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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scientology Destroys Scientology's Image

One of the most important images that the Church of Scientology tries, desperately, to create and sell to everyone is the image of having the exact, perfect answer to everything.

L. Ron Hubbard worked very hard to have that image. He was, according to himself, the master of every skill and every discipline in the whole world, heck, the whole universe! Scientologists will say exactly that if you ask them.

Hubbard had the final word to say about everything.

Not only do you have Narconon, Hubbard Study Technology, WISE, Criminon, The Way to Happiness and all that -- touted by the Church of Scientology (without any proof) as the solutions to the world's problems, but you have, well, everything else as well.

Hubbard wrote Policy Letters about pretty much everything. Like, for instance, he wrote a huge amount about "Public Relations". Yes, he wrote the exact science of public relations. Use this exact technology, he said, and you would have the best image possible.

And then reality rears its ugly head. It has a bad habit of doing just that.

Public relations. We have witnessed the magic of Hubbard's public relations tech before, but never so clearly as David Miscavige's recent response to the St. Petersburg Times exposé on Scientology.

He refused to be interviewed, putting the newspaper off week after week, even though the newspaper first requested an interview on May 15th, either in person or by phone.

He ordered a "mission" to be "fired" to St. Petersburg, consisting of nine "OT" Sea Org members, some of whom had been reported imprisoned in his Hemet compound in California. These people were supposed to go and "handle" the reporters.

The newspaper was given conditions -- the Sea Org "missionaires" would each read a two minute pre-written speech (undoubtedly written by David Miscavige himself) and there would be no questions permitted.

And these missionaires carried out their orders from Miscavige exactly. They gave their little prepared speeches and then, even as questions were being asked, they turned on their heels and left. Somehow, they didn't realize this would appear very, very strange. Somehow, they didn't realize this would make them look cultish and quite guilty.

Next, the church paraded the ex-spouses of the Scientology critics in front of the journalists, to smear the critics. And Miscavige thought this made the church look normal? He thought this was good public relations?

Then, per standard Scientology policies, they tried to get the journalists to accept the critics' confidential confessional material. This may have been their biggest mistake -- and it was pure, exact Scientology technology in action.

When the journalists didn't seem to be responding correctly to this magic Miscavige tech, the missionaires blocked the exit and started haranguing the journalists. You can bet that went over well.

Hubbard's flawless tech in action. Miscavige's brilliance in action. Real "OTs" in action. A church striving, desperately, to appear "normal", in action.

As usual, reality proved the unmaking of Scientology's image. If Hubbard was master of every skill and discipline, how could his technology have failed? If Miscavige is brilliant in all he does, how could his handling have failed? If the OT missionaires were truly at cause over matter, energy, space, time, life and thought, how could they have failed?

Like Scientology's Narconon, Criminon, WISE, Hubbard Study Tech, The Way to Happiness, this latest action by the Church of Scientology was an utter failure. And that further destroys the image that Miscavige so desperately wants to have.

It is important to look at the Church of Scientology's "solutions" in light of their consistent failures. This is the church that brags about their "effective solutions". This is the religion that boasts that it produces "Homo Novis", far beyond normal human beings. This is the religion that wants to tell you how to live your life.

Looked at in that light, their consistent failures are even more meaningful.

Instead of having the solution to the world's problems, it becomes very clear that the Church of Scientology and Miscavige can't even solve their own problems. That's the true image.


  1. Bill, you are soooo on a roll lately! Keep 'em coming! It was so nice of the co$ to give you so much lovely material. Awesome work!

    By the way, I am the proud possessor of my own copy of the SP TIMEs first section. I would like to keep it forever but I am overwhelmed with the urge to put Slappy's face underneath my bird's cage and watch it improve...

  2. @Milly,

    Thanks! Yes, they do keep me supplied with great stuff.

    There's an idea for a whole product line: Miscavige bird cage liners, Miscavige dart boards, Miscavige toilet paper, the ideas are endless. Bet you'd have buyers.

