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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Scientologist's Golden Age of Integrity Drills

Note for non-Scientologists: Wonder what all these weird formatting and colors are all about? This whole post is in David Miscavige's Golden Age of Tech format. Miscavige called this type of drill the "What do you do?" drill. The idea of parodying Miscavige-style drills to teach Scientologists to defend themselves against Miscavige's abuses is nicely ironic.
Note to Miscavige: This is fair-use parody.

Today, Scientologists are often asked to violate their personal integrity, to do something that just doesn't feel right, for the “good of the group”. This is just about always in direct violation of LRH Policies, Bulletins and other instructions.

The following drills have been created to help the Scientologist defend his or her personal integrity.

  1. You are talking to the Registrar and the Registrar asks you to pay for your next book sets, auditing intensives or courses. However, you do not have enough money in the bank for this and all your normal living expenses.

Don't buy the books, intensives or courses.
(“Sorry, I don't have money for that right now” or similar wording.)

The basic principle of financial management is a simple one, income must be greater than outgo. -- L. Ron Hubbard

  1. The Reg tells you to “Put it on your credit card” or asks you how much “room” you have on your credit cards.

Do not go into debt!
("Sorry, LRH financial policy forbids me from going into debt." or similar wording.)

Amongst the principles of financial management are these: One cannot spend money unless he has it. Never contract bills or debts unless the money is immediately in sight to pay them. -- L. Ron Hubbard

  1. The Reg tells you, “Get the idea more money is 'in sight' – and charge it”.

Do not go into debt!
("I'm real sorry, but that violates LRH Policy" or similar wording.)

I don't run up bills if I don't have money. I spend money freely only when it has been made and is in the bank [emphasis added]. -- L. Ron Hubbard

  1. The Reg tells you, “Purpose is senior to Policy.” and tells you to violate LRH Policy and go into debt to purchase the books, intensives or courses.

Do not go into debt!
("Excuse me, but, in Scientology, someone else's purpose is not senior to LRH's policy! LRH policies align perfectly with his purposes!"
“Listen, if LRH Policy interferes with you accomplishing your purposes, may I suggest that it isn't LRH that needs to change?” or similar wording.)

Reference: HCOPL 10 JULY 1986 – Keeping Admin Working
Neither tech nor policy admit interpretation, alteration or "new ideas" generated by the bank. Bright, constructive application of exact principles, yes. Embellishment and know-best, never. -- L. Ron Hubbard
  1. The Reg, or someone else from the org insists that you give them money for the org's “Ideal Org” Campaign.

Do not give money to projects that explicitly violate what LRH says.
("I'm sorry, but that isn't what LRH says to do" or similar wording.)

Reference: Tape 31 DECEMBER 1960 – The Genus of Scientology
We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that's not important.

When buildings get important to us, for God's sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

Don't get interested in real estate. Don't get interested in the masses of buildings, because that's not important. -- L. Ron Hubbard
  1. The Reg, or someone else, insists that you give them money for some other “bright idea” fund raiser – the IAS, Library Campaign, CCHR, Building Fund, Planetary Dissemination, etc.

Do not give money to Scientology “fund raisers”.
("I'm sorry, but this explicitly violates LRH Policy" or similar wording.)

Reference: HCOPL 24 FEBRUARY 1964 – Urgent - Org Programming
If the Org slumps: Don't engage in "fund raising" or "selling postcards" or borrowing money.

Just make more income with Scientology.

It's a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.

For Orgs as for pcs "Solve it With Scientology".

Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that Org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund raising Barbecues. -- L. Ron Hubbard
  1. The Reg, or someone else, demands fund-raising money from you because “You owe it to Ron!”

Do not give money to Scientology for bogus “reasons”.
("Ron specifically said that he didn't want more money, so even if he were still around, he would never be asking me for more money." or similar wording.)

