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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scientology and the Amazing Psychiatric Conspiracy

My attention was drawn to Scientology's Amazing Psychiatric Conspiracy recently.   As a Scientologist, I had just accepted it.  As an ex-Scientologist, I had simply rejected it -- but I really hadn't thought about it.

Scientologists have been indoctrinated into a complete, fanatic hatred of all psychiatrists.  They have concocted a whole raft of "reasons why" they hate psychiatrists but those reasons don't really explain Scientologists' extreme, compulsive and absolute hatred.

They originally pointed to a number of reported abuses by psychiatrists and even created "Psych Busters" who would go out and dig up proof and have such psychiatrists put in prison.  I've noticed that they've quit that and it appears that, ironically, they quit it because they were cleaning up the profession and giving psychiatry a good name.

Then CCHR started rewriting history so that psychiatry was behind every evil that has ever existed on Earth.  Psychiatrists, in some mysterious way, have been behind every war, every mass murderer and every other horrible event.  Evidence was lacking -- you had to just believe.

That hasn't been persuasive except for the gullible who don't check facts.

The latest "reason" is that psychiatrists are "over-prescribing dangerous drugs for children!"

That's actually a good reason to hate those who over-prescribe dangerous drugs, but doesn't hold up as a reason for extreme hatred of all psychiatrists.  After all, some medical doctors are just as guilty, the psychiatric profession itself has condemned the practice and many doctors in both professions are not guilty of that at all.

And yet, Scientologists condemn ALL psychiatrists, the guilty and the innocent, and demand that the practice of psychiatry be banned.

I've asked Scientologists, "Given that some Scientologists are guilty of crimes and abuses, should we condemn ALL Scientologists and demand the practice of Scientology be banned?"  But they don't get the point.

Why don't they get the point?  Why are they unable to think logically and rationally on this subject?

Well, as you undoubtedly know, Scientologists believe that psychiatrists are the leaders of the Great Evil Galactic Conspiracy against L. Ron Hubbard and the Loyal Officers.

We all know that and we laugh and laugh.  But think about what that actually means for Scientologists.  For such a conspiracy to be true, for all psychiatrists to be part of such a conspiracy, the following must be true:
  • All psychiatrists are in on this Great Evil Galactic Conspiracy.  Every single one.  That's what Hubbard said and that's what Scientologists are required to believe.  There are no good psychiatrists.
  • This means that all psychiatrists can remember their "past lives" when they were battling the Forces of Good all over the galaxy for quadrillions of years.  You can't remember your past life.  Scientologists may pretend but they can't remember their past lives either.  But all psychiatrists must be able to so they know they must grow up and become psychiatrists, right?
  • In addition, obviously, no "normal" person can be allowed to become a psychiatrist.  Apparently there is a review board in every psychiatric school that checks every applicant to ensure they are a card-carrying member of the Great Evil Galactic Conspiracy.  Anyone who isn't a member is rejected and cannot become a psychiatrist.
  • And finally, psychiatrists, apparently, have extremely advanced communication technology so they can discuss their Evil Plans without ever being detected.  Otherwise they would be some evidence somewhere.
Scientologists seem to believe that we already have Evil Alien Beings living among us today.  They have phenomenal memory and technology.  And only Scientologists stand between all these Evil Alien Beings and their conquest of Earth.

This is what Scientologists have to believe or their Evil Galactic Conspiracy led by psychiatrists doesn't stand up to the briefest of thought.

It's another fine example of Scientology Logic™ in action.


  1. This is the reason why Scientology demand that the practice of psychiatry be banned:

    HCOB 28 Nov. '70 "Psychosis" "The alleviation
    of the condition of insanity has also been accomplished now..."
    Scientology can Cure insanity - Scientology should get the money.

  2. Always enjoy reading your posts. So sane and insightful.

    Interestingly... If a Scientologist was to have a one on one conversation with a psychiatrist, the Scientologist would start exhibiting some pretty severe mental conditions.

    In fact it could cause a psychotic episode in the Scientologist if he/she couldn`t blow.

    I guess eradicating psychiatry is easier to confront than that.


