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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Do Scientologists Trust Miscavige?

This is truly one of the biggest mysteries about the Church of Scientology: Why do Scientologists trust David Miscavige?

Scientologists consider him right up there with L. Ron Hubbard, pretty much "Source". But why?

What has he done that warrants such absolute, blind faith?

I guess some Scientologists figure that, since he was "put in charge by Ron, he must be OK." The only problem with that belief is that it isn't true! He specifically was not "put in charge by Ron." When Ron died, there was a whole organizational hierarchy that was in place to run the Church of Scientology, with other people in charge. David Miscavige wasn't included. So, no, Ron didn't assign or approve Miscavige as head of the church. Didn't happen.

If Ron didn't particularly trust Miscavige with the job, why do Scientologists trust Miscavige?

Well, there is the story about how Miscavige "put down a mutiny of mission holders" back in 1982. That's the story from Miscavige. The mission holders have a completely different story. Scientologists will undoubtedly choose to believe Miscavige's version -- but there is something they should look at. Prior to Miscavige's take-over of the mission network, missions were in a period of sustained and exciting expansion. Prior to Miscavige's action, missions were springing up all over the place and they were huge. Since Miscavige's action, the mission network has fallen on very hard times, with missions closing rather than expanding or opening. Based on results, Miscavige factually destroyed the Mission Network and killed a huge period of expansion for Scientology. Is this a person to trust with running the Church of Scientology?

So, if Miscavige actually destroyed this vital Scientology expansion, why do Scientologists trust him?

Perhaps some Scientologists trust him so much because of the whole "Golden Age of Tech" that Miscavige developed -- a complete change in all Scientology training. Miscavige touts this as a "great achievement" and Scientologists believe him. Those who trained directly under Hubbard have a completely different view of things, but they are not allowed to voice any disagreements. Once again, "good" Scientologists will believe Miscavige's version -- however, they should look at the results of this "Golden Age of Tech". The results are depressing.

Some people have been completing their training under the new methods, but after that, things are not looking good. Auditors have stopped auditing and have dropped out of sight. Auditors and Case Supervisors have gotten into trouble for messing up cases. Today, there are far fewer auditors than before the "Golden Age of Tech". A "training improvement" that causes auditors to fail and stop auditing? That doesn't sound good.

But, despite the obvious problems with Miscavige's "improvements", Scientologists still trust him implicitly. Why?

He is "expanding Scientology" isn't he? As leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige's highest priority target from extant Hubbard orders, was to bring all churches to the "size of old Saint Hill" (the main organization when Scientology was booming). Scientologists will recall church after church receiving their recognition for "reaching the size of old Saint Hill". Then nothing. What happened? Did they make it? Are all the churches at that size now?

No. The few that did (barely) make it to that size, quickly collapsed to much smaller sizes almost immediately. Miscavige's "management" had artificially boosted these organizations just enough to "win" the award, but it was bad management since it fell apart immediately. At this time no church is even close to the size of "old Saint Hill". The most important orders from Hubbard are now in a drawer somewhere, ignored and forgotten.

The results of Miscavige's attempt to carry out Hubbard's big project to get all churches to the "size of old Saint Hill" -- nothing. No churches are at that size. Total failure!

Well, there is this new program to expand Scientology: Forcing the public Scientologists to cough up millions and millions of dollars to buy big buildings for their local church. Scientologists are told by Miscavige that this is a wild and wonderful success. Scientologists sincerely believe this view of things. But they should look at the results. What are the results? A few of these new buildings have been completed and opened. Very few. More new buildings have been purchased but not renovated. What happened?
  • The few churches that have newly renovated buildings are doing poorly -- they are not expanding. Because of the additional expenses associated with the newer, bigger buildings, their staff are paid little or nothing. It's a real struggle.
  • The churches that have purchased but not renovated their buildings are also in deep trouble. They have additional expenses, but find it difficult to make any money from their parishioners -- the parishioners have been tapped out on money.
  • The churches still working on buying new buildings are really struggling. Their parishioners have been hammered for money and more money -- so they're not taking courses either. It is an incredible struggle.
The result of Miscavige's "Ideal Org" program is to remove all available money from the Scientology public, leaving very little for them to buy services at the local church. The result of that has been to collapse all the local churches. Anyone could have predicted that, and this is exactly what has happened. The money for the new buildings goes to Miscavige and does not benefit the local church. If they collect enough money to buy a building, the ownership of that building is transferred to Miscavige's Int. Landlord and does not benefit the local church.

So, Miscavige is a total failure in expanding Scientology, and, in fact, every action he takes causes the Church of Scientology to shrink. There really is no reason anyone would trust a person with a track record like Miscavige's. So why do Scientologists still trust him so much?

Maybe some Scientologist will tell me.