This does not mean I want money. I spend my money on behalf of Scientology one way or another anyway. -- L. Ron Hubbard

I am not parasitic on the organization. I always make many times the amount I may spend on hybrid horned toads with pink ribbons for the front hall. --L. Ron Hubbard

Scientologists need to drill these until they can smoothly and easily retain their personal integrity despite all the off-Source pressure to do otherwise.

In this battle, LRH is on your side.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scientology Doublethink Again

As I covered in Scientology: Masters of "Doublethink", Scientologists must master what George Orwell called doublethink, which he defined as "the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them".

Nowhere in all of Scientology is this more true than when discussing "Suppressives".

In Scientology, a Suppressive is someone who works to destroy. According to Hubbard, if you look at a Suppressive, you will always find crimes, serious crimes.

A Suppressive person has a number of very specific characteristics, such as:
  • He or she speaks only in very broad generalities.
  • Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks.
  • A Suppressive does not respond to treatment or reform or psychotherapy.
  • Surrounding such people are cowed or ill associates.
  • The Suppressive habitually selects the wrong target.
  • The Suppressive cannot complete things.
  • The Suppressive has a bad sense of property.
And a few more.

To Scientologists, Suppressives are the Ultimate Evil.

But here is the very, very weird part.

Let's picture our Scientologist. Our Scientologist has a family, a mother and father, brothers and sisters. He gets along just fine with all of them. In fact, he really loves his family.

Then the Church of Scientology, for some reason, declares his mother and father Suppressive!

What happens?

Does our Scientologist look at the characteristics of a Suppressive and evaluate his mother and father against that? Does he look for the "speaks only in generalities", "commits crimes", "bad news" and so on?

Um... no!

The Scientologist immediately "disconnects" (cuts all communication) from his parents!

They are not Suppressive by any sane evaluation -- but the Church of Scientology says they are. So our Scientologist forgets all the good, disbelieves what his own eyes tell him, and stops speaking with his parents!

This is doublethink of the most severe degree.

Our Scientologist doesn't know what "crimes" his parents have supposedly committed, no one is ever informed -- it's secret. All he might be told is some, yes, generalities.

And, as with most things associated with the Church of Scientology, it gets worse. All his brothers and sisters are commanded by the church to disconnect from Mom and Dad.

Let's say they are sane and they don't. Well, then they are "declared Suppressive" -- for the "crime" of talking with their Mom and Dad!

And now our little Scientologist robotically disconnects from the rest of his family, never evaluating whether this is right or not. Never evaluating whether this is sane or not. He just does it.

Our Scientologist knows all the definitions and characteristics of a Suppressive Person. Our Scientologist can easily see that his family has none of these characteristics, but he cuts all communication!

He will do the same with his best friend, if ordered to by the Church of Scientology.

This is exactly what has happened to thousands and thousands of Scientologists. Virtually every Scientologist has been forced to disconnect from family and friends -- who exhibit no "Suppressive characteristics"!

Yes, this is insane.

Well, it is no wonder Scientologists get confused. While the Church of Scientology is declaring people Suppressive people who do not have the above characteristics, the church itself manifests these attributes:

The Church of Scientology speaks in some very broad generalities. "All psychiatrists are suppressive!" "All reporters are evil." "Everyone who criticises Scientology has serious crimes!" and so on.

The Church of Scientology disseminates nothing but "bad news" about the world outside of Scientology. The world outside of Scientology is criminal, degraded, evil, horrible.

The Church of Scientology cannot and does not reform. David Miscavige, the leader of the church, makes no case gain, is incomplete on OT VII but hasn't been audited for many years, and does not respond to any treatment.

Surrounding Miscavige are very cowed and unhealthy people. Surrounding the churches, Scientologists are struggling, stuck, in trouble, sick. The churches themselves are often many months behind on the rent. Staff in the churches are really struggling.

Scientology is experiencing some serious difficulties but Miscavige's "solutions", drastically altering the tech, demanding Scientologists redo and redo and redo, forcing Scientologists to go deeply into debt, buying expensive buildings, are all wrong targets -- and only make the problems worse.