  3. They know no bounds in the extent to which they'll go to fabricate fake wars, fake enemies, fake monsters, fake church-funded humanitarian missions, fake results from services, fake affinity, and on and on. How DID we fall for this deceit?

    And why did it take SO long to "notice" that the never ending wars and money-raising to fight them shattered the enforced idea that the PTS tech had THE solution for "How to confront and shatter suppression"? let alone whatever rundown it is that guarantees you'll never "go effect" again?

    Once you stop believing and start looking at how much the tech that works "every time" conflicts with the wars they want to raise money for, it is amazing how fast the fundamental tenets crumble and melt. So appalling to face, and to think of how stupid and dumbed down we became. My oh my, that part is hard to reconcile, and those church members still under the spell, and broke to boot. When WILL there be an intervention from the justice system, or the IRS, or anyone!

  4. Hey Bill, you wouldn't be part of that international psychiatric conspiracy now, would you?

    The best part of it is, Scientology has enlisted psychiatrists in their battle. Their Citizens Commissions for Human Rights (CCHR) was actually co-founded with Thomas Szasz, whose radical critique of psychiatry's excesses (The Myth of Mental Illness) was ground-breaking back in the 1960s.

    Szasz of course, has turned a blind eye to Scientology's excesses, while Scientology has done the same with his libertarian view on drugs: their vehemently anti-drugs position is almost diametrically opposed to Szasz's view that all drugs should be legal (see his "Our Right to Drugs: the Case for a Free Market").

    Another of their psychiatric cheerleaders is Dr Colin Ross, who believes that the CIA mind control programmes actually achieved everything the movies said they did. His Robert-Ludlum-style theories have been extensively promoted in Scientology's Freedom magazine and he was honoured at a 2007 CCHR ceremony. Ross testified at the 2009 Paris trial of Scientology.

    There is certainly a lot of bad psychiatry and psychotherapy out there. But for Scientology to set itself up as judge and jury in this field is very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black -- especially given that inducing false memories is a required part of its curriculum.

    Finally, if I may, cast your eye over French psychiatrist Daniel Zagury's astute assessment of Scientology's approach to therapy in his testimony to the 2009 trial of Scientology (coming up for appeal later this year). I think his opinion that it is an abuse of the transference process is spot on:


    Jonny Jacobsen

  5. @Randomx

    Thought-controlled members of a cult like Scientology are in a very precarious mental state. That is why they so carefully isolate their minds from situations you describe.

  6. @Anne

    Insightful comment, as always. Like many governments, the Church of Scientology knows that war is great for extracting money from people. It lends a sense of urgency and overrides peoples' natural caution and sense of self-preservation.

    I know, very well, what you are talking about when you talk about "how dumb we were". Undoubtedly, like me, you remember the doubts that you suppressed while in. It is hard to accept -- but acceptance leads to recovery.

    I call financial bad decisions like that "tuition in the school of life". At least, now we are smarter -- hopefully.

  7. @Jonny Jacobson

    Thanks for visiting and adding the information about Drs. Szasz and Ross -- Scientology's pet psychiatrists. Great information.

    I always enjoy your blog,, and highly recommend readers go visit and explore. Good stuff!

  8. Imagine the church of Scientology will win the war against the psychiatry. no body will use their service. what will happen with all the people in need of mental help?

    then the church will provide the solution like in Lisa M. case? whit their prices?

  9. Re: Scientology solution

    I once asked a True Believer anti-psych Scientologist what their solution was for those who need mental health help.

    Their answer was, basically, "They're crazy, there is nothing anyone can do."

    Nice. The Lisa McPherson solution.

  10. Re: Scientology solution

    "They're crazy, there is nothing anyone can do." so why they want to stop the field who give those people hope or some quality of life whit their condition? it dose not make any sense..

    I know we are going back to money again....

  11. Re:Scientology solution

    And I once asked IRS Reg why.. and he say "psychiatric create illegal pc".

  12. Re: Scientology solution

    The bottom line for Hubbard may have been the money, but for Scientologists, it's "because Hubbard said ...".

