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Saturday, December 29, 2007

You must read this

In response to my Why are ex-Scientologists so angry posting, a recent comment read, in full:
Mr. Hubbard explained it quite well. People leave Scientology - and stay away - only for one reason: THEY HAVE CRIMES. The people who call themselves "Ex-Scientologists" are, simply, criminals.

In a thinking society such people would be isolated and confined, but in our meat society, where the wogs still make the laws, that doesn't happen.

However, with the release of the SUPER POWER RUNDOWN at Flag in the near future, planetary Clearing will become a reality, and those "Ex-Scientologists" will not be free to walk the streets suppressing others.

The tech works on everyone - eventually - although ETHICS must sometimes be put IN first HARD.
I really had to highlight this on the main page. This is Scientology at its absolute finest. I'm tempted to just leave it here without further comment. It's perfect!

However, I resisted that temptation. I really wanted to point out a few things. First, a couple of translations so you don't get lost:
Super Power Rundown A much-hyped series of processes, developed by Hubbard which, he claimed, when run on enough people, including "government officials", would bring about a "Cleared Planet". That is, a world which is controlled and run by Scientology.
Flag The highest level church in Scientology, delivering high level courses and processing.
Wog A derogatory word for non-Scientologists, considered second-class people until they become members of Scientology.
Ethics Specific methods, developed by Hubbard, of controlling and punishing Scientologists who have not been good.

OK, now my two cents.
  • To paraphrase: "Anyone who disagrees with us is a criminal." This is something you would have heard in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany in their darkest days. Any sane society allows for differences in opinion. Insane societies cannot tolerate any dissension.
  • As an aside, you know the expression "If you think you're insane, you probably aren't; but if you're sure you're sane, you should be worried"? Well, Scientologists are positive they are the only sane people on the planet.
  • Following this, the anonymous poster says that all Scientology dissenters should be locked up, but the poster is quite unhappy because "wogs" won't let that happen.
  • The poster then promises us that after they release the "Super Power Rundown", Scientology will (magically) rule the world, and dissenters will finally be locked up. Now, this may seem like this must be some extremist fringe of the church, but let me tell you: This is main line Scientology doctrine. This is what Hubbard spoke of and this is what the Church of Scientology would do if they could.
  • Another aside: Luckily for all us ex-Scientologists and "wogs", this "Super Power Rundown", in the highly unlikely event it was released, doesn't do what Hubbard claimed it would do. Inside joke: Virtually every Scientologist who was run on the pilot program for the Super Power Rundown is now an ex-Scientologist! (Hmm. Maybe it's a good rundown.)
  • And finally, as if the rest of the comment wasn't enough, the poster gives yet another chilling view into their planned Scientology world. In this brave new world, their tech will be applied and if it doesn't work on you, you will be punished, "HARD", until it does.
Again, you must understand that this is not some fringe opinion of some wacko. You turn over the rock of Scientology International Management and these plans and opinions will crawl out.

These are true Scientology viewpoints and plans, straight from Hubbard himself. We have this anonymous poster to thank for this revealing insight. Scientologists are usually not so forthcoming in front of "wogs".

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why are ex-Scientologists so angry?

In cruising around the Internet, it seems like those who are most against the Church of Scientology are the ex-Scientologists. Why are they so angry?

It does seem like some ex-Scientologists are a bit vitriolic when it comes to the Church. They do seem to have a lot of negative things to say about the organization.

Most people today know about the shady parts of the church. But many of these ex-Scientologists got into Scientology before those things were widely known. For them, finding out the truth is much, much worse. They believed. They gave a lot of themselves, sometimes many years of their lives, their potential careers, potential family, their friends. They gave up a lot to help this organization. They truly believed they were "saving the planet."

Now, to find out that they were fooled, and badly, and that the organization they gave up so much for was, at the top, nothing but a fraud -- this is very, very hard to take.

Some ex-Scientologists simply go away and try to make the best of their life now. Others have taken the betrayal much more personally, and they want those at the top of the Church of Scientology who are responsible for this fraud and this betrayal to pay the full consequences for their actions.

Reasonable people cannot fault the ex-Scientologists for being a bit peeved.