The Church of Scientology under Miscavige's leadership, has serious problems completing anything. The original, primary L. Ron Hubbard programs to bring every church to the "size of old Saint Hill" were never completed and were abandoned. The Super Power building has been incomplete for ten years. The highly vaunted Library Program utterly failed in its goals. Program after program is incomplete, sloppily done, abandoned.

The Church of Scientology has hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe even billions, sucked out of the pockets of loyal Scientologists. The Scientologists now are deeply in debt, even bankrupt, but still the church demands more money from Scientologists. Scientologists shouldn't deny the Church of Scientology its rightful money!

It is no wonder Scientologists can't think about the subject of Suppressives -- those "declared Suppressive" don't manifest the characteristics, but the Church of Scientology, and especially David Miscavige, appear to have most, if not all, of the Suppressive characteristics.

Faced with such a split between what they know and what they are forced to endure, the only recourse for our poor Scientologist is to shut down all reason and just follow orders.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scientologists: Have You Been Scammed?

If you donated money to the Library Campaign, then, yes, you have been scammed.

You were told that every library was to get a full set of "The Basics". You were even told this was accomplished. It never happened. Oh, yes, the books were probably all sent, but the project never accomplished even a small fraction of its goal.

Because of limited shelf space, all libraries handle unsolicited donations the same way. They throw the unasked for books in the dollar bin, or they give them to someone, or they just throw them away. This is exactly what happened to the books you paid for. This is very easy to check. Go check all the libraries in your town. Have your Scientology friends go check all the libraries in their towns. You will find that, for an overwhelming majority of libraries, those donated books never made it to the shelves.

And you have to be asking yourself several questions about this. Why didn't the Library Campaign people know this? This isn't secret information. The libraries will tell you this up front. The Library Campaign people let millions of dollars go to waste because they didn't do the most basic of checks. Or maybe they did, but that interfered with their fund-raising.

You should also be asking yourself this: If this was such an important project, and if Bridge Publications, who printed the books, thought it was so important, why did you have to pay full, retail price for the donated books? And why are all those sets showing up on EBay, priced for a dollar.

What was important? Getting full, retail price from you for lots of book sets? Oh yes! Actually getting the books onto library shelves? Not so much.

Yes, you got scammed.

If you made any donations to the "Ideal Org" Campaign, then yes, you got scammed.

You thought your local church would end up owning their own building and never pay rent again. This is not true. If your local church ever buys a building, the building's ownership will be transferred immediately to "International Landlord". The building and all the expensive renovations done to it are all the sole possession of International Management.

And that "never pay rent again"? Well, if Miscavige has funded any of the purchase or the renovations, then there will be rent due every month. Even though Miscavige's money originally came from Scientologists, maybe even you, he still will insist on charging rent.

And the chances of the new building solving your local church's problems? Slim to none. Since your local church wasn't hurting for space, and since the old quarters weren't that bad looking, a new building simply isn't the solution. But it is a very expensive, wrong solution.

What was important? Getting millions and millions of dollars from Scientologists for real estate going to International Management? Oh, yes! Solving the local church's actual problems? No, not so much.

Yes, you got scammed.

If you sent donations to the IAS (International Association of Scientologists), then, yes, you did get scammed.

You are, I am sure, under the impression that your donations were going to some soon-to-be-released dissemination campaign or were going to "fight the psychiatrists" or some such.

Nope. A very big portion of your donations went to multi-million dollar out-of-court settlements. In simple terms, it means the Church of Scientology committed criminal acts, was taken to court, was very certain to lose the case and "settled". They have paid many, many, many millions to various plaintiffs over the years to keep from officially losing all those cases.

But they paid these huge settlements from your money. Not only that, they paid their lawyers more millions of dollars -- from your money.

You didn't commit the crimes, you weren't guilty of anything, but you paid!

What was important? Getting money from Scientologists to pay for court costs and settlement costs so that the Church of Scientology doesn't have to pay? Oh, yes! Helping Scientologists? Not so much.

Yes, you were scammed.

