Because of various problems with Blogger, I've copied everything as of November 26, 2012 over to WordPress. The new location is Ask the Scientologist. I am not deleting this blog and will still accept comments and answer questions here too, but any new articles will appear at the WordPress location. I apologize if this causes any problems.

Articles to Outside Scientologists:

Occasionally, I've written articles specifically to, or about, Scientologists outside of the church, and about the Independent movement.  For convenience, here are links to most of those articles.

What Does Being "Pro Scientology" Mean?
Scientologists: What Went Wrong?
Scientologists Disunited
The Scientology Conundrum: What Are Lies?
How Scientologists Will Destroy Scientology
To Scientologists Newly Out of the Church
Hiding Scientology
Scientologists: Can You Remove the "Cult" From Scientology?
Scientology and the Wrong Why
Scientology and the Wrong Why, Part 2
The Scientology "Soft Landing Place"

I welcome comments, disagreements, debate and questions from all Scientologists.