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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Scientology World

Someone, a while ago, asked me to expound on what a "Scientology World" would be like, and the story about Germany would be a good place to start.

In 2008, Germany, after an extensive investigation of the Church of Scientology, declined to ban the group (which is not recognized as a religion) in Germany.  The church likes to tout this as a "win", but it was and is very, very far from the success that Scientology claims.

The German government did find that the Church of Scientology was anti-constitutional.  This is very far from finding the church "innocent".

The German constitution guarantees basic human rights, and the Church of Scientology violates human rights every single day.  The church works very, very hard to suppress free speech and freedom of religion all over the world.  The church does not support a decent wage or adequate time off for its workers.  The church runs secret prison camps where it sends its "dissidents" without due process and without recourse.

While it is true that the human rights record of the Church of Scientology is abysmal, that isn't actually what the problem is in Germany.  The German constitution is quite special.  In addition to many other good features, it also is carefully designed to safeguard the German people from fanatic, totalitarian groups bent on world domination.

And, yes, that is exactly what the Church of Scientology is.

However, the German government declined to ban Scientology.  While the Church of Scientology intends to take over the world, suppress free speech, suppress freedom of religion and suppress basic human rights, it has, so far in Germany, been unable to make much headway in its goals.  Therefore, the German government stated that they will keep monitoring the group because it is a potential threat but declined to ban it at this time.

Not banning the church may seem wrong to some, but it really is correct.  Germany grants freedom of speech even to groups that work to suppress freedom of speech.  Germany grants human rights even to groups that work to suppress human rights.  As unfair as this may seem, it is the decent thing to do.  It would only be if the Church of Scientology became an actual, realistic threat to the German people that the government would be forced to take action.

A Scientology world would be just as Germany found: a threat to all free people, a threat to democracy and the end of human rights.

Let's look at some specifics of Scientology's planned wonderful world, shall we?


Democracy would end.  There would be no elections.  The general public would have no voice in how, or by whom, they were governed.  According to L. Ron Hubbard, the "ideal government" is a "benevolent monarchy", therefore that's what it would have to be -- and you know the leader, and all people of power, would have to be Scientologists.

You have to understand that "wogs" (meaning all non-Scientologists) are, according to Scientology, "aberrated" (meaning unable to think clearly), and so no wogs would be allowed to have any power or any say in matters of importance.  Only Scientologists would be trusted in this Scientology World.

All the wog laws would be replaced with Scientology policies, because these were written by Hubbard and are the only rules the Scientology World would need.

Scientology "justice"

All wog justice would be replaced by Scientology justice.  Let us review what that means.
  • There would be no judges.  The most severe justice action would be the Committee of Evidence.  The Scientologist in charge of that sector would, as "Convening Authority", assign three Scientologists (with no specified qualifications) to sit in judgement.
  • There would be no lawyers.  The accused would not be able to bring anyone to advise them, speak for them or defend them.
  • All rules of evidence would be discarded.  Under Scientology justice, any "evidence" presented has more-or-less equal validity.  Nothing is excluded (as immaterial or prejudicial, for instance) but there would be no particular effort to be complete, or accurate.  In practice, all Scientologists are assumed to be telling the absolute truth (because they were asked to) except for the accused.  However, the "evidence" provided by the Convening Authority, no matter how vague or unproven, is assumed to be true and factual unless disproven.
  • The accused would no longer be permitted to confront or even know about his or her accusers.  In fact, in a Committee of Evidence, the accused might not hear, read or see the evidence against him or her and might not even be allowed to attend at all.
  • While an appeal is "permitted", that means little, since it just involves more of the same.
Yes, justice, as you know it, would cease to exist in this Scientology World.

And there is more.  Assuming that the Scientology world is run exactly like the Church of Scientology, then the leader or any Scientologist in a position of power, would be able to assign people to prison at any time and not necessarily for any specific crimes.  Those assigned to prison would have no appeal, would have no specific sentence duration and could be held in prison forever without recourse.

Scientology prisons would undoubtedly be patterned after the church's RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) and would carefully treat all prisoners like scum, giving them table scraps, requiring all prisoners to engage in hard labor, and to run everywhere.  Prisoners would not be allowed to communicate to anyone outside of prison at any time for any reason.  And all prisoners would be required to study and practice Scientology every day.

