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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scientology New Years Event 2011

I know I promised some predictions, but this comment was just dropped into one of my Ask a Question threads, and I felt compelled to discuss it, and perhaps generate some fact checking.
We just heard about some of the announcements made at the latest Cof$ New Year's event. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The Australian government is now funding WISE courses for anyone who wants to take them in that country.
  • Superpower Bldg will be completed and superpower processes will start being delivered this year (2011).
  • The statistics at various Ideal Orgs around the world are higher than stats at those orgs for the last ten to fifteen years combined.
I'm particularly interested in the claims about the Australian government funding WISE courses. If this is not an outright lie, there should be some documentation available.

Did anyone on this blog attend the event?
Are there any Aussies here who have info about the WISE courses being funded by the government?
Interesting.  I don't know if this description is accurate or complete, but the claims David Miscavige made are, as usual, hard to believe.  Hopefully more information will be forthcoming.

First, Miscavige claims that the "Australian government" is funding WISE courses.  Would that be the national government, a state government or what?  If true, this would need to be corrected.  Which agency?  Why does that agency think WISE courses have any value at all?  If this is true, the people of Australia need to raise the alarm that:
  • A government agency is funding a "technology" that does not work, and may actually cause harm.
  • The agency is funding a group that operates as a recruiting front group for the Church of Scientology.
  • A significant part of all funds to WISE goes directly to the Church of Scientology.
If true, we thank Miscavige for bringing this transgression to the attention of the Australian people.

As for the second claim, I actually believe that Miscavige will order the completion of the Super Power building.  He has scammed over three times the money needed from Scientologists over the years -- hundreds of millions of dollars.  Money was never the problem.

The problem was that some of the "Super Power Rundowns" are actually impossible to deliver.  Some of the "rundowns" involved equipment and/or procedures that would never be approved by state and city regulators.  Other "rundowns" would be completely unacceptable to the public -- like running around a pole all day, week after week.

This claim by Miscavige that he will start "delivering Super Power" simply means that many of L. Ron Hubbard's original "Super Power Rundowns" have been drastically altered or removed completely, never to be delivered.  I was waiting for this to happen.  Miscavige has no problem altering Hubbard's tech -- and removing large chunks of it.  It was only a matter of time before he realized that was the solution to his Super Power problem -- just alter or delete large parts of it.

The fact that it no longer bears much resemblence to the original Super Power Rundowns by Hubbard won't bother Miscavige at all.

The third claim, that "statistics at various Ideal Orgs around the world are higher than stats at those orgs for the last ten to fifteen years combined" is classic David Miscavige misdirection and half-truths.

Here is the translated version: "Some [very carefully selected and meaningless] statistics at [some carefully selected] Ideal Orgs are higher than stats [not necessarily the same stats] at those orgs for the last ten to fifteen years  [a time period which was selected because those carefully selected stats were lower then] combined.

One of the hardest tasks in all of Miscavige Event preparation is finding some statistic and some time period which could be manipulated, redefined and modified so that the stat looks like it went up.

The truth is that all the other, real statistics from those Ideal Orgs have crashed.  That's why they weren't mentioned.  The truth is that all the Ideal Orgs are struggling and failing, as are all the rest of the orgs.  The truth is that all the Church of Scientology statistics, world wide, have crashed and have stayed crashed.

This is why Miscavige no longer displays his "exploding statistics".

Another Big Bogus Event, now with extra lies!

I appreciate the leaked information from the New Year's Event.  If anyone can provide more information, I'll update this post.


  1. No, no, Bill; I bet the Aussie Gov't is offering a "get wised up" program to help people recognize frauds and scams, and D.M. misunderstood; sort of like, "When God passed out brains, you thought he said trains...."

    Sorry, couldn't help it. Still giggling. Have a great new year!

  2. As for the stats, I'd be interested in finding out which ones they are. I'm really interested in the number of Bodies In Shop or Well-Done Auditing hours. Square feet of linoleum laid or how many times around the moon the Org's toilet paper supplies span interest me slightly less.

    Also, ANZO is a dangerous place to be making bold claims for CofS right now. There's too many whistle-blowers and government (national) scrutiny to be making a PR power-play there, right? Unless, of course, the people claiming this are detached from reality or falsifying data.

    And as for Super Power, if it ends up working, I'll walk into Div6 right away! If not, well, I'll just keep on doing what I do.

    Happy New year to all, and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings.

  3. @omnom

    Yeah, the real stats, the ones that actually gauge how an org is doing, are never displayed or referenced.

    I'm looking forward to news from Oz about this. As a good friend said about Miscavige's news, "He's lying, we just don't know which part is a lie."

    And, since Super Power will now include a lot Miscavige Tech, I expect the "results" will be similar to the results from OT VIII, people will get sick.

  4. Dear Bill:
    We have just received an invitation for New Year Event, to be held last Friday December 31.
    Today it is January 3.
    I wonder if there is some secret info about a time machine!

  5. I have not been in Scientology for over twenty years but if you have had training and processing you should be able to solve most if not all your problems. Many allow themselves to be controlled and build up so much charge on that they appear to end up more confused than when they went in. Otherwise it is difficult for me to understand how people could come out of Scientology less able than they went in. Give Tom Cruise a break. People that are in the media are not subject to the same control mechanisms others are so do not see the problems that others see.

  6. Yes, Scientology does promise that "if you have had training and processing you should be able to solve most if not all your problems". That only looks good if you ignore the real world. Every single Scientologist and every single Scientology organization has problems, often serious problems.

    Scientology "works" only if you ignore the fact that, for the most part, it doesn't work.

    But, you know that, of course.

    And I don't think anyone should give Tom Cruise a break. If he's going to be spokes-celebrity for Scientology, it is his responsibility to investigate and know everything there is to know about Scientology -- including the negatives.

    Other Scientologists, I'd be inclined to give them a break. For the most part, they are the victims.


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