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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Scientologists Don't Look

This is another mystery. Scientologists are taught, again and again, by L. Ron Hubbard to "Look, Don't Listen" and "What is true is what you, yourself, have found to be true."

This is, according to Hubbard, very, very important. Hubbard spent entire lectures and extensive written issues, stressing this exact concept. He even coined his own term for it, "obnosis", which he defined as "observing the obvious". Any Scientologist doing any significant training has done the "Obnosis Drill". The whole purpose of the drill is to look and observe what is really there, not what one thinks is there.

And yet...

Scientologists don't look. They simply do not look.

You see, Scientologists listen to what they are told by David Miscavige in his wondrous Scientology Events, but they never, ever go look for themselves.

Even when the situation is right there in front of them, they refuse to see it.

Scientologists are told, by Miscavige, that Scientology is booming everywhere. But that isn't happening where they can actually see it. They hear, from Miscavige, that things are wonderful, but what they could see if they looked at their local church, their local group, their friends, their own situation, does not show that. They believe what they are told despite what what is right in front of them.

Hubbard told them to "look, don't listen" but Scientologists will not look.

And the mystery deepens: Not only don't Scientologists look, but they believe what they are hearing has, somehow and by someone, been verified as "true", but they didn't verify it for themselves.

Scientologists are told, by Miscavige, that "Scientology's solutions" are improving bad situations all over the world. They are told by Miscavige that HIS technology is solving drug addiction, solving illiteracy, solving war and reforming criminals -- and they never, ever look. They believe it is true, but don't know of any real world examples themselves where such things have actually happened.

Scientologists listen and never look.

Miscavige tells all Scientologists that "major media", the Internet and, well, the rest of the world, are all liars and evil people who are out to destroy Scientology, and that looking anywhere but straight at David Miscavige is dangerous in the extreme. If Scientologists look anywhere but at Miscavige's Church of Scientology, they will get corrupted and will require "Ethics handlings" and special "security checking" before they become clean again (and that is very expensive).

And Scientologists, despite what Ron emphasized many times, cannot look at anything. They must only listen to Miscavige or, somehow, "be corrupted!"

But the mystery remains. Scientologists are told, directly from L. Ron Hubbard, that they must look, and not listen. Ron says that you must see what is really there, and not listen to what anyone says is there. Ron says that you cannot handle a situation if you listen. You can only handle situations if you look.

Scientologists are proud that their religion says that one should only accept as true what you, yourself, have found to be true...

But they don't practice this themselves. They accept, with blind faith, what they are told by Miscavige's Church of Scientology. They do not, will not and cannot look for themselves.

So, Scientologists, here is a brand new idea for you: Why don't you look, don't listen, like Ron told you to.


  1. The deep contradictions within scientology 'philosophy' would be amusing if wasn't so tragic, and dangerous to us all.

    "Look, don't listen." said Ron. Why not do both? Nothing should restrain the natural curiosity of the mind. Clever Ron both tickles the curiosity and traps it like a good angler fish does. We should also use the intuitive sense of smell in alliance with our visual and audial capabilities because Ron's words, quiet frankly, stink.

    "What is true is what you, yourself, have found to be true." This is a tenet of the cult which sounds balanced at first glance but on examination can be seen as nonsense. Delusion decides what is true or not but in a cloud from which reality is excluded.
    Are we to give this equal value to statements which, unlike this one, can be universally applied?
    However, Ron's use of words were not meant to dissolve delusion from which he could profit.

    Unfortunately for the cult Miscavige does not have the intellectual strength to hide Ron's cynicism. He took over the organisation for the money and power. He didn't see that the seeds of it's own destruction lay in Ron's original bullshit. His master always intended to restrict information of a worthwhile quality whilst replacing it with unbelievable rubbish.
    But because we have extensive access to the cult's books, tapes, films and evidence of misdoings we know exactly what scientology means. The fascile 'truisms' trying to attract us are not just within the range of potential adherents, whose psychological needs apparently blunt their intellects, but to the whole world. There are more people than ever before interested in the cult of scientology and sharing their thoughts about it, and it cannot be controlled.

    It is unfortunate for those who became members for positive reasons that nothing can be done with the structure or 'scriptures', 'philosophy' whatever, to repair or improve any part of the cult. It's on an irreversible path downhill, helped on it's way by such things as Miscavige and this web-site.

  2. Well said. Ron spoke in absolutes. Everything was as he said it was. He had the "charisma of certainty".

    This is, indeed, one of the biggest flaws of Scientology. He "had all the answers" and nothing else could be used to solve any problems. This locks the church into "solutions" that simply don't work. Each time one of Hubbard's or Miscavige's "solutions" fails, the failure is blamed on others -- they must have failed to exactly "duplicate" Miscavige or Hubbard. And so they keep applying technology that didn't work, doesn't work and will never work. Endlessly.

    It does, at least, ensure the eventual, total collapse of Miscavige's Church of Scientology.

    Unfortunately, Miscavige harms a lot of good people in the meantime.

  3. Just a quick note to say that all of these "Ask the Scientologist" postings are competent documents, well written by someone who is obviously well informed, which will hopefully help to educate some people who have ceased thinking for themselves to see what is really going on within the organized structure of the church of Scientology. Very appreciated. I've referred people to this site to answer questions.

  4. Thanks. Thanks for sending people here, I appreciate it.

  5. Yep, sounds like "GAT"=Blind leading the Blind


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