    The bottom line, the real bottom line for Scientologists, is that Hubbard said "psychiatrists are the leaders of an Evil Conspiracy to destroy all Good in this universe". He did say that and this is why Scientologists' "shore stories" about psychiatry never make any sense.

    Scientologists keep making up these bogus "reasons why" because they can't come right out and say "well, you see, psychiatrists are leaders of this Evil Alien Galactic Conspiracy...".

    But that is why.

    1. There was an article in the LA Times that was an interview with a scientologist. Interesting to read how she avoids a few parts of questions. My question is where/when did Hubbard say/write that psychiatrists were part of a conspiracy?

    2. Re: Where/when did Hubbard say that psychs were part of the conspiracy.

      I no longer have my large library of Hubbard's lectures but Ron didn't say psychiatrists were part of the conspiracy, he said they were the conspiracy. All the other "members" of his alleged Grand Galactic Conspiracy, the drug companies and the "international bankers", take their orders from psychiatrists.

      The Whole Track Evil Ones are psychiatrists -- according to Hubbard. Hubbard claimed that every single psychiatrist today knows about and is actively involved in this conspiracy against Hubbard and Scientology.

    3. the fact of the matter is psychiatry is brutal and inhumane treatment you have to be able to look and see its track record. if you cant look or see then you will not notice its profession has blood on its hands. I wouldn't shove an ice pick through your skull if you were my worst enemy , or electro shock you , or drug any one into oblivion.
      Psychiatry is a trap even if its voluntary.
      electro shock and lobotomys are still used today , and if that doesn't work they can always give a person a chemical straight jacket to try on
      for size. all in the name of help, and that's not all in their bag of tricks I could go on and on , study the history of psychiatry and you will see 6 to 7 million deaths in the last 100 years . study eugenics and its roots , a person can not make an educated decision if one will not look at the history of psychiatry, all of it .

    4. I've allowed your comment, but just because I don't censor (unlike Scientology). But, if we remove Scientology's and CCHR's claims, you don't have very much proof of your accusations.

      "6 to 7 million deaths"? Don't be so gullible. That's Scientology's made-up history not actual history.

      As a Scientologist, you believe everything they tell you. You believe in the absolute EVIL of psychiatry. You believe in the Great Galactic Conspiracy.

      Here's something you should consider: You believe in a huge generality that Scientology sold you. What did Hubbard tell you about generalities? Hmmm?


  13. Re: IAS Reg and "illegal pc"

    Yeah, and we believe them too.

    What I've noticed is that anyone with money is accepted for services. In reality, there are no "illegal pcs" -- there are only those who have money and those that don't.

  14. Forgive my levity; but if psychiatrists have "phenomenal memory and technology", doesn't that make THEM OT 3's or 8's or whatever?

    Aha, Bill! See? OT's really exist! They're all psychiatrists!

  15. Re: OT psychiatrists!

    LOL! Why, yes! "Real OTs" exist!

  16. I was a Scientologist, a true believe. When I found out my brother--not a Scientologist--was mentally ill, I also found out that the "Church" could not help him. The Church does not accept psychotics.
    So I turned to National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI. I took a 12 week course designed to help family members deal with their mentally ill children, parents or siblings.
    The course was very helpful and my brother started to get better.
    This was a transformative experience for me because I worked with psychologists and psychiatrists who were kind, wise and helpful. They weren't The Devil.
    I shared this revelation with the Church. I was so naive I thought the Church would be happy to find out the truth.
    To my surprise and heartbreatk my revelation was not well received. I was sent to Ethics and had to study all the bad things LRH says about psychiatrists and essentially had to pretend I agreed or stay in Ethics forever. I could see that if I didn't agree I would eventually be declared myself.
    I was baffled by this experience. I was a true believer, yet this didn't make sense.
    Now that I have left, it all makes perfectly good sense. Cults need a bad guy(s) to fight against.
    Boy, was I duped. Still blows my mind.

  17. @Squash Lady

    Thanks for your story. It is so very true. Good people are being slandered by this stupid church. I'm so glad you did what your brother needed and ignored the church. Well done!

