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Monday, April 28, 2008

Scientologists: Do you approve?

Which of these actions by the Church of Scientology do you approve of?
  • Denying church staff the right to go home and sleep in their own beds, forcing them to sleep under their desks.
  • Forcing church staff to stay awake and on post for over 18 hours a day, every day.
  • Denying church staff any days off, not weekends, not vacations, not holidays, not any days off, year after year after year.
  • Keeping church staff from leaving church property to have time away. No dining out, no movies, no shopping, no walks in the park. They cannot leave the property.
  • Denying church staff the "privilege" of seeing their spouse.
  • Denying church staff the "privilege" of seeing their children. Denying children the "privilege" of seeing their parents.
  • Opening and reading all private mail to church staff. Blocking and discarding private mail to church staff.
  • Forbidding church staff from owning a cell phone, a television, a radio. Confiscating all of these.
  • Denying church staff the "privilege" of eating dinner, forcing them to eat scraps of leftovers.
  • Denying church staff the "privilege" of speaking to non-staff family members.
  • Denying church staff any Scientology auditing or training.
  • Allowing church executives to lay hands on staff members, hitting, shoving, slapping, for any reason.
  • Reading aloud, confidential case information about church staff members before the entire staff.
  • Illegally locking up church staff members in virtual prisons with 24 hour guards, physical punishment, barbed wire fences and locked doors -- for years, without any "due process" or recourse.
Scientologist: By your support of Scientology management, you do, implicitly, approve and support all these things. Because all of these have been done and are currently being done at the Scientology International Base at Hemet California, known as "Gold".

This is your church and this is what your church is doing to its own staff members. If you don't know this, you need to become informed. This is what you are supporting!

If you do not approve of these actions, you must take action. It is your church and it is your responsibility to stop these abuses.


  1. Thank you. Another great blog!

  2. Well, at a local church I was recently inside there were staff members with cell phones...

  3. Yes, these restrictions occur primarily at the Int. Base in Hemet. Although they are filtering down to the other churches. At Int. Base the restrictions are draconian, to say the least. Worse than most prisons.

  4. I read so much about the base at Hemet that I'd love to go see it and take a tour. Are there tickets available? If so, does one get to personally meet DM? And would I be able to bring my cell phone with me?

  5. LOL! That's funny! It doesn't cost a thing, you just have to join the Sea Org and get assigned to "Gold" and you'll get to see Int. Base.

    No visitors are allowed. They do not want you to see.

  6. And if they do let you in and you want to meet David Miscavige, don't look up or you'll miss him. :-X

  7. Funny.

    I understand that David Miscavige really, really, really hates "being seen" by people - especially Scientologists.

    He only wants people around him who are totally cowed and obedient.

    The idea of regular Scientologists (or, God forbid, wogs!) strolling around Int Base and looking at Miscavige... too funny!


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