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Monday, August 9, 2010

Scientology In Perspective

We're not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.

The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past. Don't muff it now...
L. Ron Hubbard
Keeping Scientology Working Series 1
Scientologists live in a mythical world of titanic, universe-wide, trillion year struggles between Ultimate Good and Ultimate Evil.

The above quote from L. Ron Hubbard has been read by every single Scientologist many times.  They believe it with all their hearts.

Today, they are fighting for their very survival and the survival of "every Man, Woman and Child".  I simply cannot exaggerate how very serious and  crucial everything is to a Scientologist.

Every time David Miscavige announces his fictional "Good News", it is a sign that Ultimate Good is winning.  But every protest, every bad news article, every exposé on TV is a sign that Ultimate Evil is winning.

It is all so very, very, very important.  To them.

And sometimes, with all this importance being artificially imprinted on Scientology by Scientologists, it is difficult to keep things in perspective.

Let's look at reality, shall we?

Scientology doesn't exist.  That is the reality in the rest of the world.  Outside of Scientology and its critics, Scientology really doesn't show up on the radar of most people.  A few might know that Scientology has something to do with Tom Cruise, and that's about it.  To most of the world, Scientology simply does not exist.

Scientology's "solutions" have been tried in a very few places, but were found to be expensive and to not work very well.  So these "solutions" have been, or are being, dropped wherever they were tried.  You look for what effect Scientology is having on the world and the answer is: None.  For all their posturing and bragging, their results are nowhere to be found.  It's like they don't exist.

Psychiatrists are not much aware of Scientology.  They know that, for some reason, Scientology attacks them, but, since the effects of those attacks are negligible, it doesn't matter to psychiatrists what they do.

Politicians are finding out that, as celebrities already know, association with the fraudulent, deceitful Church of Scientology is a huge negative to their careers.  The church has no influence there.

And, actually, Scientology is not very important to Scientology's critics either.  Yes, critics care about the victims.  Yes, they want the abuse, lies, fraud and crimes to be stopped.  Yes, they want the destroyed families to be brought back together.  But criticizing and protesting Scientology is what they do with their spare time.  It isn't their life, it isn't their survival, it isn't some "epic battle".

Outside of Scientology's bubble, Scientology just isn't important

In this struggle, Scientology is fighting a desperate fight for "the whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it," while its critics are happily living their lives and, occasionally, when they have some spare time, criticizing and protesting Scientology.


  1. Well, I do believe that there are a few anti-Scientology protesters out there who are a bit too wrapped up in hating Scientology, and thus spend too much of their time raging against it. But the fact that most of their fellow protesters would be the first to tell them to calm down and don't let Scientology control their free time so much shows that most critics realize the actual importance Scientology carries in the grand scheme of things.
    This is mostly the reason why the regular Anonymous protests have dwindled in numbers even as the bad press for Scientology continues to rise. The job is getting done and the torch is being carried.

  2. Very well put! Their extreme seriousness used to be their best strength. With Anonymous as adversaries, it has become their greatest weakness, next after their ridiculous cosmology. They simply can not fail to take the bait.

  3. Good points, Just Bill.

    The abuses are noteworthy, but the philosophy simply doesn't have enough critical mass to be a daily talking point to most people. It's a mixed blessing, I think. Yes, I want more people to be aware of the abuses and fraud and human rights violations. I do not, however, want more people trapped as they walk in an Org door because some PR rep says "Come on in and see for yourself," just to start a crush regging cycle.

    Be glad that it really doesn't take much to send Scn running to the hills. One protester can cause an entire Org to shutter up the windows and lock the door. One internet post can open the mind of someone already trapped. One casual conversation can prevent someone from entering the Org without more than one viewpoint.

    I recall an earlier posts here that points out the weakness of Scn - how can one PTS/SP invalidate your gains from such a powerful and infallible technology?

    The answer? It isn't important.

  4. "For all their posturing and bragging, their results are nowhere to be found."

    Empty buildings that smell like stale cigarettes aren't a result to be found?

  5. Very good article, Just Bill.

    Well...since I am not doing, or have plans to do anything right here and now, with and in Scientology, I guess that pretty much f**ks the whole agonized future of this planet, every man woman and child on it.

    Sorry about that planet, and every man woman and child on it. I'm gonna go have lunch now, okay?

  6. We may never again get another chance to stay away from SupraCapitalist David Miscavige!
    The time is now.
    Ultimate freedom is within you.

  7. OOOO Bill, sounds like you had a nice vacation.

  8. Thanks Bill. I didn't know I was agonized. I am glad you set me straight.

  9. Yes, that´s exactly how a scientologist, a true believer would feel about the world in my opinion, and most scientologists I know are like that even today.


  10. LRH also wrote that serious is wrong and mnot serious is right.
    That means form what you wrote "
    And, actually, Scientology is not very important to Scientology's critics either. Yes, critics care about the victims. Yes, they want the abuse, lies, fraud and crimes to be stopped. Yes, they want the destroyed families to be brought back together. But criticizing and protesting Scientology is what they do with their spare time. It isn't their life, it isn't their survival, it isn't some "epic battle"." and that is that for the Scientologists the battle is SERIOUS and therefore WRONG and for the critics it is NOT SERIOUS and therefore RIGHT :)

    How ROGHT :) I love it

  11. Great post. The years I read that and believed it make me ill. I just had dinner with some Hollywood biggies and I told them of my experiences...the whole table was enthralled. It really is a cult, and not a very powerful one at that, much as they would like you to believe...and fear. Scn will not last but for the true believers...and if they need it, so be it. But DM and company are going down.

  12. Great post. Just had dinner with some huge, as Scn puts it, "Opinion Leaders", and told them of my experiences. Their mouths were agape and that's more people who know the truth and will not fear to spread the word. DM and company will not make it for long. Truth will prevail.

  13. 1. Yeah...the anti Scientology stuff is fine...but it's even kinda just Internet fun, now. I know there were periods when it was different...but now...not the same courage needed.

    2. You have a lot of good insights in your blogs (reading all now). Like the thing about spare time. Or the imploding into Clearwater. so kudos for that.

    3. But WTF were you doing in there? I mean, what turned you onto it? And how did you not use the same insight and skepticism then? I mean, Tory, bless her chuirpy heart, (and seriously, I mean it nice, she seems like very cute)...well I can understand it. I mean a lot of the hippy, dippy ESTer types. Not a surprise. But you? What gives?

  14. Re: WTF

    That's a good question and it's one I've written many articles about -- how Scientology entraps good, intelligent people -- or people like me ;).

    I got into Scientology at an early age, with no life experience and considerable naïveté. This was long before all the leaks and exposés, when Scientology's claims were much humbler, the prices were reasonable and the environment was quite laid back. By the time all that changed, I was in too deep to see it right away.


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