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Monday, December 20, 2010

"Real, live OTs!"

Well, this is certainly good news.  An Independent Scientologist has announced that he is producing "real, live OTs".

Isn't that wonderful?

In addition, can we also assume he is producing "real, live Releases" and "real, live Clears"?

Think about it, even L. Ron Hubbard, in all his years, never produced real, live Releases, Clears or OTs.  Hubbard himself was not Clear and was not OT.  We now know that when Hubbard died, he was quite sick, in pain, hiding from the law and ultimately betrayed by those he trusted.  Hubbard could not produce the miraculous results he promised, even on himself.

No, there is no verified evidence that anyone ever fully gained the promised, miraculous Abilities Gained from Scientology's Grade Chart -- not via Hubbard's personal auditing, not via Church of Scientology auditing and not via any outside Scientology practitioner's auditing.  It never happened.

But now we find, after decades of Scientology failing to produce any of the promised, miraculous results, this Independent Scientologist has finally succeeded!

"Holy cats!  Real, live OTs!"

Of course, if you look for specifics, if you look for any evidence that someone he audited is actually "cause over matter, energy, space, time, life and thought", you won't find any.

Now, I don't mind someone believing whatever they want to believe.  That's their business.  And I do know that Scientology can make some people temporarily feel wonderful.

What I object to is the trap.

Scientology traps people because they promise and promise and promise these miraculous results.  I know of people who, even today, continue to tolerate the most horrible abuses and who ruin themselves to pay and pay and pay -- all because of this one specific promise:  They believe that some day they would be cause over matter, energy, space, time, life and thought.

It's a lie and it is there only to trap people.

I object, as strongly as I can, to anyone who continues to promise this lie in order to trap people within Scientology.

Dear Scientology practitioner:

If you promise "OT" but only deliver a temporary "I feel wonderful" feeling, you trick people into coming back again and again (and paying again and again), believing you will eventually actually deliver on your promise.  It's a trick, and it only works until the person wakes up to the fact that you can't deliver what you promised and that a temporary "I feel wonderful" is as good as it gets.

And since you know you've never delivered "OT", your continuing to "promise" that is fraud.

Stop claiming you can produce the results promised for "Release", "Clear" and "OT" -- because you haven't, no one has!
Tell the truth about what you actually do produce so you are not committing fraud.


  1. Just Bill,

    I've read all your posts over the years and find very little to disagree with. However, when I read your comments about Hubbard's demise, well it's a bit hard to get one's wits around.

    When you say "we now know," how do we know? (We now know that when Hubbard died, he was quite sick, in pain, hiding from the law . . .)

    The people who were there (Pat, Annie, Sarge, Sinar, Dr. Denk) don't talk about it. No one does. I do find this very odd but not conclusive.

    Do you know something I don't? Details if you can.

    Sincerely, just trying to find out the TRUTH after investing most of my life chasing this dream. Help me with this.

    Merry Xmas, Just Bill

  2. Dear Just Bill,
    Re this comment, isn't the coroner's report available online? Could you give a link, for those who are still ( amazingly) wondering? (I can't,sorry - computer dinosaur)
    Have a good holiday - you do good work.

  3. Re: Hubbard's death

    Actually, quite a number of people have spoken out about those final years of Hubbard's life, and about his final days. I compiled my understanding from many stories that are on the Internet.

    Dr. Denk was there because of Hubbard's ill health. His continual pain in his later years is spoken of by many who had to deal with his resulting tantrums.

    The fact that he was hiding from the law is well documented.

    The fact that he was lied to by both Miscavige and Broker has been the subject of a number of stories -- perhaps you remember the one where Miscavige destroyed a pay phone to keep someone from telling Ron the truth.

    If I have a bit more time, I can find examples of these stories.

  4. Re: Hubbard's death

    Here is a compilation of quite a number of documents: Hubbard's Death (xenu-directory). It also includes some information about his legal difficulties at the time.

  5. Here's another good link re: Hubbard's death, copies of the coronor's investigation files:

  6. Dear Bill:
    Real OTs do possess as many abilities as the "miracle" products perform on the gullible!
    When someone is after the truth, chances are he will find some ancient panacea, just sitting or with no strain, if having enough monies to spare on a splendid packaged and developed enterprise, become an immortal he-man!

  7. Eh? What?

    I missed that. What the heck are you trying to say?

  8. Hi Bill:
    Do not miss anything. Right now we are being very heavily being bombarded with lies and of course miracle products and miracle results everywhere.
    They try to convince us that "their" method is the greatest achievement on Earth to get rid of unwanted weight, develop an athlete´s body just watching TV or as in infomercial "searching the truth" To that tune, Maxwell Smarter is going to get advantage for True and real OTs!!

  9. I think what the unnamed commenter is saying is that false outrageous claims are not only confined to [Scn|CoS|FZ|Indy] abilities.

    I agree, but I'll also point out that a "miracle" diet isn't likely to pressure me to disconnect from a family member that isn't gung-ho with the idea of my chosen money-waster.

    Also, it's a bit off-topic to the original question, but since it was mentioned above, here's a link to an account including the phone-booth incident:
    Secret History of David Miscavige

    For accounts of Hubbard's last days, a quick search for "lrh last days" popped up some very intriguing results:
    The Mysterious Death of L. Ron Hubbard
    Former RTC Inspector General Jesse Prince discusses the death of L. Ron Hubbard
    The death of L Ron Hubbard

    That's a few of the top hits, but if you dig around through the various message boards and other lists, you can also find accounts from people who were involved in some way or another during the times in question.

  10. This is really the bottom line, isn't it? "Clear" as defined by Hubbard can't be demonstrated to have been attained by anyone. No OTs, as defined by Hubbard, have been documented. Scientology only produces temporary euphoric states which can become addicting and costs a lot of money to produce more and more "highs" - like heroin and crack cocaine addiction.

  11. Most people debilitated by a cult have no recourse but to continue in it or leave and found their own cult-lette, since they have no skills and can't deal with the world, or believe that to be the case. Only the strongest can admit to themselves they were conned and carry on from there, living without crutches and cons.

  12. R.e.: This is really the bottom line, isn't it?

    Thanks Anon. IMO this should be carved in stone at the entrance of every CoS as an example of truth in advertising.

    "Clear" as defined by Hubbard can't be demonstrated to have been attained by anyone. No OTs, as defined by Hubbard, have ever been documented. Scientology only produces temporary euphoric states which can become addicting and cost a lot of money to produce more and more "highs" - like heroin and crack cocaine addiction.


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