If you donated to Super Power, then yes, you got scammed.

This may be the best and longest-running scam in Scientology. Let me explain.

First, do you know what the building was called around the Flag Land Base? It was called "the Flag Annex". Yes, the building was always intended to primarily be expansion space for the Flag Land Base. It was called "Super Power" elsewhere because that raised more money.

Second, do you know that, at last count, they raised four times as much money as they needed? It was such a good money maker, they kept using it to just raise money. What for? Who cares? It was so easy to raise money for "Super Power"! Tons of money has been raised and spent for things you didn't agree to support.

Of course, you know that they never finished it. They got very, very close to finishing it and then quit. Why? Several reasons. One was that David Miscavige wanted a big chunk of the building for his own personal apartments, very lush, very secure, but couldn't decide on all the features he wanted to include. That took forever!

And, the primary reason the Super Power Building has never been finished: If Miscavige finishes the Super Power building, people are going to expect Super Power to be delivered. That's a problem! You see, they can't figure out how to actually deliver Super Power. What L. Ron Hubbard wrote up isn't actually deliverable. Not only that, but rumor has it that the few people who have done the prototype Super Power rundowns -- left Scientology. Not the "end phenomena" that Miscavige is looking for.

What was important? Getting more and more money from Scientologists for something that wasn't real? Oh, yes! Actually finishing the building and delivering Super Power? Not so much.

Yes, you got scammed.

If you donated to the Planetary Dissemination Campaign, then, yes, you got scammed.

This one is very, very simple. There is no actual Planetary Dissemination Campaign. Never has been, never will be. This "Campaign" is only used for raising money from the faithful. International Management never intended to ever use the money for, well, planetary dissemination.

They will run a few advertisements on TV to help with the fund-raising, but not for very long and only locally where they're holding the fund-raising event.

What was important? Getting millions of dollars from Scientologists for a bogus campaign? Oh, yes! Actually doing some planet-wide dissemination? Not going to happen!

Yes, you got scammed.

If you donated to the Way to Happiness Foundation, then, yes, you got scammed.

This is another one, much like the Library Campaign. The goal was to get lots and lots of the booklets "out there". Then "success" was reported, the booklets are "out there". Where?

Sure, some are handed out on some street somewhere. But the rest? In some warehouse. In someone's garage or back room -- eventually recycled.

What was important? Getting full price for printing booklets that cost almost nothing to print? Oh, yes! Actually distributing all those booklets? Who cares?

Yes, you got scammed.

If you became a "Volunteer Minister" and donated your time and money, then yes, you got scammed.

I admire, greatly, those who volunteer their time to help others. No one should be criticized for volunteering, but ...

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers, as created and run by International Management, are not what you think they are.

Shucks, if you've gone out to "man the tent" for your church, you already know this. The Volunteer Ministers are out there to sell books. The Volunteer Ministers are out there to sell courses. The Volunteer Ministers are out there to "route people into the org". They've got stats. Scientology Volunteer Ministers are just salesmen. No more, no less. That's a scam.

But it's worse when Scientology Volunteer Ministers show up at a disaster site. International Management calls for VMs to go (using their own money of course). These VMs show up with nothing for the victims. No food, no medicine, no materials for shelter, no clothing -- these are the things that are most needed at a disaster site and the VMs bring nothing!

In fact, the VMs, because they bring nothing, add to the burden of the relief agencies already there. The VMs need shelter, the VMs need food -- and they, therefore, take vital food and shelter away from the victims who need it.

Why are they there? Because the Church of Scientology wants photos of the VMs at the disaster site, "helping" the victims. That's not help, that's a scam.

What was important? Using Volunteer Ministers to go out and drum up more business for Scientology? Oh, yes! Actually providing what disaster victims really needed? Not so much.

Yes, you've been scammed.

If you donated money to make "Mission Starter Packages" available to new Mission Holders, then yes, you've been scammed.

These "Mission Starter Packages" were very expensive packages of books, course materials, E-Meters and anything else Bridge Publications could throw in.