Human rights

Under a Scientology-controlled world, there would be no human rights.  Dissent or, indeed, even the mildest disagreement with Scientology would not be allowed.  Period.  Anyone who persisted in such disagreement would be declared "Suppressive" and would be cast out of society.

Likewise, anyone deemed "low-toned" would also not be tolerated.  Homelessness, joblessness, depression, mental illness, and so on would not be allowed.  If someone persisted in "being low-toned", they also could be "disposed of quietly and without regret".  In Science of Survival, Hubbard spoke of an unnamed "Venezuelan dictator" who got rid of leprosy by the "simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela."  A good example of how this Scientology World would deal with such "low-toned" problems.

Other religions might be tolerated if they supported all the Scientology principles and beliefs -- since, according to Hubbard, all other religions are "false".

The idea of a living wage and decent working conditions would cease to exist.  In the Scientology world, working to further Scientology's goals should be all the reward you need.

Marriage and children might be permitted, but not if one were deemed "low-toned".

Scientology Ideals

Mostly, the Scientology world would be dominated by Scientology's ideals.  No, not the words they mouth, but the "ideals" as shown by their actions today.

The most important Scientology concept is that being "correct" (by Scientology definition) is much more important than truth, facts, evidence, honesty or dignity.  In the Scientology World, you will listen and believe everything that Scientology tells you, and you will close your eyes to the truth you can see.  In this world, you will always bow to their dictates rather than stand by what you know to be right.

The second concept is that approval, authorization, adherence is much, much more important that doing what actually works.  Hubbard has created "solutions" to every single problem that plagues mankind.  None of his solutions have been actually proven to solve anything, but they would be the only allowed solutions.  Any other solutions, no matter how effective, would be outlawed and only the approved, authorized, Hubbard solutions would be permitted.

And how soon can we expect to enjoy this Scientology world?

Luckily for all of us, the Church of Scientology religiously follows all of Hubbard's policies and procedures in its quest for world domination.  I say luckily, because the result of that is failure after failure after abysmal failure.

David Miscavige, while obviously having even greater desire for world domination, has expanded and improved on Hubbard's failure rate by orders of magnitude.  He has made unworkable solutions even more unworkable.

The Scientology world was never going to happen.


  1. Great post Bill. The very thought of a "Scientology World" is beyond chilling. How ironic is it to listen to Scientology blather on about being "huge" proponents of human rights? Or that one of their front groups goes by the ridiculous name of Citizen's Commission on Human Rights?


  2. I am so thankful that my teachers made me read George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm when in school. I never realistically thought I'd ever have to deal with totalitarianism, or socio-political revolution on any level.


    Dm's little world seems to be based on the world of 1984,right down to the suppression of sex and loving relationships. Children turn on their parents, reporting them for "though crime." Shudder. I felt the chill of that reality as portrayed by Orwell, but didn't fully appreciate the significance of that when I was younger, growing up in a secure and loving family. But how destablizing and completely isolating that is to a person, to have no loving,human contact, or even someone to confide in.

    It's intensely evil. Just like the little guy, himself.

  3. Another timely post. TY

  4. Hi Bill,

    Here in Germany the debate has been going on for quite some time whether or not to ban the cult. The fact that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is monitoring Scientology means that "the church" is placed into the same category as the NPD (outspoken Nazi movement) or extremists like Al Qaida.

    In Germany the term "homo novis" is enough to trigger alarm bells, the whole concept reminds us of the master race promoted by Hitler, and in the early 80ies it was discovered that Scientologists had infiltrated municipal governments in Bavaria. Later it emerged that the cult had done the same in the educational field (private tutoring).

    Why has the cult not been banned? It's not that easy in a democratic state, and Scientology will definitely exploit Germany's historical burden to present the cult as victims of an oppresive system - they did that by declaring themselves to be "the new Jews" (what an insult to all Jews, don't you think?)

    And another factor is quite important as well: No offence, but there seem to be enough gullible, stupid or corrupt American politicians to respond to Scientology lobbying. Germany was reprimanded by the United Nations for the treatment of Scientology, this inquest had been instigated by America. A few years back the American Ambassador basically subpoenaed Berlin officials to voice his concerns regarding the dismal treatment of the poor, persecuted Scientologists. What is wrong with you people? I guess the term religious freedom resonates very strong in the US, and you never experienced totalitarian oppression firsthand...

