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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Just a note to wish everyone a happy New Year.

In the Ask a Question thread, I made a few predictions for 2010, and I'll paraphrase them here, since it is appropriate.

I'm thinking that 2010 will contain a lot more of what we've already seen in 2009: More major media stories around the world exposing more and more of the Church of Scientology's crimes, abuses and fraud. There will be more investigations and legal actions against the church from governments and individuals.  Who knows, there even may be a class action lawsuit.

There will, of course, be a lot more people leaving the Church of Scientology.  It is collapsing and even hard-core Scientologists are well aware of that.

As Miscavige drops farther and farther into insanity, the church's actions, under his close supervision, will make less and less sense, which will only increase the exodus of Scientologists and will engender even more major media stories -- all of which, in turn, will cause Miscavige to go even more insane.

It just isn't going to stop.

Note to David Miscavige:  You know how you really hated 2008 and hoped 2009 would be better?  You know how 2009 was a lot, lot worse?  Are you hoping that 2010 will be better?  It won't be.

I made a few other predictions, such as that we'd see a local Scientology Org declare its independence from the Church of Scientology, and that David Miscavige would run-run-run away in abject fear of prosecution.  Those are more speculative.  We'll see.

In any case, it will be another interesting year in the wacky world of Scientology.


  1. I love your predictions, and I think the failure and possible dissolution of a functioning "church" is possible within the year or at the latest some time in 2011. Things are coming to the quick even now. They must be desperate for funds, the California Scientologist are, after a silence of a few months, trying to pump my father for money again. Yup, a tired, eldery man is going to go into a dark basement to search though a box of brand new books he's never touched to find out which ones he doesn't have so he can not touch them either...

  2. Also, I think it's possible there will be a class-action suit against Scientology. It is one sure way to drag everything out into the open. I'm game--just not Fair Game, I hope.

    Did you know Ex-Sci Forum has a letter posted people claim got them refunded monies? What do you think?

  3. Re: Refunded monies

    I've read these accounts. There are so many different situations: Unused monies "on account", monies paid for bad results or no results, pure donations to IAS, Superpower, Ideal Orgs, and so on. The unused monies is the easiest to get back, since that is required by law. The rest, not so much.

    However, I'm not a lawyer. There may be very good cases for getting some of those other types of monies returned. As far as I'm concerned, it's 90% fraud at least.

  4. I'm tracking with you on your prediction of the emminent demise of the church. The downward spiral is dwindiling, afterall. As you go farther down, the circles are tighter and everything speeds up.

    I'm sure there's a "critical mass" analogy in there, too, if I had been a better student in high school physics.

    I'm intrigued by the possibility of an org declaring its independenc! Had not occurred to me and I have to say it's very exciting to contemplate ...


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