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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scientologists: Are You Guilty of the New High Crime?

There is a new high crime in the Church of Scientology. You won't find it in any of L. Ron Hubbard's policy letters. You won't find it in the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

But, by order of David Miscavige, virtually all of the activities of the Church of Scientology are bent to finding Scientologists who are guilty of this new high crime and punishing and "correcting" them.

Scientologists are being called into Ethics because they have committed this High Crime.

Scientologists are being denied services because they have committed this High Crime.

Scientologists are being declared suppressive and kicked out of Scientology because they continue to commit this new High Crime.

The pressure throughout all of the Church of Scientology is extremely intense to eradicate all traces of this crime.

So what is this new High Crime, so you can avoid it?

This is now the worst crime in Miscavige's Church of Scientology: Following L. Ron Hubbard and doing what he said.

No, that is factually and completely true.

Let's look at one example: In Keeping Scientology Working, Hubbard explicitly stated that his technology was not to be altered by anyone for any reason. All Scientologists were charged with the task of ensuring that Hubbard's technology as it existed when LRH wrote Keeping Scientology Working, remained pure and untouched. Ron said there was no more important policy.

When David Miscavige started changing everything that Hubbard wrote, changing all the training, rewriting Hubbard's books, policy letters, bulletins, there were a number of Scientologists who did exactly what they were supposed to do, they reported the changes as a violation of Keeping Scientology Working. They said it was wrong. They refused to go along with the alterations.

Of course, for following LRH's most important policy, they were all declared Suppressive. Miscavige's church declared these Scientologists Suppressive for doing what L. Ron Hubbard told them they must do. This, apparently, is the worst crime you can commit in Miscavige's Church of Scientology: Following L. Ron Hubbard.

Today, Miscavige's alterations to everything Hubbard said or wrote continue unabated and unchallenged. Miscavige doesn't even bother to pretend the changes are based on "newly discovered writings" any more. These alterations are from the New Source - David Miscavige.

Here is another example: In policy after policy, Hubbard specifically stated that you must never, ever go into debt. This is strict LRH financial policy. Do not ever put yourself into debt.

But in Miscavige's church, all Scientologists are required to borrow the absolute maximum they can possibly borrow, maximize all their credit cards, take out second, third or even fourth mortgages, borrow from family and friends, and give it all to Miscavige's tender care. Scientologists are not given a choice. Going deeply, horribly into debt is mandatory.

But if any Scientologist stops giving and giving and giving to Miscavige's church, it is considered a criminal act. The Scientologist will be threatened, called into Ethics and, if they still "refuse to borrow and give" they will be declared suppressive.

In other words, Scientologists will be punished and even declared Suppressive if they follow standard LRH policy.

And another example: Hubbard wrote about the importance of statistics and how important it was that anyone could walk into the information center where the statistics were displayed to see exactly how the organization was doing. When doing the Doubt Formula, for instance, it is a key step to review the statistics of your group. Also, the organization's Organizing Board is supposed to be prominently displayed in a public area with the names of everyone posted on the board.

Well, don't ask to see the real statistics of Scientology management! Don't look for the names of those in charge of the various parts of the Church of Scientology! Don't try to see how David Miscavige is doing by checking out international Scientology statistics. Just asking for these statistics would get you in trouble, deep trouble.

The top Org Board and all their statistics are secret. Hubbard said these things should be visible for all to see but you would quickly get declared Suppressive if you tried to apply these basic Hubbard policies.

Yes, applying the original Hubbard policies and tech is a crime in Miscavige's church.

Do not, whatever you do, remember this old High Crime:
Falsely attributing or falsely representing oneself or others as source of Scientology or Dianetics technology; or using any position gained with staff and/or public to falsely attribute nonsource material to source or to falsely represent nonsource material as authorized Scientology or Dianetics technology.
Don't notice the lack of pictures of Hubbard in the magazines and the events. Don't compare that with the abundance of pictures of David Miscavige. Don't complain about the disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard from Miscavige's church, or you will be punished.

It is a crime to know that Miscavige has no right to make up "tech" and call it Scientology, has no right to remove LRH and has no right to take credit for Scientology.

Forget LRH, Scientologists will be punished for remembering and following L. Ron Hubbard. No, you must only follow the dictates of your new "Source" -- David Miscavige.


