots to think about and attempt to understand.

  18. RE: Diana Hubbard
    Thanks for the update. That is indeed sad. I worked with Diana. I've been out for so long now I just can't imagine she and all the others are still there, trapped in that life. I thought I heard she had made a new life out of the SO, but I guess not. Like all those still in, they shield themselves from criticism, won't dare read what's on the web and they must be desperately still trying to believe they have the tech to save mankind. So bizarre to think that SO staff living under such awful conditions can still think the tech works. Would you really want a world where everybody lived w/those conditions. And you had such little freedom?
    Now I'm wondering about Arthur and what happened to him. And Suzette? And to Pat and Annie Broeker. Why haven't they ever surfaced in all these years?
    The war chest must have been huge. I was there when LRH put the original plan in effect, started raising prices and created IAS. Could take a good while to burn thru all that cash, but the fuse seems to be lit. And that's good to see. If Diana was smart she would take her money and get out in the world and do some good. But not likely since Scn is all she's ever really known.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Re: Diana Hubbard

    Well, as I said, the church now controls the money Ron left his children, and she couldn't "take the money and run". But I also wish she would get out.

    Arthur and Suzette are, according to my information, no longer involved in Scientology at all. They are out. Unfortunately, the church is still messing with them big time. As I said, Miscavige hates them all and is constantly working to destroy their lives.

  20. 1. any update on describing the attacks (now that time has gone by)?

    2. How about the big names. Any that you talke of here, come out since?

    3. DM dislikes Hubbard kids because of threat to throne?

  21. Oh...and did you do any nasty bad stuff yourself (attacks or abuse or the like)?

  22. Re: Did I ever...

    No. I was ordered to disconnect from family, and I laughed. Not going to happen.

    I never participated in any attacks or abuse.

    Of course, I was never in the upper management where, at that time, the major abuse, fair game and fraud was planned and carried out. Would I have participated? I don't think so, but some very good people got pretty confused at Int. Base and did things they now regret. It is hard to say how a person would act under that kind of cult mind control.

  23. Re: Update

    1. any update on describing the attacks (now that time has gone by)?

    The people involved do not want their information discussed, even now. Sorry. However, it was just the same old OSA fair game stuff. It has been resolved.

    2. How about the big names. Any that you talk of here, come out since?

    Unfortunately, the big names are still not speaking out. I wish they would.

    3. DM dislikes Hubbard kids because of the threat to the throne?

    Basically, yes. That is the primary reason Miscavige has destroyed every person who did or could have had any influence with Scientologists. That is why Miscavige is the Only One. All the competent and intelligent Scientologists have been destroyed.


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