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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Would You Buy Scientology From ... ?

Would you buy something from a person who never answered your questions?

Scientologists will never answer your questions. Not ever. Their "answer" is that you should buy something, a book or a course (or both!), and that "will answer your questions".

Now why would you have to pay money to get your questions answered?

Well, you don't. That is, you do pay money but you don't get answers. It is highly unlikely that the books or courses will provide the information you wanted.

You see, that's just a sales gimmick. They just say "Your questions will be answered in this book, or on this course". It's a lie to close the sale, get your money, your name, your address and your phone number.

After you complete the books or courses and still have unanswered questions, well, buy another book, or course!

Would you buy something from a person who demanded you never look at critical reviews of their product?

Scientology insists that you only look at their information, their glowing descriptions of what they sell, never at any information that might have a differing view.

It is built into the dogma of Scientology: Scientology is good and anyone who says otherwise is evil. No non-Scientology information is allowed.

Well, keeping people from knowing other information might be "good salesmanship" but it isn't honest.

Would you buy something from a person who locked you in a room until you paid for something?

Believe it or not this actually is a common practice in the Church of Scientology. There are many, many stories (on those sites you're not supposed to go look at) that chronicle just that kind of "sales technique".

And, unfortunately, this often works. People will, in desperation, write a check just so they can get out of that room. Instead, they should call the police.

Would you buy something from a person who refused to provide any evidence of their claims for their product?

Scientology is big on claims, but completely lacking in any evidence. They claim Scientology will produce better communication, improved lives, better income, raised IQ, resolution of all sorts of problems -- on and on and on. But there is absolutely no evidence that any of their claims are true.

Oh, they have anecdotal stories from nameless people about all sorts of "good things", but that isn't evidence. If Scientology could actually produce the fantastic gains they promise, it would be a walk in the park for them to provide actual evidence. If their results were true, they could prove them.

But they can't.

Would you buy something from a person if you knew they were specially trained in mind-control techniques?

Yes, the "Registrar" (salesman) you are talking to in a Church of Scientology is specially trained in various techniques to get you to buy. They will "ruin" you (make you very upset). They will manipulate your "Tone Level" (control your emotions). They will use other tricks they have been trained in to make you say yes.

They are trained to make you say yes when you really don't want to. They are trained to make you pay even when you can't afford to.

Would you buy something from a person who, when you explain that you didn't get what was promised, always said the solution was to buy more?

That is the sum total of the Scientology problem-resolution. When you don't receive the gains and abilities promised by Scientology (and you won't), their solution is never to give you your money back. Their solution is never to do whatever it takes to ensure you get what was promised -- at no further cost. Nope, that is never their solution.

The Church of Scientology's "solution" is for you to buy more -- another book, another course, more auditing. And when that doesn't deliver what was promised, why "buy even more!"

All Scientologists are on the endless treadmill of "your next level will handle that!"

Would you buy something from someone who offered a product that was too good to be true?

When a Scientologist is selling you Scientology, they will promise that Scientology will handle any problem you have, give you any abilities you desire and will make you rich. Yes, they will promise you anything -- but certainly not in writing -- to get you to buy Scientology.

Doesn't that ring any alarm bells for you?

It's just another sales gimmick. No matter what you want, they are trained to answer "Scientology can help you with that!" Scientology can't do that, but the trick often gets a person to buy.

Do not check your good sense at the door when you talk to a Scientology sales person. When they try to sell you something, look at it like any other expensive purchase. If you look at it that way, you will see Scientology for what it really is.


  1. Your blog is awesome. TY

  2. Here's what Hubbard says: "Reach gets blunted or terminated once a person gets his question answered,the solution to his problem, etc. Purveying random and little pieces of tech to a prospect and the public at large does just this. This is end-off dissemination. Thus one should gear one's dissemination to the come-on and keep the prospect's appetite for knowledge and mystery well stimulated and channel the person right along so that he will and does become an actual Scientologist"

  3. Thanks CJ,

    So that explains why they never actually solve anything, that would "terminate the person's reach".

    I knew there had to be a reason.

  4. Fantastic, well-explained article as usual, Bill.

  5. May I post a link to your two most recent entries on another site?

    Great information found here.


  6. Links are always welcome!

    Glad you like the articles.