  1. Thank you for bringing this up and I hope you will continue to hammer this point. I think the two points that will finally convince most True Believers to leave are 1) the point you just brought up about Miscavige claiming the position of "source" and 2) the blatant waste and misuse of the monies that Miscavige is extorting from the public. The truth of these points should convince True Believers that their church has been hijacked.

  2. As a new Messiah David Miscarriage is already doing the best: Ris all of us of his TERRIFIC tech!
    No Mayo Tech; No LRH Tech.
    Miscarriage Tech and you will be anhilated by your own results!

  3. DM is the biggest SP of them all.

    But in his defence, all he's doing is following LRH Tech (control everything yourself, demand absolute obedience, get lots of money) and LRH example (get power, go batshit-crazy, fail to get proper help)

    Is that a game of Musical Chairs I'm hearing?

  4. @David J Mudkips

    That may be one of the biggest ironies of all of this: If you believe all of Scientology, then all the evidence, all the facts point to exactly that -- David Miscavige is an SP.

    The irony being, of course, that True Believers don't apply the most basic tech to find this out.

  5. @Bill

    2 questions that intrigue me:

    (1) Do you think that DM believes in Scientology?

    (2) How do you think DM sees himself?

    FWIW, I asked MartyR the first of these 2 questions, and he and "Jim Logan" gave the following reply:

    [I posted this, because if DM does believe in "the tech," is it even possible that he (consciously or sub-consciously) believes himself to be an SP?]


    Amigo // September 17, 2009 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    Marty, a quick question that I know MANY people have wondered: as much as Miscavige has corrupted and abused the tech, do you think that he does actually believe in Scientology?

    I understand that his primary motivations may be power, self-aggrandizement, and all the rest of it; but as someone who’s known him better than almost anyone else, who’s seen him change across the years, and from what I can see, is a shrewd and canny judge of character, what is your take?

    Thanks in advance,
    another amigo.


    Jim Logan // September 17, 2009 at 10:41 pm | Reply

    If you have any familiarity with the characteristics of an anti-social personality then there is a likelyhood DM ‘believes’ in Scientology. He believes it works to the extent that he’s willing to destroy it. His own fear of discovery of his suppressive conduct drives him to obfuscate the data and pervert the material so he can avoid detection.

    Fortunately, there are so many who have gained from Scientology and are gaining more in the way of experience with its materials, that he is being exposed.

    Another aspect of this type of personality affliction, the real SP, is that they don’t make gains. You have to have some gains in Scientology, personal change and improvement in your own estimation, to ‘believe’. Since he hasn’t, there is no real awareness of what it can actually do, other than the above ingrained fear it can find out about what he fears. It can, that’s why he’s attempted to corrupt and ‘destroy’ it.

    I know that may sound kind of twisted but that’s exactly what’s going on between his ears, twisted, black is white, everyone’s a devil, Scientology might work, it must be destroyed and so on.

    On the other side of the coin, he’ll santimoniously hypocritize about it. That’s all the lip-service you hear from him, while he’s busy undermining others and their beliefs and gains with Scientology. He doesn’t ‘believe’ in the sense one ordinarily considers, that is, with personal gains and a hope for others to have gains with it.

    martyrathbun09 // September 19, 2009 at 3:01 am | Reply

    Amigo, I think I’d ditto Jim’s response.

  6. @Amigo

    It's interesting to speculate about it, and getting feedback from those who worked closely with him is good information.

    Marty's answer is interesting, but I don't buy into the neat, all-tied-in-a-bow, Scientology answers to this. It's too easy to slap a label "SP" on someone and then you "have all the answers and solutions" to the person.

    That, in my opinion, is the biggest liability to believing in Scientology. Once you have put some situation, person, problem into the correct little Scientology box, you stop thinking, you stop observing -- you have the "correct label" so now you have all the "correct solutions". And you can't ever doubt that these "correct solutions" actually are handling the situation/person/problem -- even when nothing is getting handled.

    And so David Miscavige destroys Scientology. DM is a master at putting situations/people/problems into little Scientology boxes -- and everyone then stops thinking, stops observing -- they have labels, so they have the "solutions".

    But, to answer your question: Do I think DM believes in Scientology? I don't know what goes on in his head - but he does not apply it - not to himself and not to others. He avoids Scientology except those parts needed to control the cult.