    Scientology has approximately 5000 members in Germany, which would make it one of the strongest outpost in the world. Great Britain has only 1500. How do we fight this cancer? The danger is discused openly, nobody ever calls it "a church", it's always the cult / sect / psycho sect. There are always special TV and radio features concerning the cult, so awareness is very high.

    Recently public TV network ARD (the German BBC) broadcast a feature film about Scientology (Until nothing Remains) It's based on real events and explains how Scientology takes over people's lives. Anonymous Hamburg has added English subtitles for the entire film, the link can be found on Mark Bunker's XenuTV.

    What are the chances of this to happen in America? Maybe one day abuses at Gold Base will make big headlines, and then the backlash will be epic.
    Here in Germany the cult is finished, they just refuse to admit it...or it's simply not true for them.

    BTW, I'm still trying to get used to comments like "The Germans got it right" or "Go Germnay" etc. Thank you Scientology.

  5. To the prior anonymous post- the BIGGER the lie, the easier it is for some to believe!!

  6. You have produced another masterpiece. I would like to see you write a post on "The subversion of society's institutions by Scientology front groups."

    There are two main categories of threat we need to expose:

    1. Human rights abuses within the cult
    2. Subversion of society's institutions through cult front groups.

    Almost all media attention is focused on 1. 2 get very little focused attention and is mentioned only in passing, if at all, in the flood of articles about 1.

    We have unfolding before our eyes the subversion of an entire nation by a cult front group. St. Lucia has a population of 160,000 of whom 70% are Catholic.

    The Prime Minister appeared abroad the Freewinds to glowingly kick off the campaign to distribute distributed 140,000 copies of The Way To Happiness.

    That would be like President Obama blessing the distribution of 280 million copies of TWTH in the US.

    The Catholic Archbishop denounced TWTH in his Easter homily.

    Dialog Ireland has the text and background:

  7. Great post as usual, Just Bill, and the comment from German Anonymous was an amazing addendum.
    Yes, right on, Germany, you ARE doing the right thing.

    U.S. journalists--the ones who deserve that title--need to be (and perhaps finally are) waking up to the need to stringently investigate and report on religious groups, cults, whatever you want to call them.

    Ironic that both the Catholic Church and Church of Scientology invoked the Jews when trying to defend themselves from scrutiny--sociopathic entities behaving as they must, but it is so pathetic and revealing, isn't it?

    It is illegal to defraud people of their money and to allow the abuse of children--on those two bases alone, the leadership structures of both the CC and CoS should be raided immediately by law enforcement. But fat chance.

    When are religious institutions going to be treated just like any other societal entities?
    Until they are, in some ways we remain in the Dark Ages.

  8. Spot-on again, Bill. It reminded me of a friend telling me that his greatest fear was a "Cleared Planet."

    And yes, could you turn some spotlight onto front groups like Narconon? The human rights abuses that they inflict on those unlucky enough to try the program or work for them is on a par with the cut itself.

  9. Excellent blog, Bill! Hope you are having a great Spring!

  10. @German anonymous

    Thanks for your comment and additional information. I'm glad no one is getting fooled by the Church of Scientology's spin over there.

    You do say that "Scientology has approximately 5000 members in Germany". That's what they say, but they are lying -- big time. No one knows where they get these inflated figures from, not even Scientologists, but they don't come from this planet. Even at 5000, they'd be insignificant, but their numbers are much smaller.

    I'm sure we will continue to hear good news from Germany on this subject.

  11. @Edith Ann

    The parallels between the Church of Scientology, and George Orwell's "1984" are striking, and quite chilling.

    I remember wondering how a society could get to the point where "1984" could happen. Now I know. I've seen it happen in miniature in the church.

  12. Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions. As always, I really appreciate it, very much.

  13. Very good post, as usual. You always seem to come up with articulate ways to convey things that need to be said.

    Speaking of Scientology "Justice." I think an article just on that subject would be telling and educational and something that should be more widespread. I think it would become more obvious to people with only the most superficial knowledge of Scientology ("Tom Cruise is crazy, dude") that it is more than just a crazy religion for the rich, it's a dangerous cult that abuses its most dedicated followers and if you don't toe the line you're in for their "justice."

