Because of various problems with Blogger, I've copied everything as of November 26, 2012 over to WordPress. The new location is Ask the Scientologist. I am not deleting this blog and will still accept comments and answer questions here too, but any new articles will appear at the WordPress location. I apologize if this causes any problems.

Articles to Scientologists:

Here are quicklinks to posts that were written specifically for Scientologists: Just things to think about.

All my articles do not include any confidential OT material.   While there is no evidence that those materials have ever caused anyone any harm, I assure you that you will not encounter those materials in any of my articles.  If this is important to you, you may wish to skip the comments, as there may be some passing references in those.

The following articles are, in my opinion, the most important for Scientologists to read:

An Open Letter to All Scientologists
Seven Questions Every Scientologist Has a Right to Ask
Scientolgists Bill of Rights
Scientologists: Scientology, Then and Now
A Scientologist's Golden Age of Integrity Drills
Scientologists: The Disappearing States of Clear and OT

For the rest, I recommend Scientologists read them in this order as these articles parallel my own journey towards the truth.

The Questions Scientology Should Answer, but Won't
Why Do Scientologists Trust Miscavige?
Scientology's New Buildings
Scientologists: Don't You Wonder?
Scientologists: How Would You Know?
If Scientology Worked...
Scientologists: Do You Approve?
Scientologists Say "Goodbye" to L. Ron Hubbard
Scientologists: Was LRH Stupid?
Scientologists: What Were Your Goals?
A Look at "Exchange"
Scientologists: What is True?
Scientology's Admin Tech
Scientologists: What Freedom?
What Price the "Promise" of Total Freedom?
Recovering from Scientology
Scientologists: What IS the Greatest Good?
Scientologists: Why Scientology is Attacked
Scientologists: Vital Financial Data You May Have Missed
Where Are All the Scientologists?
Where Are All the Scientologists? Part 2
Where Are All the Scientologists? Part 3
Scientologists Don't Look
Scientology: Why Doesn't It Work?
Using Scientology to Solve Scientology's Problems
Correcting Scientology
Scientology's Turning Point
Scientologists: Have You Been Scammed?
Scientology Agree/Disagree
Scientologists: Are You Guilty of the New High Crime?
Scientologists: What Went Wrong?
Scientology and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Great Anti-Scientology Conspiracy That Never Was
Why Doesn't Scientology Publish Good News About Itself?

In addition, I highly recommend all Scientologists visit:
Leaving Scientology