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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Confidential to David Miscavige

Dear David,

Are you aware that, with all your recent, whiny attacks on Anderson Cooper, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder et. al.,  you are revealing the exact truth that you hoped to never disclose?

Anyone reading your bellicose and petulant screeds in your little Freedom Magazine can easily see how completely bogus your attacks are.  But they also realize why you are staging these attacks.
You are deathly afraid.
Any honest person who was the victim of such lies, as you claim to be, would take all the guilty parties to court for libel and slander.  An honest person wouldn't fuss and moan in some little self-published magazine.  An honest person would want their day in court to prove themselves innocent of the charges.

But you don't and you won't.

Obviously, if a person didn't have any money, they might not be able to afford such a court case.  But, that's not your excuse, you have hundreds of millions at your disposal and many lawyers who will do anything you ask.

So that leaves the real reason you won't take your accusers to court for libel and slander:
Everything they say about you is TRUE.
We all know that's the reason you whine and complain but never do anything.  All the stories of your vicious mental and physical abuses are true.  All the charges about your complicity in the many crimes, fraud and human rights violations in the Church of Scientology are completely true.

If you took anyone to court, they would then have the right to subpoena people and documents -- and you know there are people and documents in the Church of Scientology that would prove what a sociopathic criminal you are.

If you took anyone to court, you would be required to testify, under oath.  And you would lie.  You'd have to lie.  And your lies would be proven to be lies and you would go to jail.  You know all this.

And that would destroy your little money-machine called the Church of Scientology.

And that's why you won't take anyone to court.

The fact that you will never take anyone to court is a complete admission that what they say about you is true.

That is what you've revealed by your little hissy-fit in Freedom Magazine.  Gee, that was a big mistake.

But then, big mistakes are one of your defining characteristics.


  1. What the heck is little Davy complaining about? Anderson Cooper gave him ample opportunity to tell his side of the story. Davy sent all his people, carefully coached by himself, and Anderson let them talk.

    So why is Little Davy upset? Because he is a miserable failure and he has to blame someone.

  2. Exactly, some issue of the Freedom Magazine will most likely be his complete demise. I know the issue that covered Marty, Mike, et al. is the one that got me to run for the hills. I was a staff member to boot. His is not the thinking of a rational person. He seems to be utterly unable to assume the viewpoint of those outside the cult because HE IS UNABLE to view anything from outside the cult or from his manufactured fantasy world. He and his cronies operate on absurd and unexamined "axioms" that they believe will fit any situation as long as they keep repeating it over and over and over. The formula appears to be: Stupidity plus Arrogance (multiplied by fear to the tenth power) minus all rationality and love divided by psychosis (obscured by glimmer and glitz) equals an enforced package of sophomoric rantings crammed down the throats of an invisable audience solely for the purpose of impressing the benighted rank and file. I used to have a gerbil that ran around in circles eating its own tail until it was raw. Same thing. It is quite a study to watch this go down.

  3. I think BigL should take some time away from his busy lecture schedule on Target 2, come down here with a platoon of Galactic Space Org members and open a giant-sized can of whoop-ass on his little protege.

    Ron is just about to take his little con and go galactic with it except for that little bastard understudy of his who is giving honest com men a very bad name.

    I'd like to see that little shit on the Galactic RPF, he wouldn't last a day!!

    All hail Xenu!!

  4. Well put Bill. Who in the Scientology could have possibly thought putting out this juvenile rant was a good idea? And why now, considering Cooper's reports were months ago? It's all very odd, and I agree with you that it was likely motivated by fear.


  5. We ARE in the end game now. DM should polish up his exit strategy. I predict: He'll abscond with all the money and a few trusted people when the first charges are filed. Church members will be hit up by the IAS even harder to "fight the attacks on COB, due to our amazing unprecedented expansion." He'll take that money too, to "ensure the survival of Scientology."

  6. I agree with Just Bill and Just Bruce both.

    I would further predict that most non-staff Scientologists will continue to believe that Ron's fabulous gift to the world was undermined by Miscavige,, thus enabling them to ignore the con and go on being a misunderstood (and mostly underground, given that nowadays to say you're a Scientologist is embarrassing for non-celebs) little band whose universal truths have been dissed and distorted. I'm sure guys like my brother (lifers) are thinking, "Next lifetime we'll clear this planet!" Poor guy.

  7. Re: End Game. Exactly, DM will disappear and hide from the Law just as Hubbard did and covertly run whatever is left of organized scientology from his hiding place.

  8. Do you think the Pope would take anyone to court? So why should David Miscavige? The Church of Scientology has its own Ethics and Justice system.

  9. mathematics-diary

    REALLY? And have you seen it dole out any justice lately? God, that makes me laugh.

  10. @mathematics-diary

    I think you are being tongue-in-cheek.

    Good old Pope Miscavige can't use either the Scientology or real justice system. He has absolutely no recourse for all the "bad things" being said about him -- because it's all true.

  11. mathematics-diary said...
    "Do you think the Pope would take anyone to court? So why should David Miscavige? The Church of Scientology has its own Ethics and Justice system".

    Obviously, you speak from the unreal point of view from within the organization. I was once there, so I understand. However, ARE YOU KIDDING ME................THE CHURCH USES THE US COURTS AND LEGAL SYSTEM ON A NON STOP BASIS. THERE IS NOT ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS WHERE THERE HAVE NOT BEEN NUMEROUS...ONGOING COURT CASES ORIGINATED BY SCIENTOLOGY. The reason they wont go to court on this one: As the author said: They couldnt bear the scrutiny. The truth would be revealed. There is no slander when events described are supported in truth. Actually, far more truth would be revealed than is currently being discussed. I never witnessed physical attacks as a public member, but I witnessed horrible verbal attacks from seniors to juniors in public locations. Things you would NEVER see in any environment, any business, any organization. And you see it in the one that bills it self as the ethical standard of mankind.

    On a slightly different note:

    I was watching the Anderson Cooper peice when one of the church members told Anderson Cooper (on his show mind he was wearing his hat as an interviewer) that he was being rude (for asking if they had phones). Anderson was questioning why the abuses of Rathburn to junior staff members was not reported. The only response she could muster to a very intelligent and appropriate question, was to call him rude. On one hand, it was highly rude of her, on the other, I feel for someone so lost in the brainwashing that they cant see how rediculous she looks on national TV saying that. The arrogance. It made me sick to my stomache to see the current members lie about disconnection, to see these people trained in TR's, have far worse TR's than Anderson, to see them get misemotional. Either bypassed charge or overts / witholds, you pick. My vote goes to witholds.

    When DM did an interview with Ted Koppel years ago, same situation: DM had terrible TRs, Koppel was nearly flawless. How can this be, an OT, trained to the top, flunking TR's on national TV? I would like to see a copy of the Freedom Magazine that is cited above, anyone have it?


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