    Is he avoiding Scientology because he knows it works or because he knows it doesn't work? Is he destroying Scientology because he fears it or is it because he's incompetent and insane?

    Personally, I think he really does believe in Miscavology - his own re-creation of Scientology. In his brand of Scientology, everyone else is "Suppressive" and he is the only good person in the universe. In other words, he's truly insane.

  7. Regarding going into debt: a close relative of mine who was an active Scientologist for many years, particularly in the early-to-mid 1980s, went into 5-figure debt by maxing out credit cards. In my opinion, LRH was encouraging the violation of this policy long before Miscavige took the helm.


  8. The problem with this is that a lot of Scientologists will just use McCavige as a lone bad guy and an excuse to be in denial about Scientology in general; like my brother, who lives in his own little "I'm the only true Scientologist" universe. He will just continue to insist that if you read the books you are a Scientologist--like he and Hubbard have a pure relationship in the etheric universe. It's pathetic, especially in light of the fact that he recently told me he sexually abused me when he was a teenager and I was 5 years old. Way to have withhold for decades--but in his mind he is one of the "free thetans" who don't need the orgs. Makes me want to vomit. Sorry, but it's true.

  9. @Anonymous

    I agree. There are Scientologists who believe in the wonderfulness of Hubbard and Scientology, and no amount of facts will sway them from that belief. It makes them superior to everyone else, no matter what kind of person they really are. Like your brother.

    While that sort of blind and unthinking belief in Scientology does make me crazy, what are you going to do? Some people will believe things no matter what the reality is -- but outside of the corrupt Church of Scientology, the harm they do will mostly be to themselves.

  10. I've been out since '85 so I don't have any info to add re Miscavage but I am fascinated by this thread that I just ran across by accident.
    It would help if there were some references as to all these changes being made for those who don't follow these things.
    For instance the statement "Scientologists are not given a choice. Going deeply, horribly into debt is mandatory."
    Is there some new written policy to this effect or is it just natter from one who foolishly let some reg twist their arm?
    It certainly would help to have some specific facts in here,otherwise it does come across as a bunch of natter. thx.

  11. @brianorion

    This is not written, but it is enforced: Scientologists are now required to pay and pay and pay or they will be declared "Suppressive" for having "counter intention".

    Tens of thousands of dollars to the IAS is now a prerequisite to advancing up The Bridge -- it is not optional. If you pay now, no matter how much, you will still be required to pay more later.

    If Scientologists don't buy all the latest "releases" (lectures, books, courses), they will be sent to Ethics. If Scientologists don't continue to "upgrade their status" in the IAS (meaning lots more money), they will be sent to Ethics. And so on.

    Poverty and huge debt is not considered a good excuse for not paying more to the church. Scientologists will still get sent to Ethics.

    You want specific facts? Check out the recent stories posted on the various blogs. If you have any connections to current Scientologists, ask them. They will confirm all of this.

  12. "This is not written, but it is enforced: Scientologists are now required to pay and pay and pay or they will be declared "Suppressive" for having "counter intention". "

    Okay, that is only semi-true...there is a lot of pressure and one might get written up if they make a snide comment about being regged but show me one person who has gotten declared an SP for not donating. That isn't true.

    Don't get me wrong, the push to get Scientologists to pay and pay and pay is out of control but ya can't make a blanket statement like that. One may get sent to ethics when on the OT levels at Flag because by that point they should be "stepping up to the plate" to help mankind and the MAA might want to find out what's behind that lack of desire to pay through the nose jsut to move onto the next level (which already costs money) but, I don't think anyone would get declared for that.

  13. Re: Declared for not paying.

    You may be right. It is probably true that a person wouldn't get declared solely for not donating enough. That certainly would never get written on their Ethics Order. But, if a person does not donate enough to IAS or Ideal Org or SuperPower, they will never go up the Bridge. Period. It is unwritten, but strictly enforced.

    That actually was my point. The lack of enough donations is considered enough of a crime to bar a person from going up the Bridge.

    And, in reality, that will lead to a Suppressive Person declare down the road. If you stop a person who has paid from going up the Bridge, they will get upset -- and, unless they do pay, that will inevitably end up with an SP declare.


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