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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scientology Attacks!

OK, so that really isn't news. The Church of Scientology always attacks, has always attacked and, for as long as they can, will always attack. Since this is mandated by L. Ron Hubbard, they just have to do it.

So what?

Well, things are changing.

First, the attacks are much more narrow. David Miscavige has directed that the broad attacks cease and that his henchmen focus on major media and those individuals who have the greatest potential for damaging the church. Why? Because he is running out of money and, more importantly, personnel. He can no longer support the broad attacks of the past.

While this means the general critic community is seeing fewer attacks, it, unfortunately, means that a few major figures are seeing more.

Second, the attacks are becoming more vicious. It did appear that Miscavige had realized how his ill-conceived and poorly executed attacks were more damaging to the church than to his "enemies" -- and had started easing up on his criminal attacks. However, recent times have proven that, once again, Miscavige didn't learn at all.

And, once again, his attacks are, indeed, seriously damaging the church.

Attacking the media

As is standard Hubbard policy, Scientology has continued to attack any news outlet that dares report the truth about the Church of Scientology.

But things are different now. The news media isn't backing down out of fear anymore. They are reporting the attacks. And the attacks by Scientology are causing the news outlets to expand their exposés, dig deeper and report even more about the lies, crimes and threats by the Church of Scientology.

Only Scientology would think that viciously attacking news media outlets would result in positive articles.

Attacking big names

There are people who are no longer in Scientology who were very big names in the church, and who have never spoken out against Scientology -- but who are being viciously attacked by the church.

They are being attacked because, if they ever did speak out about what they know, the results would be devastating to Miscavige's church.

These big names do not wish to speak out and criticize anyone. They have many friends who are still in and do not wish to harm them. If left alone to get on with their lives, they would remain silent. But the Church of Scientology continues to viciously attack them, and continues to work very hard to control and destroy their lives.

Don't look for logic here, neither Scientology nor Miscavige are capable of thinking logically.

Only Miscavige would think that viciously attacking these people, who have done nothing, is the right thing to do. Eventually and inevitably Miscavige's attacks will result in exactly what he fears most.

(Private message to big names: While I respect your desire to not hurt your friends, you do have all the power, Miscavige has none. Please, write up everything you know, give it to a lawyer and then demand Miscavige stop all attacks against you and your family -- or you will release it. You have the power, please use it.)

Attacking critics.

While the broad attacks by Scientology have abated, the focused attacks against prominent critics have increased.

But the reaction is different now.

The church's illegal activities, hacking, lies and attacks are being carefully documented. They are being reported. They are being investigated.

Before, police, government agencies and corporations couldn't believe that a church would do such things. But now they know it is true. They now know that the Church of Scientology does lie, does commit crimes, and these organizations are more than willing to investigate and report. We hope that, soon, there will be more criminal prosecutions.

Times have changed. And it is the Church of Scientology itself, that has caused these changes. By continuing, robotically, to attack and attack and attack "by any means possible", they have created a world-wide backlash and a broad awareness of how vicious and criminal they really are.

They have no one to blame but themselves.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Scientology's Demise

There have been a number of debates about what will happen next for the Church of Scientology and for the belief system of Scientology itself.

Some contend that, after David Miscavige has gone (in whatever manner that happens), someone or some group can take over and reform the church, getting rid of its abusive, criminal and fraudulent policies. Some merely hope for a reversion to "pure L. Ron Hubbard" Scientology. Some declare they will not rest until the Church of Scientology has ceased to exist.

But all these debates miss one very vital piece of information: Scientology has been destroyed -- not the organization, the belief system.

Let me explain why, in my opinion, this is so.

When L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology, he used two very powerful, and related, mechanisms to create and sell it: Secrecy and mystery.

Secrecy was important, because truth was an enemy to Hubbard's goals. Hubbard told many lies about his life, about his accomplishments and about his actual work. It was important that the truth about his life and work remain secret. In this way, he could pass himself off as "master of all knowledge and disciplines". Later, his location and the actual location of church management had to be secret. The church's statistics, and just about everything else, are secret.

Of course, this culture of secrecy allowed tremendous abuses to take place that are only now being revealed.

More importantly, mystery was very key to selling Scientology. As time went on, more and more of Scientology needed to be "kept confidential". The Power Processes, the Clearing Course, the OT Levels, the Ls, and more.

Most non-Scientologists believe these levels were kept confidential because they were actually bogus, which isn't entirely true. Certainly these levels are bogus, no one actually gets the results promised, but the primary reason so much of Scientology is confidential is because "mystery sells". Hubbard was very well aware of this, he actually said so many times. Mystery sells. If you refuse to tell people exactly what you are selling, but drop various hints about how "absolutely amazing" it is, you can sell anything.

True Believers of Scientology firmly believe that, somewhere within these mysterious Upper Levels of Scientology, amazing and wonderful things will happen. They have bought the mystery. Because all details are hidden, because those who have, supposedly, reached these upper levels are pledged to secrecy, because the vague promises are so amazing, they believe. Mystery is very, very attractive.

Secrecy and mystery -- the two primary tools to ensure Scientology's success.

But no more. The only people who are still in the dark are the True Believers. Everyone else knows the full facts about Hubbard's life, his real accomplishments, and all his failures. Everyone else knows exactly what is on all the Upper Levels, and they know the real results and failures of Scientology.

How can you sell people on the concept of Hubbard being "master of all knowledge and disciplines" when they know what a consistent failure he was?

How can you sell people on the mysterious OT III "Wall of Fire" when they all know how absurd, illogical and stupid that "dangerous" story really is?

How can you sell people on how powerful the OT information is -- that it will kill you if you're not properly prepared -- when anybody can read the damn stuff without even a sniffle?

How can you sell people on the amazing "abilities gained" from Scientology, when everybody can see, quite clearly, that no Scientologist has ever demonstrated those promised gains, no matter what level they've attained?

How can you sell people on the wonderful solutions and results from Scientology when they can all see the actual failures, and only failures, from these "solutions"?

The Internet, the critics and Anonymous have ripped the curtain away from Scientology's "Great and Powerful Oz", revealing fraud, scam, failure and lies.

The curtain cannot be repaired. There is no more secrecy. There is no more mystery. And Scientology simply cannot sell itself without those things.

Scientology: Stick a fork in it, it is done.