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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scientology: 3rd Party "Law"

No, this "Third Party" does not refer to a third party like the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. This "third party" is a "law" expounded by L. Ron Hubbard as a "breakthrough in resolving conflicts". He says:


It is very easy to see that two in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or suspect is that a third party existed and actively promoted the quarrel.


The hidden third party, seeming at times to be a supporter of only one side, is to be found as the instigator.

This is a useful law in many areas of life.

L. Ron Hubbard
The Third Party Law.
While it is doubtful that this "law" is as absolute as Hubbard says, it is important for non-Scientologists to understand it because this is a technique that the Church of Scientology firmly believes and will use and is using as a weapon against their perceived enemies. Whether this could ever be used to resolve conflicts isn't particularly important. What is important is that this technique can be used to create and prolong conflicts.

Perhaps one could call this sort of thing "Black Scientology," the idea of using Scientology techniques to damage people and create chaos to the church's benefit. It seems like the Church of Scientology does that a lot.

Here is how it works:

The Church of Scientology keeps feeding all Scientologists a constant stream of "information" about Scientology critics and, especially, Anonymous. They "document" how these enemies are part of the world-wide conspiracy against Scientology. They "document" how Anonymous is being funded by the big drug companies. They "document" how Anonymous is made up of evil communists who are using Hubbard's Brainwashing Manual for their operating manual (of course, they don't mention Hubbard wrote it).

This has many benefits for David Miscavige and his henchmen:
  • It keeps Scientologists upset and afraid. This is very important for control. Scientologists won't look outside the church for information because "it's too dangerous!"
  • They can extort a lot more money from Scientologists to "fight this major enemy".
  • It ensures that Scientologists will reject any information from Anonymous.
  • It distracts attention away from the crimes, abuses and fraud brought up by Anonymous and Scientology critics.
But, of course, this is only half the job. To properly use Hubbard's "Third Party" technique, the Church of Scientology also has to feed false information to Anonymous.

Given the nature of the Internet and the loose organization and anonymity of the group Anonymous, this is very, very simple.

The Church of Scientology, through their "secret police" group OSA (Office of Special Affairs), have created various Anonymous persona who urge illegal and destructive actions against Scientologists and Scientology churches. These false Anonymous want Anonymous to go back to their *chan roots. Any attacks that make Anonymous look evil and the Church of Scientology a "victim" are encouraged.

The benefits of this are simple:
  • As long as Anonymous sounds sane and non-violent, people will listen; people will agree. This must be stopped.
  • The church has called Anonymous "terrorists". They need Anonymous to start acting like that again.
  • Violent and illegal actions by Anonymous would help keep Scientologists upset and afraid, which means more control and more money for Miscavige.
  • Violent and illegal actions are the perfect justification for all the evil that the Church of Scientology does. "We must do these things, look what they did to us!"
  • If Anonymous focuses on Miscavige's crimes, the church loses. If Anonymous goes off on any other tangent, the church wins.
Now, of course, not everyone who parrots this OSA-as-Anonymous attack line is OSA. I'm not saying that. However, be very, very sure OSA is pushing this idea. OSA is constantly working to make Anonymous go illegal and go violent. They want this very badly.

The Church of Scientology (meaning David Miscavige) likes this conflict. Miscavige wants Scientologists and Anonymous to fight. He is making a lot of money off of this fight and he wants a lot more.


  1. Relevent to how offiical Scientology spokespeople engage in this same essential tactic, are these two L. Ron Hubbard disgraceful policy writings:

    15, 18 February 1988 Confidential BLACK PROPAGANDA (Originally written by LRH on 12 January 1972. Issued as OSA NW Order on 18 February 1988.) ... To cease to be the effect of classification and become in our turn the cause of it, the classifier, is to win the propaganda game. Our propaganda is dirty.... We do this trick by survey and attack.... we become re-classified as attackers and the enemy as bad hats as they're for the evil if they attack us... We just run propaganda campaigns....It reclassifies our attackers as evil people... we (1) Seek to avoid opportunities for the enemy to classify us. (2) Contest or expose any previous classifications as false (dead agentry, etc.) (3) Engage in a series of campaigns which confuse past classification. (4) Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others." "L. RON HUBBARD, Founder , Adopted as official Church policy by CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL “

    "16 FEBRUARY 1969 ISSUE IV REISSUED 24 SEPTEMBER (Reissued with updated distribution.)" "Limited Distribution: OSA NW [Office of Special Affairs Network], IMEC [International Management Executive Committee, consisting of the Watchdog Committee and the Executive Strata and other leadership positions from Scientology movement's top bureaucratic ranks], PRs" "Confidential" "TARGETS, DEFENSE" ".....The errors we have made have been:...4. Failing to attack early and hard.....7. Not learning enemy tactics and using and bettering them." "....B. Our next best defense line was being sure the public knew we were a Church." "...The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are: ...Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration." "....Use all other similar groups as allies."
    “L. RON HUBBARD” “Founder” “Adopted as official Church policy by CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL”

  2. Thank you for the interesting post. Only part I don't get is the comment about Miscavige making a lot of money in the fight between Anonymous and Scientologists. With Scn now losing members and new recruits, this seems counter-intuitive. Could you please clarify this point?

  3. Since the church is rapidly losing members and those new recruits are few and far between, most of Miscavige's money comes from "pure donations" -- big donations scared up from existing, wealthy Scientologists -- and those few Scientologists that still have some room on their credit cards.

    When you hear of Nancy Cartwright donating ten million dollars, that's what she's doing. That money is not for services, that is money given to "fight the enemies of Scientology!"

    And when I say "scared up" I mean, literally scared up. One of the biggest motivators for the huge donations is to frighten Scientologists. The message is: "All is lost unless you give us much more than you can possibly afford to give!!!"

    Fear means big money when you're in the religion business. Fear is the biggest money-maker for Miscavige when his minions go out collecting for the church. Miscavige is probably the biggest Merchant of Fear in the world today.

  4. Hello again!

    I posted a link and excerpt of this blog entry over at Enturb: -- I agree with you and am concerned about this resurgence of the desire of some Anon to turn again to the dark side.

    I also wanted to pass my latest efforts along to you: and

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    -- WagTheWog

  5. Thanks WagTheWog! I appreciate it, a lot! Love your work.

    Great discussion over at Enturb, good points.

    As an aside, the whole "get millions from rich Scientologists" scam of Miscavige's is another example of his extremely low intelligence. Yes, he is making a ton of money in the short term, but what do you think millionaires do when they are hounded constantly for huge donations?

    Yep, eventually they tell the church STFU GTFO. Want to bet that's just what happened with James Packer?

    Miscavige will hound Scientologists with money until they are deeply in debt. The only way to get him to stop is to leave Scientology.

    Miscavige is going through his millionaires like toilet paper.

    Short term, more money. Long term, goodbye Church of Scientology.


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