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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scientology Fakes

It is well known that the Church of Scientology loves to lie. It seems like they lie even when they don't need to, just "because".

Back when Hubbard was running around in ships, his crew was always taught a "shore story". This was the official lie about his ships that was to be told when ashore. It was always an "acceptable truth", or in plain English, a lie.

Scientology churches, missions, groups, and front groups always have official "shore stories" that they tell to outsiders. Scientologists are taught the correct "acceptable truths" to tell. Nothing is as it seems. That's the Scientology way.

Unlike other churches, the Church of Scientology actually has people assigned to the job of making up lies, in the Office of Special Affairs. Isn't that nice?

A subset of Scientology lies is the Scientology Fakes. This is where the church manufactures evidence. When the real world doesn't agree with Planet Scientology, the church will just create the necessary "evidence" to support their lies.

One of the most famous examples of this was "Operation Freakout". Operation Freakout was the name given by the Church of Scientology to a covert plan intended to have author and journalist Paulette Cooper (author of the critical book The Scandal of Scientology) imprisoned or committed to a mental institution. The complex plan included stealing stationery (with her fingerprints) from her apartment and writing bomb threats. The plot almost succeeded, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation discovered documentary evidence of the plot during an investigation into the Church of Scientology in 1977.

Fake evidence. Fake threats against themselves.
Aside: Understand that, on Planet Scientology, it is perfectly OK for someone to be sent to jail for a crime they did not commit. That's Scientology!
Framing people is standard Scientology tech. Another example is the attempt, in 1976, to stage a fake hit-and-run accident and frame then-Clearwater Mayor Gabriel "Gabe" Cazares. Mayor Cazares had spoken out against the Church of Scientology after it had used big lies and tricks to sneak into his city of Clearwater. How dare anyone object to that?
Aside: You see, it isn't yet a crime to speak out against Scientology, so the church thinks it's OK to frame someone so that they are appropriately punished for actions that, on their planet, should be crimes. Get it?
Of course, the church will claim that these are old crimes, and they've reformed. Really they have. They don't do that sort of thing anymore. Nosiree!

In 2008, the Church of Scientology was faced with another horrible enemy. A new enemy dared to speak out against the church. Anonymous started speaking up about the crimes, abuses and fraud of the church. Since speaking out against the Church of Scientology still was not the crime the church thinks it should be, the church was, once again, forced to frame people for crimes they did not commit. After all, how else would the church get them properly punished?

The Church of Scientology produced a video containing much nastiness, including vicious bomb threats against itself. The church produced this nasty video, and then tried to convince everyone that Anonymous had actually made the video and the threats. Unfortunately for the church, the whole thing was debunked.

But you see, things have not changed one little bit. The Church of Scientology hasn't reformed. They continue to try to frame critics with fake evidence. And they still think it's right!

There are many other examples and stories about Scientology Fakes, including one whole taped message purporting to be from Hubbard in 1984 called "Ron's Journal 38, Today and Tomorrow: THE PROOF" which was scientifically proven to be not from Hubbard at all.

However, the most recent faked evidence includes, ironically, one of the oldest pieces of Scientology Fakes: The "Brainwashing Manual".

There was a recent, "confidential briefing" for Scientologists, to "fully" brief them on the current attacks on the church. The briefing was an amazing collection of lies (excuse me, acceptable truths) about the current situation. One of the "facts" was that the current enemies of the church were operating out of an old booklet "BRAIN-WASHING Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics".

Now this is exceptionally funny because this booklet was one of the earliest Scientology Fakes and was actually written by Hubbard himself.

Here is the story from John Sanborn, who had been the editor of Hubbard’s books since the early fifties. He was there in 1955 at the manual’s inception :
I suggested it. Just kidding around on his front porch. Slygo Avenue in Silver Springs, Maryland. Talking about how are we going to get these psychiatrists.

I said, “What we need to do is take over their subject. What we need to put out is a manual of psych-military something or other ... as coming from the communists and then put a lot of psychiatry in it.”

And we’re sitting there, with our chairs tipped back on the front porch, tipped against the house, with our feet up on the railing, and all of a sudden he came down on his chair and he grabs me. And I thought, “I’ve had it !” And he said, “That’s it !”

Then he disappeared into the little front room which was sort of a bedroom and study, and you could hear him in there dictating this book.
Hubbard tried to present the FBI with a copy, but the Bureau expressed skepticism about the document's authenticity. The book is an obvious fake, it has Beria (an early chief of the USSR security and secret police apparatus) using Hubbardisms such as "beingness", "thinkingness" and "pain-drug-hypnosis".

Eventually, Hubbard gave up his attempts to "plant" the booklet somewhere and just had the book published by the Church of Scientology "as a public service".

