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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Doesn't Scientology Publish Good News About Itself?

Here is a question for Church of Scientology members:  Why doesn't the church publish good news about itself?

If you are a True Believer and a member of the Church of Scientology, you will, of course, believe in the Great Anti-Scientology Conspiracy.  And this Conspiracy explains why everyone else doesn't publish good news about the church...

But why doesn't the Church of Scientology publish its own "Good News" for the world to admire?

You go to David Miscavige's Big Events, and you hear about the church's "solutions" around the world, and you hear about the church's "expansion" and you stand and applaud, but none of these things appear outside of the church.  The Big Event DVDs are kept under strict lock and key, and the penalties for leaking any of this information are very severe.  No one but Scientologists must see these events, and even they must not record any part of it or take any notes.

Why is every bit of the Church of Scientology's "good news" secret?  Why doesn't this "news" get released and reported?  Not only do major media not report anything and not only are all other news outlets silent about this "news" but the Church of Scientology itself doesn't even report it via press releases.

Don't you find that quite odd?

We know the Church of Scientology understands press releases because you will see their press releases appear now and then -- but those only contain anecdotal stories about individual Scientologists' personal opinions and personal experiences.

Never news.  Never facts.  (But you are not supposed to notice that.)

And Scientologists need to be asking why.  Why doesn't the church issue press releases about all its "good news"?  If there is all that good news, why doesn't the church tell the world?

The answer is quite obvious and quite simple.  The Chuch of Scientololgy only issues stories about personal opinions and personal experiences because no one can fact-check those.

The church knows, from past experience, that if they publish any of the claims from Miscavige's Big Events, people around the world will fact-check everything, and every single lie the church tells will be exposed.

This is not some idle fear, it has happened time and time again: One of Miscavige's "amazing" claims gets leaked and people around the world visit the locations and contact the people involved -- and inevitably find Miscavige has lied.  Again.

And so, knowing that everything he claims will be fact-checked, David Miscavige keeps his events very secret and the church makes no claims at all in any of their press releases.  They know that nothing they claim will withstand careful investigation.

Everything Miscavige claims is a lie.  The proof is in the Church of Scientology's complete silence.


  1. It's so hard - nearly impossible - to notice "missing data." But if we can be gotten to look for it, sometimes we'll notice that something is missing

    If you're on the fence or still inside the church and you haven't looked at this already, LOOK NOW.

    It's only logical that if ANY of what miscavige claims about expansion, "inroads into society," etc., was true, even if every media outlet in the world were secretly conspiring to withhold reports of it, somebody would be talking about it on the internet.

    Google any of these projects that dm refers to at his over-produced events: the new groups he refers to obliquely but never actually names, the projects to get literacy or way to happiness or whatever into "public's hands" but for which there are never any hard stats, or the stats used are changed from event to event so that there can be no comparison (and therefore no assignment of correct conditions).

    What do you find? Anything? Is anybody talking about it? Anybody giving wins? Success stories, raves reviews given the tech posted on their own blogs, or those of others? Outside of the church and a field of critics, whistle-blowers,ex-members and indies, scientology might as well not exist. It's a rude awakening when you discover just what a group delusion the whole "clearing the planet" exercise is. That realization alone can be like a slap in the face when you have everything invested in the cult. But sometimes it takes a slap in face to wake us up.

  2. Legitimate organizations can withstand any level of investigation.

    Legitimate organizations will encourage people to investigate -- and even to look at critical sources.

    Legitimate organizations welcome questions -- and answer them precisely and completely.

    Legitimate organizations listen and respond appropriately and politely to any complaints or criticisms.

    Legitimate organizations do not threaten people who have questions or complaints to just shut them up.

    Scammers and criminals do the opposite to all this.

    The Church of Scientology does the opposite to all this.

  3. It's all about living with blinders on and fear of Ethics and the RPF gulag. Remember the opening of the Ideal Org in Pasadena, CA this summer? They marched the bussed-in guests around the neighborhood twice so it would look like more people were coming then there actually were. Nobody complained and everybody went along with the scam. Why? Because they were told to by their superiors. I'm sure they could have gotten them to do the Egyptian. That written, these policies are shrinking the Co$; people can only avoid the facts for so long.

  4. I remember some of the exposes, government officials who never said what the church claimed and who never endorsed the church; "Government officials" who turned out to be lowly clerks; Programs in "every prison" that were never established; "Successful" school programs -- that failed miserably; Books in "every library" that never happened.

    Yes, simple fact-checking is the Church of Scientology's kryptonite, all their "incredible successes" just melt away.

  5. We really need to get our hands on more event footage. I can only imagine how much fun Anonymous could have with it.

    -Red Pill on Topix

  6. Yes, let Anonymous have the event footage and disprove all of it. Man, I feel for those inside who still cannot wake up. It's Steppford all over again...I just hope it doesn't become Jonestown for those really caught up.

  7. As you previously pointed out, it's because they do nothing. If they don't do anything there is nothing to report.

  8. Yes, but David Miscavige does much more than just "nothing". He makes these pretentious and grossly inflated announcements at his Big Events about his latest "fantastic" plans and projects to "save the world" and then, within a very short time, fails miserably.

    For that short time, his Big Events tout how "successful" his latest projects are ... and then fall silent until Miscavige announces yet another "fantastic" project.

    So there is so much more going on than just "nothing". There are spectacular failures happening all the time.


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