Because of various problems with Blogger, I've copied everything as of November 26, 2012 over to WordPress. The new location is Ask the Scientologist. I am not deleting this blog and will still accept comments and answer questions here too, but any new articles will appear at the WordPress location. I apologize if this causes any problems.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Are Moving!

I'm totally fed up with Blogger.  It seems to just get worse and worse, month by month.

People are telling me that they can't read my blog, can't post comments and sometimes can't do anything at all.  Even I'm having trouble getting things done.

So, I'm moving Ask the Scientologist over to WordPress.

Unfortunately, some silly True Believer has stolen my preferred URL for Scientology propaganda, so I have to use a different URL.

I'm in the process of moving, so it really isn't fully set up but, for now, I've mirrored all the old articles and comments over there.  You can leave comments there now.

You can still ask questions and leave comments here as well for the time being.

The new address is

I should have it set up the way I want in a week or so.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.



  1. That's too bad about the squatter at Wordpress.Hopefully, your greater name recognition and burgeoning links from other Scientology-related sites will keep your results high enough on Google to allow people to find your actual site easily. It would be a shame if this yo-yo's tactics actually worked. Best of luck, I've enjoyed and appreciated your work for years.

  2. @ Bill

    The first URL link at the top of this page "The new location is Ask the Scientologist" is missing the colon symbol in the address. Clicking it takes me to a "not available" page. The other link to your new site further down works fine.


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