  3. I'm so over $cientology!!! I'm done caring about their crimes, and I'm done with anonymous and battling them and spreading information to people that don't care and would never join them in the first place. Most people here the word $cientology and they could give two shits.... Pro or con, people are not interested in having that become a part of their life. Let me sum up what is going to happen to the so called "church of $cientology" The Internet is here to stay. Much to the distain to the cult the Internet will undoubtedly become the only media (eventually surpassing TV and then ultimately making the actual TV itself obsolete and the Internet will incorporate TV and web and everything in one multimedia tool) in the world. The Internet has replaced movies, TV, books, magazines, radio, newspaper and every other form of media. If you didn't here "we run this shit" meaning that the anti $cientology movement known as anonymous controls the image of the cult on the web. They can try to have pages that are neutral and have shit like but it doesn't matter. We have to many critical sites to counter their positive sites. For every one they have we have 25. Take the latest TV push. They say to go to directly. But I say about half people type scientology into a search engine and that's where we get them first. I would click on something like "the truth about scientology" or "scientology controversies" or "scilons did this awful thing" before I would go to their fake ass site. Just like most Americans. Also more people are being raised on the web and it is their only source of info. The main problem why most scilons don't take stock in what we tell them is that "that fact came from the interment and that is not true" or "the Internet is full of lies" So even if factual evidence is presented including dox like court or government records is given they still don't believe you. The point I'm trying to get across is this. people use the web the most. The cult looks and has bad PR and the web. We have the numbers, they don't. They cant beat us on the web. And since the web is the future 100% no way out of it no way they can change that they are fucked. I'm not saying that this will not take "many years" it will. But with the web full of negative shit about them they have no possible way of wining. That said I'm not saying the current active member sin anonymous should stopping pissing them off just for the fun of it..... you should actually increase but still. ... It has no point they will eventually be dead it will just take along time. The USA has a population of 310 million. in the us their might be 40k scilons... maybe. That study done in 2008 said only 25 thousand identify themselves as cultist scilons. and of that I bet there were many who didn't get their voice herd and scilon counted them anyway... somehow increasing their numbers cuz just looking at the orgs I would put my life on the line confidently and say that I think that in the us their aint 10000 "active donating" scilons. And don't get me started about foreign scilons cuz with them they might be 2000 worldwide. I have already put to much effort into this I'm going to stop now but like I said the Internet will be the death of $cientology

  4. @Anon...if you'd spoken to me prior to February 2008, I'd have said pretty much exactly what you've just said. However, Anonymous has speeded the cult's demise so dramatically, that the question of "what comes next?" is now valid.

    Having watched Rathbun's interview, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he hopes to take over and lead a CoS MkII.

    Due to the character of CoS, and it's curious legal structure - sadly - I suspect he's also the person best equipped to be successful in those manoeuvrings.

    Given his background, and the disingenuousness of what he's had to say thus far; unless people of good conscience (such as Jason Beghe, and other Ex-SO) manage to get through to him, I'd be very very skeptical of the phoenix that could rise from the ashes. It's certainly not inconceivable that he'd be able to re-position it in such a way as to mitigate, the cult's "little problem" with the internet.

    Fair game and all the other blatant abuses, have never - to my mind - been the most damaging aspects of Scientology (they're just the most visible, and the easiest to criticise). Hubbard Jr had it spot on when he described the OT Levels as giving you the "privilege of having your head turned into a "glass Humpty Dumpty," and to me, that's one of it's biggest dangers.

    It could be free, and I would still be troubled by it.

    Taken in isolation, Scientology is a small cult, of limited significance. However it's an illustrative example of a genuine gap in most countries legislation: and that is to have clearly defined prohibitions on the use of psychologically damaging techniques.

    I'm not generally a fan of "moar law, moar law, moar law," there's already way way too much of it.

    But...well...we'll see. To me it would be one of the most productive things that could come out of the demise of Scientology.

  5. To the previous poster: lolwut?

    Anyway, I'm a REAL anon that's here to see things through to the END. The cult is dying, there's no denying is now, hopefully we can get slappy the midget and his cronies jailed before he accidentally the whole cult.

  6. Gosh,Bill, I'm glad that Anonymous is over Scientology and anonymous, cause if he wasn't, boy he would have wrote us a book!