    Scientology "Justice" is like the spawn of Kangaroo Court and Vote of No Confidence who daily beats up Due Process.

  14. German Anonymous Says...

    Hi Bill,

    You misunderstood something. The number 5000 is the estimate by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, so it's probably pretty accurate. Scientology refuses to give a precise number, probably because they know they can't fool anybody.

    In 2008 a German reporter infiltrated the super awesome Ideal Org in Berlin and investigated for almost five months. During this time the Berlin Org won this stupid LRH Birthday Game - so much for German suppression. They expanded to 120 staff, I can't say how that compares to Ideal Orgs in the US.

    BTW, the feature film "Until Nothing Remains" had excellent ratings, almost 9 million viewers.

    So long

  15. @German anonymous

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the update. Well, even if 5000 is somewhat accurate, it isn't significant. That's only .01% of the population, and really isn't likely to grow at all.

    You see, Scientology operates best in secret. They don't follow the law and they don't follow society's rules, so they can only operate in secret. What is happening in Germany, and the rest of the world, is the exposure of Scientology's actions, methods, crimes, lies and underhanded tactics. And that ruins it for Scientology.

    As for Ideal Orgs in the U.S., the one in Portland, Oregon is being sold. They can't afford to renovate it, they can't afford the upkeep, so it is being sold. I'm expecting more of that kind of news from around the world.

  16. German anonymous says...

    I know they're insignificant, but that doesn't keep them from trying. Germany seems to be an obsession of 'the church', since it's located in the heart of Europe and would be a perfect springboard to clear the continent. They've also faced heavy antagonism from the very beginning, so Germany is Scientology's Big Apple: If they can make it here, they can make it anywhere.

    Germany is not a two-party state like the US, we have five significant parties all over the political landscape (except right wing parties, they traditionally get only a combined 3% of the national vote).
    All those five parties do not agree on much, but they do agree that Scientology is corrupt, sinister and dangerous.

    I add the link for the story about the 'infiltration', it's a fascinating read. You have to scroll down until you get to the English translation.

    So long

  17. Re: Germany

    Thanks for the link. Fascinating, and very real. I remember going through just that kind of extreme-hard-sell pressure from Scientology. Those are not pleasant memories.

    In general, people are trained by society that a firm and adamant "No!" is rude and impolite -- and Scientologists are trained to exploit that; never accepting the polite forms of "no"; keeping up constant pressure. The best way to deal with Scientology is an immediate, decisive and unwavering "NO!" They have no "tech" to deal with that.

    Anyway, back to Germany as the Big Prize for the Church of Scientology -- the good news is that "when the going gets tough, Miscavige gives up". Look at his "Saint Hill sized org" campaign. Look at Superpower. Look at project after project -- when things got tough, Miscavige gave up.

    Germany is tough and getting tougher. I suspect that Miscavige has already abandoned that effort. You know he has already announced whatever is the "next big thing" that he needs money for.

  18. I would like to comment on the Berlin Org "winning the stupid birthday game":

    Yeah, right.

    No one who has been paying attention believes any stats reported by the c of s anymore. No one.

    So if the c of s is reporting that the Berlin Org "out-produced" all other orgs in the world,and especially if that conflicts with other data that you have, such as the German govt. and German people are highly suspicious of and hostile to scientology, then it's easy to figure out why those data don't align.

    When it comes to stats, the church can be counted on to lie. That's dm's strategy for "handling supression."

    And lots of staff? Do you know how dm is now "staffing" orgs? He rips off staff sent to Flag for training from lower orgs, and sends them where he wants more staff at the moment. The presence this week of many staff does not prove the org is busy enough to support that many staff, just as expensive new buildings do not prove the church is delivering scientology or making enough money to afford the real estate. The question is, how many staff will the Berlin Org have in 6 months, when all of the church's attention and resources are removed, and aimed at the next"latest and greatest?"

    Here's a good "stable datum" about c of s
    regarding statistics: If their lips are moving, they're lying.

    See how simple it is?

  19. In Mexico since 2006 we are waiting the ITD ideal "org" to open up and disseminate like mad!
    The latest rush for monies was to finish up the renovations and disseminate at least 20 million people!
    Like other Sea Org "Projects" this is doomed!


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