  7. I was interested in finding out some more info on Scientology since you here so many different conflicting stories and all this negative things on the Internet and on TV that I wanted to find out for myself what it was really all about. I went to my local org or whatever they call it (6 people in the entire 5 million dollar looking huge glorious building with fifty cameras on every turn and millions of separate empty offices for individual one on one meetings) to see what they had to say about all the stuff I been hearing. They said it was ALL lies and that they had the true information if I was interested. To make a long story short, and I'm not great with typing and punctuation and that I don't use a computer unless I need to research something, this is what I got from my 40 minute meeting with some lady:
    1) You have to buy a book or course or sit through this basics DVD to get any answers.... I did. I got no answers to any questions I asked in the beginning.
    2) The reason they wont talk to me about the controversial stuff is that it is only shared with long time members who understand and can fully absorb the info and understand it.
    3) If I was to do any independent searching of Scientology on the net than I should "only go to church approved sites to get the honest best view of Scientology" ....any other site has "made up lies to prohibit me from fully benefiting from what they can offer me... $2100 dollars to do the 2 basic course I said I might be interested in. Might be interested in....
    4) I have a history of opioid abuse and benzodiazapines abuse and was curious what their method of substance abuse treatment the would offer me if I was interested in joining the church.... the women got up went to a back office and ten minutes later a new person came out and had a whole new presentation and pitch about the benefits of Scientology's drug programs to help with my addiction.... it costs my insurance thousands and I would have to sign a million waivers and contacts for not talking about anything I did at this org or talk about my classes with any one who isn't a member already.
    5) I asked at the end of this little impromptu meeting what their opinion is about all the protesting and negative PR image of the church lately and if anything in Scientology was free and whether they did have stories about aliens and wacky shit like that.... believe it or not she didn't get offended outright, apparently everyone who is coming in or taking stress test or going to web sites are asking hard questions and what real answerers or they are leaving...they are not fooling anyone anymore people want to know what the truth is and if they don't answer them honestly it makes South Park and all the weird stuff seem even more true. They are use to explaining away the xenu stuff and the accusations of members... they are "former members who failed to apply Scientology the right way and so they were asked to leave by the church management so they wouldn't affect others. "



    To sum up my experience with the org and people I talked to is this.... no real answers were given. They talked around my questions and wouldn't give me a straight answer even when I got perturbed and said I'm going leave if you don't get straight with me. They wanted all my info. ALL MY INFO, DOB, address, phone, answer a little questionnaire and what I might be interest in. Well about 3 days later I got a shit load of stuff in the mail including a DVD about the protest group anonymous and how they have been arrested by the FBI and the organization is a skeleton of what it once was and that it strengthen the resolve of the Scientologist and made them more efficient. And this is the best time to join, things are cheaper and easier and more plentiful and I would be a disaster if I didn't follow up. Also let me just say this: DONT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO TO THEM. THEY WILL BOTHER YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I GET A MILLION CALLS FOR A MIILION DIFFERNT ORGANIZATIONS TELLING ME TO BUY NOW FOR THE LIMITED TIME OFFER AND TO COME DOWN AN TAKE COURSES AND THAT ID BE CRAZY NOT TO. I SHOULD HAVE LISTEN TO THOSE PEOLE WHO SAID NOT TO GIVE OUT MY PERSONAL INFO. I JUST THOUGHT THAT WHAT WOULD BE THE BIG PROBLEM IF I DID. WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY DO.... THEY COULD POSSIBLY BOTHER ME ABOUT JOINING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND NOW IM WAITNG FOR THEM TO SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE. IF THEY DO IMA CALL THE COPS AND SAY I WANT A TRESPASS ORDER. And if they mess with my property or bother me I will seek police intervention to get my name of their list. Bottom line Scientology is not for me. It seems like its not for anyone that is able to think for themselves. I left their even more confused that when I went in. It seems like the truth about Scientology is on the Internet and I'm not talking about Go to wikipedia. They seem to have a honest and neutral opinion. Wiki and then type Scientology and read everything they have to say. You will get the picture from them better that this "business" I went to. And they are a business masquerading as a religion selling a product; no forcing a product down the throats of week minded people who need something to feel apart of... STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF NOT YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO GET A LOT MORE HECTIC

  9. Thanks for your first-hand account! Wow, they really are acting more desperate than I last heard.

    I'm sorry you gave them your actual personal information, it may be a bit difficult to get them to stop harassing you now.

    I'm glad you shared your story. It's an important warning to others who may also be curious that connecting yourself to the Church of Scientology has unpleasant consequences. Be prepared for what will happen if you do give them your personal information.

    Your advice about going to Wikipedia for information about Scientology is spot-on. It really does try to be neutral.

    Thanks again.


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