But see here, they finally found a use for it! No Scientology Fakes are going to waste! Here we have fake evidence, long discredited, pulled out of mothballs in an attempt to smear Anonymous and other critics of Scientology. Not surprisingly, many Scientologists believe these lies.

But the bottom line is that the Church of Scientology thinks it is above the law. The Church of Scientology thinks it has the right to frame people so that those people get appropriately punished for speaking out against the church. They absolutely, sincerely believe they have the right to do these things!

This is yet another example of how anti-social and dangerously insane the Church of Scientology is.


  1. You know, this is all the fault of "wog" (non-Scientology) law.

    When someone says something negative about the church, "wog" law actually permits them to do so if the statements are true!

    This is so wrong! In a Scientology World, any negative statements about the church would be punished--especially if true.

    Framing people is the only way for the Church of Scientology to correct this horrible injustice.

  2. The 3rd edition (1996, red/orange hardcover) of 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?' has a new Index, and it's convenient to use to track down the numerous quotes from old timer John Sanborn.

    Brian Ambry's 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels' is worth looking over. The first page of its End Notes was particularly informative, re. Hubbard's Brainwashing manual.

  3. Re: Scientology Justice-Committee of Evidence.

    Just so everyone knows, I am a member in good standing with the church of scientology. That's probably because they don't know what I'm actually thinking or that I support the efforts of blogs like this and the incredible Anonymous movement. On behalf of any sane scientologists out there I would like to apologize on the behalf of my members and agree that most of your information is accurate, to say the least.

    However, while real justice is rare in the church, it is not set up to be that way. I have personally helped (as a silent advocate and Scientology Ethics/Policy wonk) several people within the church who were getting railroaded by so-called Ethics Inquiries.

    I apologize for my lack of citations; I simply don't have access to the policies that I've used before to help the people I have in the past. But, if you're curious, read on.

    The fact that any evidence is admissible is true. The statement that the accused has no right to face his accusers or see any evidence presented against him is false, according to policy - but not according to practice.

    If one is to defend oneself effectively against an ethics board (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) one is perfectly able to demand to see all evidence against them, as well face their accusers; that right is clearly stated many times in policies regarding a sciengologist's rights in ethics actions.

    But know this; the accused should also be prepared to be as ruthless and devious as the accusers.

    My advice to anyone under a Committee of Evidence is simple: Be prepared. Keep copies of all records of your stats and their graphs. If you're an auditor, make copies of all Well Done sessions AND subsequent Success Stories from your Pre-Clears (those receiving counseling for the uninitiated in Scientology Slang)

    If you even suspect that you might be under investigation (and if you're doing well, you will be, trust me) make certain you do your own personal surveillance work. Meaning, if you're being interviewed on or off the meter, get a miniature digital recorder and USE IT. Hell, if you can get video, do it.

    This would be almost impossible in the Sea Organization, but in a Class V org or mission, it's easy to do and will save your ass, because ANY evidence is admissible.

    So, to any Scientology Staff with the balls to read this, hat yourself up on what your rights are as stated in your Staff Status I & II training, then read up on Comm-Evs and Justice stuff ASAP in your spare time and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING you do. At least, all the good stuff. ;)

    I was a very good student. I used to be on staff in and out of the Sea Org. Anyone dumb enough to join needs to learn the hard way, I guess. I had heard it all and I still joined. It takes time and a lot of hard knocks before a True Believer has the epiphany that he is working for psychotic assholes.

    Continued in next post

  4. (continued from previous post)

    All that aside, a lot of Scientology has helped me. Maybe Hubbard's success as a writer came from a deep, if possibly cynical, understanding of the human mind.

    Maybe it auditing is electronically boosted hypnosis that releases some super-endorphin that lasts for weeks, months - even years. I really don't care if Hubbard was a nutter. I have had auditing and it was the happiest time in life. I want it back, but I've become estranged from the church because of their blatantly evil disregard for personal dignity and human rights of their most valuable people - auditors and other staffers working for less than Sea Org wages for decades who never get paid for all the good they manage to get done despite the suppression of their superiors.

    Most people who joined staff wanted to help others while getting help themselves. All they end up doing is fighting for their sanity. But Hubbard was right about a lot things. To quote (I think)"Only the tigers survive in this universe, and even they have a hard time of it."

    So if you've got the balls and self esteem of a giant and the single-mindedness of a sniper, you might have a chance of making it on staff. Oh, and a "moonlighting" job.

    Apparently the PR has gotten so bad that orgs and missions in California are recruiting new and ex-staff and auditors, especially auditors, by promising fewer hours and a guaranteed, well-paying job at a local WISE member run business.

    Maybe they're going sane. Please, keep blogging, keep Anonymous alive and fighting and you may end up actually turning the C of S into a real, working force for good.



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