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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scientology: Hate Crimes

From a Church of Scientology press release:
Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International hosted hate crimes conference

Over 100 law enforcement and government officials, clergy and educators attended an interfaith conference in May at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood to address the growing problem of Internet hate crime and to see how they can work together to improve Internet safety and security.
Hmmm. Methinks they have a bit of an ulterior motive in this, eh?

May I suggest a few, appropriate seminars? I think the Church of Scientology should include a number of seminars, just to pass on the church's expertise in handling, um, "hate crimes".

It would look something like this:
You are invited to these informative Church of Scientology seminars:
Suppressing Free Speech
How to re-label legitimate criticism as "hate-speech" to covertly suppress people's right to free speech. How to effectively ignore and suppress any criticism by redefining terms. Learn how to get away with victimizing thousands of people by pretending that you are the real victim here.
Getting Away with Hate-Speech
Learn the correct words to use to get away with hateful generalizations and discrimination. Learn to use terms such as "cyber-terrorists" and "hackers" to libel a whole group of people, and get away with it!
Fake Concern
Learn how to pretend to support "human rights" and "free speech" with various press releases and brochures but without actually doing anything effective! Learn how to fool people into thinking you actually give a damn.

"Lead" While Doing Nothing
Find out how to "host" various conferences, so you can appear to be more important than you actually are. Learn how "hosting" a conference can give you unearned credibility. Learn how to steal the credit from those who are really doing the work.

Faking Evidence
Learn how to create your own bomb-threats, mail white powder and other tricks! Find out how to create "evidence" to get others in trouble. Learn effective techniques for hiding the fact that much of the "Internet hate-speech" directed at you actually came from you. Includes important information on deniability and acting dumb.

Effective Bafflegab
Learn how to get people on your side without having to actually use truth or logic. Learn how to say nothing in 1,000 words or more. Learn to overwhelm with pure volume of words. Learn the effective use of 1984-style redefinitions so that regular words mean something entirely different when you use them. Learn persuasive lying.
Yes, I think the Church of Scientology could have contributed quite a bit to that conference, don't you?


  1. The bafflegab continues here in San Diego:

    While the article focuses on the participating imam, look who the event was organized by...Scientology and Westminster Presbyterian.

    I will be sending a letter to the latter.

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    nice blog. lol

  3. It's amusing. The Scientology crime syndicate has ben trying to shore up its demonstrable criminal history and activities under endless fake fronts, something that used to work before the Internet came along. Amusing.


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