  7. Great post Bill, as usual.

    First time poster, long-time reader :)

  8. Bill,
    Great articles!! Thanks for what you're doing. You are a brave and insightful soul. Unbelievable and really comical how DM and his henchmen tried to handle this recent flap. Shouldn't it be obvious to everyone in the world that Scientology is based on lies and doesn't work??!! I mean, come on, these ex SO execs were all products of Scn. Decades of it. They were highly trained, had tons of auditing and passed all the rigorous Scn criteria to get in the positions they had before they left. And they stayed in high positions for years, working close to DM. And how many times did they get "handled" over the years, no doubt with the best and most highly trained Scn tech and staff? Then when they leave and turn critical, they are dismissed as liars and incompetents. Shouldn't it be blatantly obvious that Scn must indeed not work if they say all these long long term staffers turned out to be such unethical, disgusting idiots?? Scn has long left a carnage of damaged lives, ripped apart families and even deaths in their path. I know. I was there. But what would you expect from fanatical zealots who believe they are indeed the elite of earth and that nothing can be allowed to stop them from saving each man, woman and child in the world?? Good job. Keep it up. You are helping!

  9. General Public AYSJune 30, 2009 at 4:33 AM

    So, you're knackered. Put your feet up. This will not be taken against you, at least not by me.
    However, allow me, as a fellow campaigner to express myself to you and others like you because you are not alone. Make yourself a cup of tea and listen to this old man.

    My opinion is that we are not only battling against a perverse and degenerate thought system. We are also in a deep training of a kind. One which clears our foggy mind of it's own inadequate, underdeveloped application. This training helps us to measure the distance between truth and lies, to recognise the depth of ambitious camouflage. It helps us appreciate the ingredients and flavour of a poisonous dish.

    I have talked to many people who have failed to see the significance of scientology and of the necessity to address it combatatively. There are those who see the evil but underestimate it's strength. There are those who once looked up but then lapsed into boredom: regarding the cult as no more than an irritating insect to be swatted away when it ventures too near. And there are those who have exhausted themselves for one reason or another. This post is for them.

    It is quite understandable that as the cult fades so will interest in it. But we have under our belt the wisdom of our learning. This is not rendered useless by the collapse of our target but is transferable and therefore should not be discarded. We will be, and already are, confronted by similar abominations.
    You do not need to excuse yourself or to feel guilty, every bit has helped even though frustration says otherwise.

    Many have ascertained from the beginning how exhausting the cost of continual pressure could be on our energy levels. The flurry of initial activity, as I remember of myself, learns eventually to pace itself. We must perhaps suggest to ourselves that the demands of our conscience should not exceed our mental or physical capacity to function -otherwise our conscience can no longer demand.
    We could persuade ourselves to cut down on the sprinting and take on the long and dogged march.

    In simple terms: you do not have to answer every single objectionable muttering. You choose according to yourself, with yourself in full consideration. And, as you decide, you practice your skill. By conserving your energy you encourage further effort. This effort builds and fortifies the character and also encourages the determination of others.

    I know I would be poorer in my understanding of the human capacity to indulge in delusion were it not for my intensive study of scientology -aided and abetted by such excellent informative sites as this one. My fascination has not yet run it's course. It probably won't, because although the content and intention of all schemes accurately characterised as totalitarian are fundamentally related, the style differs in pattern. These patterns make me curious.

    If you have 'done caring about their crimes......and spreading information to people who do not care' then rest awhile, but do not imagine a that your efforts have been in vain or that there is no one who appreciates them. I, for one, will thank you here in print, having first-hand experience of that which you complain about. I wish you well and believe I will see you in the future at some time, in some form, on another barricade, in another trench. You will be welcomed with open arms as if you had never been away.

  10. Thanks all for the various comments. I took a short break so they didn't get posted right away.

    I think that the questions about what next are starting to have some value. The Church of Scientology is definitely in trouble. They can't handle their current problems, Miscavige can't help but create more problems, and a lot more trouble is on the way.

    They are doomed.

