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Friday, May 16, 2008

Planet Scientology

The Church of Scientology (or Planet Scientology) never, ever allows disagreement. No discussion, no argument, no contrary opinion.


Whatever Miscavige/Hubbard said, well that's that. If you exhibit the slightest hint of disagreement, you will have to go to the Scientology version of confession, the "Security Check" and you will stay there until the last bit of disagreement is rooted out, and all your transgressions have been uncovered and carefully noted for future use (and you pay top dollar for the privilege!). If you can't find any transgressions, you have to keep doing the Security Check until you make some up -- because, if you disagree, you must have transgressions, Miscavige/Hubbard* said so.
*Aside: Since Miscavige is in the process of rewriting all of Hubbard's stuff, it really should be "what Miscavige said and what Miscavige claims that Hubbard said", but that's too long. So, I guess I'll just stick with "Miscavige/Hubbard said".
The Church of Scientology believes that the exact same rules should be applied outside of Scientology as well. No one should be allowed to disagree with Miscavige and Scientology Doctrine. Nobody. It's just not right!

If you disagree, Scientology believes you must be punished. You must be stopped. You must be "corrected" until you agree. If you disagree, you must have horrible crimes (Miscavige/Hubbard said so), and if you don't have any horrible crimes, they will happily make some up for you (they're very good at framing people for bogus crimes!).

After all, it's only right.

And, in this, you find the source of the offensive Scientologist attitude of "I'm so superior and you're scum!" You feel this attitude whenever you deal with a Scientologist. They exude this sneering disdain for you and everything you say. You are wrong and you have "horrible crimes". You are a lower life form. They will not listen or consider what you say, they are only waiting for you to stop talking so they can "correct" and "enlighten" you.

But the whole Scientology Doctrine hangs by the tiniest of threads. Every single thing that Miscavige/Hubbard said must be right at all times! Scientology Doctrine isn't mostly true, or sometimes valid, it is always and only perfectly true.

There is no half way about Scientology. There is no reality, there is no logic, there is no validation or verification. There is only total, complete, blind faith.

Scientologists must pretend that everything that Miscavige/Hubbard ever said or did was absolutely right. When they accidentally see reality, they must quickly close their eyes, plug their ears, sing "LALALALALALA" and pretend, with all their might, that reality is wrong and Scientology Doctrine is still correct.

One little bit of proof slips in, one tiny fact that cannot be denied, one sliver of logic that shows that Miscavige isn't completely tracking in real time ... and the Scientologist is lost! The whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

And there are two significant, and fairly recent changes in the situation that make it much harder for "LALALALALALA" to block it all out.

The first is the metastasizing of the truth about Scientology all over the Internet and mainstream media. It used to be that Scientologists could simply avoid a few web sites and they were safe. No more! The truth is all over, reported on prime time TV and major newspapers. Talked about everywhere. The "safe" places to look for a Scientologist are getting very, very few.
Aside: Scientology trolls used to say, "If Scientology is so bad, why isn't it reported in major media?"

You asked for it, you got it!

The trolls have also used the line, "If Scientology is committing crimes, why hasn't top management gone to jail?"

Well, you asked for it ...
The second factor that makes it hard for Scientologists to hold onto their blind faith is Miscavige himself. As Miscavige's wife was reported to have confided awhile ago, David is losing it! His actions are becoming more and more erratic, his lies wilder and wilder, his attempts to "handle" things are the laughingstock of the world, and he's drinking half a bottle of scotch a day.

It is becoming impossible for the Scientologist to keep ignoring the craziness coming from Miscavige. "This is 'perfection'?" they ask themselves, "This is a 'superior being'?", "This is the best that Scientology can do?"

Of course, not all have given up "LALALALALA". Some Scientologists still cling tightly to the idea that they are totally right because they are Scientologists. But it is hard, and getting harder to blindly believe. One by one they are seeing the flaws and are dropping away from the church. One by one.

We welcome the new immigrants from Planet Scientology. You'll like it here in the real world! You have many friends here who have been waiting for your arrival.


  1. You have nailed the situation precisely and with much appreciated wit!

    I've just discovered your blog and have read all of your previous essays and I've thoroughly savored each one.There is no dearth of material any time soon to comment on, so please keep these coming!

    You are doing the lord's work.

    Anonymous(for good reason!)

  2. Planet Scientology is right!
    I love this blog! Your google blog ratings are coming up to the first page of links! I am going to add it to my list of critical links about Scientology which I post over at alt.religion.scientology on usenet.
    Keep up the good work

    Mary McConnell
    My nom de plume for good reasons :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words, both of you. I'm glad what I say is appreciated.

    Part of my intention is to expose and explain the mindset and brainwashing of Scientology, and, I hope, possibly assist someone to become un-brainwashed.

    In another way, this blog is also therapeutic, as I was once a believer. As I try to explain how I once thought, I clarify how I got there and find my own way back from Planet Scientology.

  4. Spot on. Scientologists need to connect with reality. The only problem is that they see "reality" as Suppressive!


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