But I'll tell you why I think Scientologists trust Miscavige despite his abysmal record. Based on my own experiences when I was a "loyal Scientologist", I think it's because David Miscavige is the one who controls all information to the loyal Scientologists. They are forbidden from reading or watching or listening to anything else. Miscavige controls the Scientology newsletters and magazines. Miscavige controls the press releases. Miscavige controls the Scientology events. And everything a Scientologist is allowed to see modestly proclaims David Miscavige as the most amazing and wonderful person in the whole world.

And, of course, Scientologists believe him and they trust him. He wouldn't lie to them, would he?


  1. Yeah, but look at how effective he's been against those cyber-terrorists, Anonymous!(tongue firmly planted in cheek).


  2. in the course of our Anonymous enturbulating, do you think it would be thought-provoking to a Scilon if we asked: "Can you name even one Org that is the size of Old Saint Hill, today?"

  3. If only we could get Anonymous to print these out and give them to Scientologists...

    -Red Pill on Topix

  4. Red Pill,
    that's a good idea. why don't you post a link on clambake and wwp and get anons over here. i'm sure bill wouldn't mind a little copypasta action, would you bill?

  5. If someone wants to copypasta anything on this blog -- I approve!

  6. I'll leave a copy of this on WWP, but Anonymous doesn't really hang out on OCMB.

    -Red Pill on Topix

  7. I have gone to a number of events and I will give this to Miscavige, he can command people's attention and I think this has definitely cultivated his image as the leader of the cult. Others such as Marc Yager or Guillaume Leserve just do not have the same presence and I would often wish for them to finish up and get off the stage, they were so painful to watch. So when you have such choices, it's easy to see why Miscavige is followed to the degree he is.

  8. Scilons trust Miscavige because to say otherwise results in RPF, so the "trust" is artificial. Everything I have read, here and elsewhere shows that scilons live in fear, but it is the same fear that the battered wife lives in, better the devil you know... They are brainwashed into believing that us wogs are the enemy and that the only safe haven they have is inside the "church", regardless of the conditions they have to endure.
    So, the "trust" is a sham.

  9. Re: Battered wife syndrome

    You are quite probably right.

  10. The convert can "possibly" think back to his/her pre-scilon life, but I have the greatest sympathy to the person born into the cult. They have no idea about what our society is really like.
    And this is why we need to bring the cult DOWN.

  11. Consider this excerpt from Hubbard's Naval record:

    "By assuming unauthorized authority and attempting to perform duties for which he has no qualifications, he became the source of much trouble... This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty."

    Don't they, just a little too perfectly, describe Slappy's entire scientology career?

  12. It's the old PR ploy.
    Just like Scientologists can't here anything bad about Scientology, they also can't hear anything bad about Miscavage.
    When I was in, it was accepted as fact that LRH appointed him. I even remember seeing an issue on it once.
    Also, i ran into a churchie last december who spoke spoke of "COB" (Chairman of the Board) in the same hallowed tone as we used to mention LRH.
    Not the whole story. Just some pertinent observations.

  13. All of what you say is true and rather appalling. Truly appalling. But I have one "but". I really like the BASICS. Does that make the other stuff okay? No. Would someone else have reissued the books along with the workbooks? I don't know. I think, forgive me for saying this, but I think The BASICS, are genius. The books are aesthetic; the workbooks help you focus on the important facts; you can do them at home or in the org; and the courses are financially reasonable. Anyway, I believe in giving credit where credit is do and I think he deserves a little credit for this.

  14. @Ann

    The main point about "The Basics" isn't whether David Miscavige's rewrite is better or not, it's about the hypocrisy of making Ron "perfect" and his technology "untouchable", and then rewriting everything because Ron was wrong and stupid.

    Which was it? Is Ron's technology perfect? If so, then changing it is very wrong. Is Ron's technology flawed? If that is the case, then why not admit that and work with everyone to locate and fix the many flaws?

    No, according to Scientology's dogma, Ron's stuff shouldn't ever be touched - but Miscavige did, a lot, and Scientologists applauded. Isn't anyone paying attention?

  15. Dear Just Bill,
    Yeah, okay, I get it and I can not argue about the hypocrisy. I have wondered, "And LRH didn't notice this for 30 or so years. How is that possible?" And when I asked this of my beloved supervisor at AO he said, "LRH was so into just living life, moving forward at such great speed, that he left those kinds of details to others." At the time I more or less bought this explanation. Now...seems really farfetched, There is another explanation which is that others noticed and were too afraid to bring it up. That's a little disturbing too.

  16. Dear Just Bill,
    Until last night, I took all this "DM is mocking himself up as Source" with a grain of salt. Last night I went to a friends house and she had a picture of DM on her refrigerator. I asked her Why? She said because she liked the picture. I was a little stunned. I used to have a picture of LRH in my office. But not a church executive. And there were no pictures of LRH in her house. How has this come to pass? As I said, I was stunned.


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