    So, what happens now? I certainly don't know, but my personal opinion is the organization known as the Church of Scientology is too badly damaged to be saved. The operational procedures, policies and mindset instilled by Miscavige are too destructive and too much a part of the current organization.

    Add to that the "pure" Hubbard policies that are also horribly destructive, and you have an organization that is always going to be destructive and doomed to failure.

    Anyone who could dethrone Miscavige and take over would simply inherit destruction.

    If there is a Scientology after the CoS falls, it would come from the Freezone, not from the CoS.

    Just my opinion.

  11. General Public AYSJuly 1, 2009 at 3:00 AM

    I believe they are doomed too but I would like to see the whole edifice dismantled and forever discredited.

    One can't just topple Adolf Miscavige and leave a competent Martin Bormann, or Albert Speer to continue the system.

    If Rathbun has plans to turn over a leaf and be a 'benevolent' dictator what kind of Reformation has he in mind? We've had this discussion before on this site. The conclusion was anything salvaged from the wreckage would be unrecognisable as scientology.

    Now just imagine the attractiveness of a system in place which earns money. There will still be enough people interested in it, who still have a need to be fooled ,even after a complete and devastating exposure of the system.

    It will not earn the new leader the millions his predecessors enjoyed but it'll be enough to avoid living on state benefit.

    Rathbun, if inclined, could apologise profusely -wringing his hands, admitting his part, (but) 'Miscavige made me do it' , and stride into happy office saluting the bust of the founder.

    Rathbun is still attached to the e-meter.

    Maybe it's time to cool the celebrations of his and Rinders escape and look more closely at their future intentions. We should err on the suspicious side and lose any notion of giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  12. It is, to me, quite pleasing, to see the “wisenesses” being displayed here and the type of people who gather here (including the “gatherer”).

    As General Public AYS indicates we have nourished or are nourishing, by our involvement, the existence of the “awarenessesses” that keep us, and those we choose to and can enlighten, from being trapped, deceived or manipulated. From losing our dignity, our individuality, our willpower, our objectivity, and the strength to create and be following our own path.

    I believe that by our involvement, by our participation in this arena, we are becoming or have become free, forever, of the conditions that blind us from seeing what is behind the gorgeous but false realities that people and groups offer. From not allowing the need to find wonderfulness or have it be awesome, to dim or bury the perceiving and checking of what we are really being presented with.

    And so, we can more easily gain the trust of those who have been blinded or about to be blinded. And also shine a bright, revealing light on those who are seeking to avoid it.

    And so, to me, you are all nourishing the type of world I want to live in.

    I am really glad to have this connection!


  13. @Luis

    Thank you very much. I feel the same way. A community that comes together to help, really help others is quite wonderful to be a part of. I've learned a lot.

  14. @General Public AYS

    You are right. But I really don't see someone taking over and reforming the church.

    I really should write up something more expansive on this.

    The current hard-core membership of the Church of Scientology believes in Miscavige. If someone took over with the intention of undoing all of Miscavige's corruptions -- and getting rid of Hubbard's destructive policies -- the reformer would lose all the current Miscavige-loving members.

    But would those lost numbers be replaced by the old Scientologists, coming back?

    Some, maybe, but to a large extent, I doubt it. Once someone has left the cult, and they've regained their freedom, would they buy into the whole bubble-thing again? By now, if they're still True Believers, they've found exactly what they want in the Freezone.

    In other words, I don't think the church can successfully reform, no matter who might take over.

  15. this is martys new page. this is the man who has been here since the beginning and knows the truth. he is right their next to DM and defiantly is the type of person who is " in there know" about the truth of $camology. so if he sez that they are dying and they are empty orgs all over the world then I believe him. the tom newtons of the world would be saying that this is a "scorned, fired, man that couldn't make it in scientology and that is why he is "lying" about the true nature of a booming religion filled with a hundred million happy little cultist" the point I'm saying is this: marty wuz their and wuz privy ed to all the important secrets on the cult and if he is saying they are dying then I believe it.

    this is the page. copy and paste it. and read the whole thing. you will see the cult in the true light. anonymous kicked in the door when the cult wuz at its worse in decades. and it is all because of slappy micabbage

  16. General Public AYSJuly 3, 2009 at 3:07 AM

    Bill, I look forward to reading any 'expansion' you care to write.

