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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scientology vs. the World

Scientology has a serious problem between itself and the "wog" (non-Scientology) world. Scientology has very strict rules, specified by L. Ron Hubbard in his "Policy Letters", that the church "must follow". And quite a number of these policies require actions which are against the law, are severely frowned upon by civilized society, or both.

Following Hubbard's death and David Miscavige's takeover of the church, the situation has only gotten worse. Miscavige has tended to focus his attentions toward the more disreputable plans and activities laid out by Hubbard, and has been darkly creative in that direction.

And this is the main problem that the Church of Scientology has. Internally, secretly, they are compelled by Hubbard's policies and David Miscavige's orders to commit crimes and to treat people in quite despicable ways. But that makes it extremely hard to get along with the non-Scientology world.

Now, of course, they could stop doing the illegal and the socially unacceptable things, but they don't think like that. Scientologists, you see, are superior beings. They don't mold their actions to fit into society. Absolutely not! Scientologists are supposed to mold society to be compliant with the Church of Scientology! That's what Hubbard taught.

This is part of the Scientology Superiority attitude. They are so much more advanced than you. Their goals take precedence over anything you might be doing. They are so ethical and superior that they don't have to follow mere wog laws and rules. Oh yes, you are a "primitive people on a backward planet" and they will help you, but only if you're good enough to deserve their help. If not, well, you can be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow," according to Hubbard.

Unfortunately for Scientologists, wog laws are not designed for such superior beings as they. While wog laws do provide recourse when someone lies about you, there is no recourse to stop someone who tells the truth about you. If someone says truthful but negative things about Hubbard, Miscavige, Dianetics or Scientology, wog law actually protects them!

Wogs! It is impossible for the Church of Scientology to get along with them. What the church needs to get accomplished -- suppressing negative information, taking over school systems, taking over governments -- is just made so much harder by wogs! They are always looking over the church's shoulder, bringing up stupid rules and laws that say you can't do things like that. Don't they know Scientology is the answer to all their problems? Don't they know that all this is for their own good?

If wogs were reasonable about all this, the Church of Scientology could get a lot more done! But no, the non-Scientology world keeps holding onto their sovereignty and their silly rights and keeps blocking the Church of Scientology's progress. So, obviously, to avoid such pesky interference, Miscavige needs to hide what he's doing. Obviously, Miscavige needs to be even more covert about what his church is actually doing.

And that requires "Fair Game", the Hubbard authorization that, when they declare someone a "Suppressive Person", that person "[m]ay be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

And, since there is no strict criteria for declaring someone a "Suppressive Person" -- there is no "due process", there is no defense -- Miscavige can, and does, declare people "Suppressive" for trivial reasons, or for no discernible reason at all. Then, those Suppressives are "fair game" for anything Miscavige wants to do.

The Suppressive Person declare, combined with the "Fair Game" authorization, is part of what gives Scientologists and the church the idea that the can do anything they want to forward their plans for taking over the world.

Understand the very root of all this trouble: The Church of Scientology must hide what their plans are, because those plans are completely unacceptable to the non-Scientology world. The Church of Scientology must hide what they actually do because those actions are often illegal or, at best, socially unacceptable. Hence, the secrecy. Hence the outrage when their secrets are revealed. Hence the harassment of critics. Hence the fear of discovery. Hence the draconian methods to forbid Scientologists from gathering any information from any source outside of the church.

This isn't the first group in history to believe they are saving the world and, therefore, "the ends justify the means." It isn't the first, and it won't be the last. But, fortunately for the rest of the world, the evil that such groups do inevitably destroys the group.

So let it be with the Church of Scientology.


  1. keep up the good work, i check your blog daily for new post :D
    - Anonymous

  2. I left the CofS back in the mid eighties, along with Mayo and many others. It was pretty bad then, but what's happening now is far worse. Until a close Ex-Scnist family member re-entered the Church, I pretty much forgot about it all.
    But everything you say here is happening to him.
    So I'm reading your blog to update myself on their shenanigans. The more I read, the angrier I get.

    They're like the Nazis now. And they've inadvertently moved into my family.
    It's seems their terrorizing disconnection policy is quite effective.
    Nobody wants to say anything negative about the Church to a Scnist for fear of losing them. But they're lost anyway. Even if they haven't physically left, when you look into their intense stary eyes, they ain't home!

    I'm really torn here, I might be the only person who can reach him, but he's the father of my kids, I don't want him to disconnect from me or our kids. And he's an intelligent, generous and kind person...I'm still in shock that he's falling for this BS, second time around.
    Thanks for making this enlightening information available.
    signed: Incredulous


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