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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Church of Scientology Does Nothing

If you are like me, you are pretty bored right now with the Church of Scientology.  They do nothing.

Day after day, month after month, they do nothing.  You might hear fantastic claims being made by David Miscavige in one of his Big Events, about the "world saving solutions" that Scientology is implementing -- to great acclaim -- but that's just empty words, made up stories.  Nothing actually happened.  The church didn't actually do anything.

Here's what happens.  Some Scientologist gets excited, works real hard and "does something".  They might form a small group in their community.  They might discuss Scientology with some minor local government official.

In actual fact, it isn't much, and it never amounts to anything.

But they report it as a "win" to David Miscavige, and that's where things go crazy.  Miscavige gets all excited and dispatches his Gold Film Crew to "document this major breakthrough".

And by "document" Miscavige means, very specifically, "create a huge, exciting story about Scientology expansion and impressive impact on the world" (without any regard to what actually happened).

The Gold Film Crew know that they will be in deep, deep trouble if they report what actually happened -- and I mean RPF-prison-camp trouble.

So when the crew arrives and starts filming, they don't pay much attention to the original Scientologist or what he says.  They create a story that Miscavige wants.

Example:  The Scientologist's small group has, since the report was filed, actually disbanded.  It was only three people anyway and they lost interest.  The Gold Film Crew will gather up people, any people, put them in a room with Scientology books and charts, and film them as if they were the group.

If the story was about Scientology Volunteer Ministers, the Gold Film Crew will put those yellow VM shirts on everyone who tolerates it, pose them as if they were helping people, and film that.

If the story was about some conversation with some minor, local government official, the official will be "promoted" by the film crew to a much more prestigious position, and the story will be created about Scientology being "implemented broadly" throughout the whole country.

And nothing actually happened.  The Church of Scientology did nothing and the individual Scientologist did very little, the effect of which soon disappeared.

All the rest of the big "news" at Miscavige's Big Events is equally bogus.  At every event Miscavige announces the "destruction of psychiatry" or "unprecedented Scientology expansion" or "Scientology's solutions impacting the world"...

And nothing actually happened.  Psychiatry is doing quite well, Scientology's "solutions" aren't implemented anywhere in the real world and Scientology has collapsed and shows no signs of recovery.

David Miscavige, and his little Church of Scientology are boring -- all talk and no do.

The only excitement, and it is minor, is when David Miscavige reacts to a news report about his abuses, or when he reacts to the imagined threat of an "Independent Church of Scientology".  But even then, it's bluster and threat rather than action.

The Church of Scientology does nothing.  That's the news for today.


  1. All talk and no trousers!

    Boring, but we approve. Now if only people would start leaving the SO in droves and reconnect with family...

  2. Gee, they sound just like our government!

  3. my sentiments exactly! even the ex scientology stuff is boring now.

  4. Dear Bill:
    ITD "ideal" org in Mexico City was opened a few weeks ago. DM was there to it. In the lowdown, ITD seems to be empty at any time.
    Where is the hot air?

  5. Re: "Ideal" org

    The "Ideal" orgs are a perfect example of David Miscavige's "all image, no substance" operating procedure.

    The original program, bringing all orgs "up to the size of old Saint Hill", required real actions and real results. Miscavige failed and failed and failed and failed.

    And gave up, like always.

    The "Ideal" orgs program is ... ideal for Miscavige. He uses parishioner's money to create big, gaudy, empty buildings which actually make it much harder for the org to survive -- requiring, as it does, more money to maintain, and no one in their field has any more.

    In other words, nothing beneficial was accomplished.

    All image, no substance.

  6. Recently, the Minneapolis Org closed their doors moved into a smaller office in St. Paul (their Ideal Org as yet unopened).

    I don't believe Miscavige was there for that event.

  7. LOL! Yeah, Miscavige missed the Portland, Oregon church's move to smaller quarters also.


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