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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Bridge to Freedom for Scientologists

Scientologists need a new Bridge to Freedom. No, not the "Bridge to 'Total Freedom'" that L. Ron Hubbard concocted. No, they need a way out of the slavery and deception that is David Miscavige's Church of Scientology.

Scientologists were told by Hubbard that "The way out is the the way through." They believe this bit of "advice", but, while it may be true under very specific circumstances, it is obviously false otherwise. Would they tell a woman in a horrible, abusive relationship "Stick with it, 'the way out is the way through!'" Of course not!

The way out of their abusive relationship with the Church of Scientology is out!

This escape from the totalitarian control of the Church of Scientology is often quite difficult. When someone is a Believer, they have carefully controlled their thoughts for so long and so thoroughly that it has become quite difficult to exercise those atrophied mental skills of observation, perception, deduction and logic.

Scientologists need our help.

But why should we help those still in the Church of Scientology's control? Isn't it their fault? Aren't they the gullible ones? Why not just make fun of them for being stupid and leave it at that?

In an ironic twist, this is exactly what Scientologists would recommend. Scientologists believe that, if something bad happens to someone, they "pulled it in". From the Hubbard viewpoint, it is totally someone's own damn fault that something bad happened to them.

(Of course, Hubbard didn't really believe that. If something bad happened to Hubbard or his church it was never "pulled in" by him.)

But let's not take the Scientology viewpoint on this. Scientologists need help, so why not offer it to them?

Besides, it would really, really make David Miscavige mad if Anonymous and Scientologists started talking nicely together! Can you imagine?

Miscavige wants Scientologists to be very, very afraid of Anonymous. Miscavige wants Anonymous to help him by attacking Scientologists. It doesn't matter to Miscavige who gets hurt as long as he can keep collecting his fear-induced donations from the few remaining Scientologists. Scientologists are already in a constant state of fear, created by Miscavige. I don't think we should help Miscavige any more.

And, what happens if we help Scientologists escape the cult? Well, look at all the ex-Scientologists. Once these people became free from the influence of the cult, they became sane people. Many critics of the Church of Scientology are ex-Scientologists. Much of the information about the crimes, abuses and fraud of the church comes from ex-Scientologists. Many within Anonymous are ex-Scientologists. Many supporters of Anonymous are ex-Scientologists.

Most Scientologists, once they are free from the oppression of the Church of Scientology, become good, responsible, productive people.

They are worthy of our help.

We are creating a new Bridge to Freedom for Scientologists -- freedom from the Church of Scientology. It is already going on and it is wonderful. There are many resources for Scientologists who are starting to wake up:
And many more I'm sure I'm neglecting.

I love the idea of Anonymous and the critics of Scientology creating this new Bridge to Freedom. Imagine messages like:
  • Scientologists, the truth will set you free.
  • We help Scientologists to become Free.
  • Your friends are waiting to help you.
  • Your suffering under the church is at an end, join us and be free.
  • Scientologists: The church is your enemy, not Anonymous.
Many Scientologists are becoming aware of the horrible trap they have been in, and they are lost and confused. What can they do now? Who can they trust? What happens now?

We can help them. They need to know this.

And, besides, it will really piss off Miscavige!


  1. sometimes pure logic and reason are right under your nose and so obvious, yet overlooked. your suggestions are brilliant.

  2. RonBotHunter,

    I appreciate your very long article. However, it is, really, off topic here, and a bit too long as well.

    Why don't you start a blog and post your articles there? It would be great to read more from you.


  3. "We can help them. They need to know this."

    This is one of the most important messages to be laid in front of the scientology door. None of us need to be in any group, faith or persuasion to understand their suffering and want to assist their escape.

    Regarding RonBot, just Bill, I think I've read his long piece several times on various sites. If he comes back and reads this I would like him to know that he must edit his piece because it will not do to simply slap it around willy-nilly. People won't read it as it stands. I havn't managed to yet because when it appears most of it is naturally off-topic.

  4. Dear JustBill - looking back on this post 2yrs later and it's power to inspire is still great!

    And in the spirit of solidifying the idea of a new kind of bridge for helping people find their way out, a new blog is soon2be blossoming here that we [the collaborators behind it] humbly offer as a followup addition to your handy list of resources above:

    ^^u be one of sources of our "Featured Articles"

    cheers! :)


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