    My wake up on psychiatry was when I was manning one of Scientology's "Volunteer Ministers" sales tents. I was taking each person around and showing them each of Scientology's banners extolling their wondrous "solutions" and came to the "evils of psychiatry" banner. So many people would get quite upset on that one and would tell me how much psychiatry helped some friend or family member -- and how very, very grateful they were for some psychiatrist's help.

    I was stunned and embarrassed. Stunned that I'd been lied to by Scientology and embarrassed to be forwarding that lie.

    Just as you found, the Church of Scientology had no help for these people but was adamant on denying them the real help that was available.

    That's just wrong.

    Thanks Squash Lady.

  18. A little off topic. But my brother had a similar experience to Just Bill.

    He was at a scientology display within some general EXPO. A public was scanning the LRH books on offer. My brother got in comm with the guy and learned that he was a Nuclear Physicist.

    So my brother excitedly grabs a copy of "All about Radiation" and thrusts into the guys hands. He stood there reading page after page.

    After too long my brother asked how it was going. The Nuclear physicist essentially told my
    brother that "All about Radiation" was written by an idiot."

    No sale was made.
    Brother was a bit wobbly for a few days.


  19. Dear Just Bill,

    The irony is that LRH talks about help as betrayal. He says that mankind has been betrayed so many times by those that claim they are offering help and then don't that mankind has become suspicious of real hel--meaning Scientology.
    How diabolically clever!

  20. Just Bill

    Do you have any information about Introspection Rundown "baby watching"???

  21. Re: Baby watch and the Introspection Rundown

    I never trained on this "rundown". I only know what you have undoubtedly read yourself.

    There is no logic, sense or humanity in this "rundown".

  22. JB
    Are you going to sign Marty petition?

  23. Re: Petition

    Sure. I don't think the government cares about these petitions, but it can't hurt to sign it.

  24. Excellent as always, Bill.

    Now, I'm just waiting to hear your thoughts on the Village Voice's Top 25 list... Especially on the matter of #1 vs #2

  25. Re: Tony Ortega's Top 25 list

    Tony listed a whole lot of good critics and wacky Scientologists in his list. It was good fun and a lot of people got the recognition they deserved -- both positive and negative.

    I found the consistency of the list a bit spotty. When someone would mention a missing name, Tony repeated that he was only considering people currently contributing to Scientology's decline, but then he, himself, included people who haven't bee active for years. Perhaps that led to his missing some important names. "Xenu" was, obviously, a joke and the waste of a spot on the list.

    I found the poll results to be more interesting, since they weren't self-restricted.

    I'd disagree with Tom Cruise being a current factor, since he has explicitly shut up about Scientology for years now. Also, Tommy Davis is merely a puppet to David Miscavige and, I feel, should have just been included as just another of Miscavige's failures.

    From the beginning of Tony's count down, I called number 2 should be David Miscavige and number 1 should be L. Ron Hubbard. I'm pleased that is what Tony decided as well. His reasons pretty much mirror mine.

    Hubbard really did ensure the destruction of the Church of Scientology with his policies, his lies and his paranoia. Anyone strictly enforcing Hubbard's policies will fail. What they forget is that Hubbard himself never followed his own policies.

    While it is true that Miscavige also doesn't follow Hubbard's policies, Miscavige is too abysmally stupid to pull it off.

    I must admit I did enjoy Marty's reaction to Hubbard being Tony's number 1 person destroying Scientology. (And here Marty thought he and Tony were friends).

    The Independent's "new" attitude about Hubbard: "Sure, he was flawed but ignore that and just look at the results!" The only problem with that is when you look at the results. Ah, well, it's hard holding on to your delusions in an Internet world.

  26. IMO: Marty HAS to respond to #1 the way he did regardless of how ridiculous it seems to the rest of us. His post came out too quickly to deny he wasn't prepared.

  27. I always took the anti-psychiatry element as a way to keep people in the "church" who had real emotional/mental problems away from counselling or therapy, and thus keep them from defecting. But yes, the "psychs conspiracy" works wonderfully to create a scapegoat when the tech stops being useful...every cult group needs their Emmanuel Goldstein, and shrinks are Scientology's.

