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Friday, April 11, 2008

Scientology: Tricks and Lies

I am completely disgusted with dealing with the Church of Scientology's tricks and lies.

It is so tiresome and continually annoying when you have any contact with the church. They can never speak simply and truthfully. They "speak in tongues". They never say the simple truth, but only what they've determined is "an acceptable truth", a "shore story".

They can't say, "Yep, we sent people around to harass people we thought were 'Anonymous'". No, they say "Our lawyers have never visited anyone to harass them" hoping everyone will mistake that for a real answer. It's "truth" but it is fake truth. It's slimy and twisty. You see, they did send people to harass those folks, it just "wasn't lawyers". It's a trick, see? They make it sound like they're denying it, but all they're doing is avoiding the question. They actually get trained to do that!

They talk about the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) as a mild, gentle, voluntary project. "Voluntary"--with 24 hour guards! And, they can point to various bits of paper that make it seem like that's "true". But the actual implementation of the RPF is an abusive, draconian, and worse-than-prison environment. It's tricky! It's a lie, but a twisty lie, pretending to be truth.

They pretend to tell the truth, but all the time they're twisting and manipulating, hiding and covering up. Tricks and lies.

Scientologists know this. They are told "how to speak to non-Scientologists", how to withhold certain information, how to present other information in an "acceptable way". They are given "shore stories" of what to say outside of the church. Specially trained people are designated at the "public contact point" because the regular Scientologist might goof and tell the real truth. Regular Scientologists have actually done exactly that, disclosed the truth to the wrong person, and the church treats it as a disaster, and sends out emergency teams to "handle" the situation--with carefully manipulated "almost-but-not-quite-truth", of course.

The leaked videos were a disaster. Those were special presentations, twisted and manipulated for Scientologists. The public was never supposed to see those! A video for the public is twisted and manipulated in a completely different way. But, understand this: neither type of video is actually truthful! The Church of Scientology twists everything it shows to Scientologists as well. Nobody sees the real truth.

The church isn't open, it isn't clean, it isn't honest. It's slimy and twisty. It lies as a matter of policy. It covers up as a matter of policy. It twists everything as a matter of policy.

But, at the same time, Scientologists "know" they are "superior beings", 'way above all those "wogs" (non-Scientologists). And while they lie and twist the truth, they have the air of great superiority. They must lie to all these "wogs" because the "wogs" just wouldn't understand, couldn't understand. But Scientologists, oh! Scientologists are so superior, so ethical, so honest, so perfect--they can lie to the "wogs" because "wogs" don't matter!

And crimes? Well, the Church of Scientology is "saving the planet"! What are a few lies, a few crimes, a bit of abuse here and there when compared with saving the planet? Why should the great Church of Scientology have to worry about a few "wog" laws and "wog" ethical standards when they have a whole planet to save? How could lowly "wog" societies have any business telling the great Church of Scientology what it can and can't do?

And so Scientology lies, twists the truth, covers up crimes, hides abuses. Slimes and screws everyone who isn't in the church--and quite a few people who are in the church as well. And they are so damn righteous about it all. "How dare you attack us?!"

And I've just gotten fed up with all that hypocritical Church of Scientology crap. I know many non-Scientologists. I know many Scientologists. When it comes to picking people I can trust, I always choose a non-Scientologist. Non-Scientologists are not trained to lie. Non-Scientologists think that laws do apply to themselves. Non-Scientologists think that society's rules and moral codes do apply and should be followed. Time has proven that's the best choice.

I have got to take a break.

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  1. Go grab a beer, but don't let up now! Keep up the great work!


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