    You have reminded me of the fact that a tyrant keeps his 'hard core' followers regardless of anything said against him. Sadly they need him for the order and certainty he gives them as they are timidly afraid of the alone-ness which comes with personal independence.

    I don't think the organisation can successfully reform either. One cannot rebuild anything of substance on foundations which are rotten.

    Luis: I'm very happy to have this connection too.

  17. You are right. But I really don't see someone taking over and reforming the church.

    I really should write up something more expansive on this.

    Yes, please do. I'd be interested in reading it.

  18. Very good observations Bill. And excellent comments from readers.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex lifetime dupe Scientology staffer, 1975-2003, Pittsburgh, USA

  19. General Public AYSJuly 4, 2009 at 4:04 AM

    Here is an extract from Marty Rathbun's website:

    "Scientology practiced in accordance with Hubbard's Code of a Scientologist,
    Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church can contribute
    something vital to society."

    Perhaps we could help him see a way to reform the cult, bring it down to the earth we all inhabit -according to the general consensus of what we consider to be universal standards of truth and morals.

    Is Rathbun ready to concede to any or all of these following necessities:

    First, to DISBAND the OSA, the Sea Org and the RPF -all matters designed to control members.

    Second, to sell the real estate bought for propaganda purposes and REIMBURSE those who want their money back and COMPENSATE those damaged by the cult's machinations.

    Third, to RELEASE into the public domain all documents secretly kept about business, financial and employment practices and the connections with front groups.
    Also to release all personal and official documents emanating from Hubbard.

    Fourth, to put the claims of scientology through rigorous, independent SCIENTIFIC examination.

    Fifth, to CO-OPERATE with the law in bringing the abusers of human and civil rights to book.

    Sixth, to GIVE UP all political aspirations and attempts to interfere with democratic institutions for their own ends.

    Seventh, anything you think I've missed out!

    These could be lawfully demanded. The following examples perhaps not:

    To drop the prices of 'services' drastically.
    To reveal to members the information about the higher levels before they pay their money.

    This last is a real stumbling block because it's maintained dogmatically that progression across the bridge can only be done by control of information.(OTIII will kill you if you are not ready for it.)

    And so we come to Hubbard once more. Referring to his extract above it can be seen that Rathbun has somehow missed the important contribution of Hubbard to the mess of current Miscavige domination.
    "....according to Hubbard's code..." says Rathbun. Both Hubbard and his successor share the same disturbing characteristics. They only in the main differ in style. Hubbard did not need to beat up his followers, his dictatorship used more subtle ways.

    So what is Rathbun doing with the verifiable information about Hubbard's life? Without it you cannot understand scientology. Nor can you see Miscavige's contribution as being perfectly in line with Hubbard's deepest intentions. Has Rathbun not read the biographies of Hubbard, seen the films or gazed upon the countless media reports?

    There can be only three answers to this. His doesn't have access to the information; he lacks curiosity; he is in denial. As I said previously : you cannot build anything of substance on rotten foundations, so then the first, perhaps only question I would put to Rathbun is -'Which one is it?'

  20. Scientology did not have a master plan for replacing Hubbard, and it continues to have no master plan for replacing Li'l David.

    If some respected Scientologist were to take over as CoB, his/her first task is to take over, or compromise, Int Base security, and take over Li'l Davies office and files.

    The second task is to take over control of the finances of the cult. This is more difficult since Davie has reportedly the keys to the cult's financial kingdom.

    This second task, unless executed perfectly, will likely keep the cult in court for years and years while courts try to find some reason that Davie was CoB in the first place, and why an interloper cannot do what Davie did.

  21. Re: Replacing Miscavige

    What you say is probably true, but anyone wanting to take over the church would be crazy. The church is so badly damaged, it is pretty much impossible to salvage and bring it to some kind of functioning and socially acceptable level.

    Hubbard tried to make it into a personal money-making machine, but Miscavige has accomplished it. If someone took over the church, Miscavige would leave with the keys to all the money -- and probably the trademarks and copyrights as well.


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