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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scientology "Control"

The Church of Scientology thinks they're very clever. They lie all the time, but they think they won't get caught. They think they can lie and lie and lie and that people will believe their lies. They break the law all the time, but they don't believe they will ever have to answer for it.

Why not? They're the ***Church of Scientology***! They have been given the Ultimate Technology for Controlling People by L. Ron Hubbard. Using this technology, they can control everyone at any time, without their knowledge or consent.

Hubbard created this technology back in the 50's and "perfected" it over the years. The Church of Scientology believes that this technology actually works, and that they don't have to explain, or be logical, or follow any rules, ethics, laws or other "wog concepts". They have the Ultimate Technology for Controlling People, and they know how to use it!

So, when you are dealing with the church, you are dealing with people who believe deeply that they are controlling you, and that you will follow their orders, you will believe their lies, and that you will, ultimately, become one of them and you will forward their agenda.

Add to this the Scientologist's belief that they are on a Mission to Save the Universe, and that the ends totally justify the means, and you have a bizarre and deadly combination.

The Church of Scientology feels completely justified by their Mission to do anything to forward their agenda, including lying, spying, spurious lawsuits, fake evidence, false witness, false imprisonment, beatings, anything--and they feel protected by their Ultimate Technology so they believe they will never get caught or have to pay for their crimes!

It's all true. This is what the church believes, though they will never admit it to "outsiders".


It isn't working out that way.

Their Ultimate Technology for Controlling People doesn't seem to be working as well as Hubbard said it would. In fact, it doesn't seem to be working at all.

The Church of Scientology continues to do their "control the media" thing but the "media" refuses to "be controlled." The bad news, the secrets, the horror stories just keep coming out. Standard Ultimate Technology of lies and misdirection is being carefully applied but it isn't working! The truth is leaking out, despite all the efforts of the church to "control" it!

Even major news media which, for years, had been scared into obedience by church threats of litigation is starting to stray from the compound. Even they are starting to report the truth!

What is a good, hard-working, people-controlling, universe-saving cult supposed to do?

Why: Lie, deny, litigate, threaten, abuse, imprison, beat and spy some more! That's the Ultimate Technology to Control People, isn't it?

Abusive cults and abusive regimes have been using these "technologies" forever. They do work if you have complete control over people's lives. The poor people trapped in the Scientology compounds in Hemet, Los Angeles and Clearwater are fully controlled. The problem for the church is that they do not control the rest of the world as they wish to. People still have the right to speak freely. People still have the right to listen and to read as they wish. People are still protected from abusive cults by laws. The church would love to replace all those protections with their own, unique set of "rules", but that just hasn't happened yet. As long as people still have those fundamental rights, the Church of Scientology's attempts at "control" will fail.

Abusive cults and abusive regimes have always declared that "the ends justify the means." The Church of Scientology is no exception. These kinds of people always claim a wonderful utopia will emerge after everyone has been completely subjugated to the authorities-who-know-best. But that old adage has never been true. From an abusive, controlling, lying cult can only come abuse, control and lying. They can never produce anything better.

I would change that old, false adage to, "the means define the ends"--meaning, the things you do to accomplish your goals define and shape what you ultimately end up with. And I would bet that no one would like the "Scientology World" that this cult would produce!


  1. would you rather a government as crazy as ours control you? you do your taxes, isn't that their responsibility? would you rather a psychiatrist controlled you and your children? straight jacket or drugs your choice.I call them slow death pills myself.

  2. Are those the only choices? You think that people must be controlled and the Church of Scientology is your choice?

    How about people being free? How about your church doesn't try to control me, or anyone else, with your abusive technologies?

    How about letting those who wish to leave the Church of Scientology go, without "disconnection" or "fair game"?

    How about freedom?


    Larry Brennan, a *HIGH-LEVEL* former Scientology exec, who worked DIRECTLY for L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscaviage, exposes how in the 70s and 80s Scientology concocted a "religious cloaking" (a.k.a. fraudulent cover-up) to avoid paying taxes, legal liability, government interference, labor laws, criticism, etc.

    He details the fraud and abuse committed to achieve the "Religious Cloak." He also details how David Miscaviage (leader of Scientology) gave his subordinates savage beatings and other bizarre and exceptionally cruel treatment.

    It's an absolutely AMAZING read and this is one heck of a smoking gun regarding the fraud and abuse committed by Scientology leadership.

    You can see some highlights of the 21 page sworn document in this awesome 10 minute YouTube clip, and I promise, no rick-roll!

    You can download the whole document here (it's a PDF file)


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