    Anything new coming up?

  28. @Strelnikov

    Yes, the problem Scientologists have is with uninspected data. Hubbard said it, so it must be true -- but it brings baggage of crazy assumptions that they must also "agree" with.

    Yes, I do have some thoughts that I just need to put into writing.

  29. Lewis S Bostwick the founder of the Church of Divine Man/Berkeley Psychic Institute, fell sway to his teachers logic and reason to hate psychiatry. He went further to even show a complete and total disdain and taste for psychotherapy. come to think of it the man didnt' like competition at all and basically didn't approve of any other technique than his own. Why by the way is just a version of watered down Scientology tech, or hypnosis and behavioral conditioning through several means.

    As a former student of a scientology fanatic there were thoughts in my head about why would someone hate psychiatry. It was not until I had my own psychosis that I realized why. It is very likely that L R Hubbard and Lewis Bostwick had their own breaks from reality and were institutionalize for a period of time. They did not like being on medication and did not want to have to deal with life as it really is instead of what they wanted it to be. These two men and others I have met have walked down this same road and they all hate psychiatry and psychology. and for one main reason, they want to beleive that a psychosis is true reality.

    I can clearly attest that a state of psychosis, although in some ways is fantastic, is not something I would ever want to experience again in my life. I came back to reality and made a full recovery. They never did.


  30. It is a little hard for me to say this, but after many years in Scientology, I was able to find the answers to what is troubling me through a psychiatrists. It was hard at first to seek it, because all all of the stigma that you have spoken of. But once I looked for help, I received it and it works. My life is sooo much better after this. What I learned from Scientology in the beginning was good, but what I learned after I left has been priceless.

  31. JB
    Did you read Silvia Kusada last post?

    An OT8, Class 6 Auditor, clamming to have wins on solo every day, discovering new truths every day. and yet does not want to live and feel sad, lonely depress.

    And in the end of her post she promote the bridge???
    Do you understand that?

  32. Re: Silvia Kusada

    I don't know Silvia nor do I read her blog but I'm not particularly surprised by her statements. This is right at the heart of Scientology:

    Scientologists are, for the most part, normal people with all the normal difficulties, problems and struggles. They have no answers, no special powers or abilities.

    But they believe. Primarily, they believe that, some day, Scientology will solve all their problems -- if only they stick with it just a bit longer.

    It's sad because, if they just put all that faith and energy into something that works, they could get better.

  33. Insightful as ever, Bill.

    One thing I want to point out that hardly ever gets mentioned is that not only psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers are Suppressive Persons, but also their patients, particularly those who are taking psych meds.

    This struck me in reading the chilling Second Declaration of Lance Marcor in the wrongful death suit of 20-year-old Catholic college student Kyle Brennan in February, 2007, filed by his mother Victoria Britton.

    Kyle was an SP on three accounts:

    1. He was taking psych meds
    2. He was a critic who had told his fanatic Scientologist father, "Only an idiot would believe in L. Ron Hubbard."
    3. He had information on his father's alleged arson in 2000 to destroy documents evidencing his embezzlements from a family business, which could cause a major PR flap for the cult.

    When you include psych patients among the enemies of the cult the numbers of criminal enemies of Scientology mount up into the tens of millions.

  34. @Damian DeWitt

    Quite true! The number of people who the Church of Scientology considers "Enemies" is massive. I once started listing all the categories, types and groupings that are "Suppressive" according to Scientology.

    It pretty much boils down to: You have to be an active Scientologist or you are "Suppressive".

    And even then, the church doesn't trust you one bit.

    This is one of the basic characteristics of a cult -- they must have enemies and those are all the "outsiders".

  35. Re: "The number of people who the Church of Scientology considers "Enemies" is massive."

    It should be interesting to know how many SP's there are in this world.

    Is this list growing or declining?

    Is the world totally Cleared when all SP's are ex-communicated?

    It could be quite interesting to reveal/publish the yearly Global SP Stats ... with every year millions added ...


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