Supposedly these packages contained "everything needed to start a Mission" but, in fact, contained far more than anyone would ever need.

As people wanting to start missions often couldn't afford it, Bridge Publications started getting "donations" from wealthy Scientologists to buy Mission Starter Packages so that "someone else" could start the mission.

Hundreds of these "Mission Starter Packages" were sold, the money banked, the big fat commissions paid. And the books and materials? Never delivered anywhere, still sitting in the warehouse.

Scamming thousands of dollars from Scientologists and getting fat commissions? Definitely! Actually starting Missions? Not so much.

I'm sorry to report, Scientologists, you have been scammed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

LRH Birthday Event

Scientologists, I am sure, are all atwitter about David Miscavige's recent big, bloated "LRH Birthday Event".

Miscavige did what he calls a "rolling thunder" presentation of impressive statistics, one right after another, big numbers, delivered with much emphasis.

And meaningless. Statistics are meaningless unless you have something to compare them with. Over what period of time? Exactly what was done? And what were the results?

It has been pointed out elsewhere, Miscavige's boast that over one billion people received "invitations" to come into the Church of Scientology is, in fact, a huge admission of failure. That many "invitations" and nobody showed up? Not only that but it looks like the Church of Scientology actually lost half their membership in recent years! Just between you and me, that's really lousy dissemination!

But I was more impressed with Miscavige's admission of failure of his whole "Ideal Org" program. His whole program has failed and he had to admit it. Oh, not in so many words, but what he "announced" said exactly that.

The whole idea of his "Ideal Org" program was that the "local Scientologists" would cough up the millions to buy these huge buildings, would somehow come up with millions more for the gaudy and expensive renovations, volunteer their time -- to create this "wonderful" building, which they would then, humbly, give to Miscavige.

That failed. Oh, did that fail. Don't say I didn't warn him!

So, in his crafty way, Miscavige turned the failure into a "success". He announced that he is going to open his purse strings and help create 70 "Ideal Orgs".

Oh, really?

We can deduce quite a number of things from that announcement.

First, like I said, it means his "Ideal Org" program failed. It didn't happen and it was never going to happen.

Next, although it isn't, technically, Miscavige's money, he won't give it up without strings attached. Those new "Ideal Orgs" will owe him, big time -- and they will pay. Miscavige has a trusted staff member in every single church who takes all the money in and sends just about all of it up to "International Management". Oh, they will pay. Staff pay will really suck.

Next, we can be very sure that Miscavige has redefined what an "Ideal Org" is supposed to be. You just know that "Ideal Org" has been redefined to be much cheaper.

We know this because, when Miscavige totally failed to expand all churches to the "size of old Saint Hill" as ordered by L. Ron Hubbard, Miscavige cleverly redefined those goals to be much, much smaller. Then, when he failed at that, he gave up.

So it will be with his "Ideal Org" program. With this step, he will have defined that an "Ideal Org" is to be much, much smaller. Of course, when this fails, he will, inevitably, give up.

So what will happen? Will Miscavige actually create 70 new "Ideal Orgs"?

Well, given that he does have money to throw at it, and given that only he can define what the goal is and when it has been reached -- well sure.

Then what?

There may be a temporary boost in "traffic in" based on curiosity about the "new buildings" fuss. But it will be very, very temporary.

After that, all those 70 churches will be in much worse shape than they are today.

You see, the difficulties of the Church of Scientology aren't caused by "not enough new buildings", so, buying new buildings won't solve them! That's very simple logic.

The problem with the Church of Scientology is that they lie. The problem with the Church of Scientology is that they never, ever produce the vast and wonderful results they explicitly promise. The problem with the Church of Scientology is that it is all fake -- a very expensive fake.

As long as all that was secret, they could survive. But it is no longer secret.

The reason that the Church of Scientology is failing so miserably is that the truth about the church is now out there and known.

And all the new buildings in the world won't erase the truth.

That is why Miscavige's "Ideal Org" program was doomed to failure from the very start.