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Sunday, October 26, 2008

David Miscavige's Qualifications

David Miscavige is the leader of the Church of Scientology.

How did that come about? How did he get into that position and what are his qualifications?

Well, he wasn't assigned by L. Ron Hubbard. Most Scientologists actually believe that he was put in charge by Hubbard, but that is totally false. Hubbard very specifically left other people in charge of the Church of Scientology. However, those that Hubbard left in charge are the people that Miscavige removed. Everyone that Hubbard put in charge of any part of the church has been removed by Miscavige. Not only removed, but most of them are now out of Scientology entirely.

So how did Miscavige take over control of the church? Well, he just did. He, with a group of strong arm followers behind him, said he was in charge, and nobody was able to dispute it. You see, there was and is no policy or procedure to stop someone who just assumes control of the church. Someone steps into that office and says they are now head of the church and unless the current head has more strong arm followers, well, the church has a new leader.

And that's what happened.

Miscavige then "declared suppressive" anyone who had the temerity to object to his coup, so the Scientology public would never hear what really happened.

Well, what are Miscavige's qualifications? What makes him qualified to run the Church of Scientology?

Did he run a Continental Office for Scientology, booming a whole continent?

Well, no. He's never had that kind of experience, or success.

Did he run one of the big churches, an AO, an ASHO -- Flag Land Base perhaps?


OK, how about a smaller, local church? Some big city church?


A Scientology Mission? A Scientology Group?

Nope. Miscavige has no experience running even the smallest Scientology group.

Well, was he a well-trained executive who had years of on-the-job experience, helping one of Hubbard's selected leaders in some successful endeavor?


Well, maybe he's a proven leader outside of Scientology, in a related field perhaps? Ran something that was highly successful?

Still no. Miscavige was a Scientology kid. He has no experience outside of Scientology. He barely graduated high school and has absolutely no experience living in the real world. All he knows is the Sea Org and Scientology.

OK, so he has no leadership experience or qualifications. What are his other qualifications?

Is Miscavige a highly trained technical person? He has revamped all Scientology training and rewritten Hubbard's books extensively. He directs technical matters world-wide. Surely he is highly trained, Class XII perhaps?

Nope. While his "biography" on line is exceptionally vague about his qualifications, it is known that he completed the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and, according to his biography, he "audited some people". That's all that is known. What is obvious is that there are thousands of people who are more highly trained and more technically qualified than Miscavige.

Well, then, Miscavige is at least an OT VIII, isn't he?

Well, no. On the Bridge, Miscavige is stalled -- badly stalled -- on OT VII, and has been for 15-20 years. To be a bit clearer: Miscavige has had no significant auditing for 15 years at least. None. He wants "all Scientologists" to keep paying and moving on his "Bridge to Total Freedom" but, even when its all free to Miscavige, he won't go into session.

OK, well, despite the fact that he has no experience or qualifications for the job, has Miscavige at least proven himself on the job?

Are you kidding? Pretty much everything Miscavige attempts has been an abject failure. This is factually true. He really has had a bad time of it.

His primary job, according to extant Hubbard orders, was to get every church to the size of "old Saint Hill"--the size of Scientology's main center in its heyday. That was supposed to be the criteria for "releasing OT IX and OT X." This was more important than anything else he could be doing. He totally failed. Although statistics are carefully hidden, it is doubtful that any of those previously celebrated "Saint Hill sized" organizations still exist at that size, anywhere. To make it easier on himself, he changed the definition of "size of old Saint Hill" several times, but, even with the smaller numbers, he still has failed. Instead, Miscavige has "led" the Church of Scientology to its destruction.

Another very important project which Hubbard said was key to "clearing the planet" was Super Power. Miscavige collected hundreds of millions of dollars, built a huge building in Clearwater and then ... he ran into technical problems on how to actually deliver the new Super Power services. So what did David Miscavige do? He gave up. The building has remained unfinished for years because Miscavige doesn't know what to do.

Technically and organizationally, Miscavige has done more to destroy the Church of Scientology than any enemy of the church in its entire history. His lack of technical and organizational knowledge and experience has been disastrous for the church.

So why is Miscavige still in charge of the Church of Scientology?

The answers are simple. First, Scientologists simply don't know how completely unqualified and incompetent he really is. Second, any Scientologists who do find out, and say anything, are immediately "declared suppressive" and kicked out of Scientology.

But the primary reason is that there is no way to remove him. There is no procedure, no policy, no way to remove the leader of Scientology. No matter how much damage he does, they're stuck with him.



    This link is to a photograph of Jeff Hawkins, 35 year veteran staffer at the top ranks of the Scientology lifetime staff category (sort of comparable to Vatican staff), and this is Jeff at the Portland anonymous protest, carrying a sign that Jeff knows to be true. Jeff himself was beaten several times by Miscavige, and Portland Mercury confirms this, quoting Marc Headley who saw Miscavige beat up Jeff a couple times, and Headley was likewise beaten savagely by David Miscavige.

    Scientology is a cult, because the top ranks are stuck in the Stockholm Syndrome, unable to go against their leader, David Miscavige.

    No harsher more relevant evidence of Scientology members being in a cult like Stockholm Syndrome, than how Scientology leader David Miscavige gets away with being abusive to the top ranked staffers.

    It is like the Pope would be slapping and punching out the Cardinals.

    Scientology is a cult, and Miscavige freely abuses the top staff of the Scientology movement.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Scientology cult lifetime staffer, 1975-2003

    Jeff's sign says it all! That's behavior of the top of the line Scientologist in the world

  2. Thanks for reading my mind. I'd been wondering about this topic recently. *wink*

  3. Yes, you are very correct. After experiencing Scientology for more than 13 yrs and nearly becoming a Sea Org member I was also wondering how David Miscavige got to the position he is in. Maybe he grabbed it first. Like LRH himself said in life you do not get what you deserve but what you negotiate.
    I feel sorry for all the good people at the Scientology orgs.

  4. David Miscavige holds power as COB of the RTC Chm of Board Religious Tech Center - that holds all the copyrights to the LRH material.
    Is there actually a real RTC Board? Who is on it?

    I see the Orgs are separate autonomous entities ;
    But who names the Board of Directors of the RTC?
    I suspect there is no board but there has to be some way to replace DM if he dies or is imprisoned right?

    You say anyone who questions or complains is "kicked out" of SCN - but how does the power to do that accrue to DM?
    If I had devoted years and thousands of $$$ to SCN I would not be inclined to accept the idea that anyone could "kick me out"
    In fact if I were Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, or any of the "former" SCN people featured on Going Clear or Aftermath I would claim to remain SCN with standing to challenge the DM leadership.
    At some point in the not too distant future the Ex-SCN will outnumber the current SCN. Maybe thats already true.
    I think some of these former leaders should call for a "convention" - a meeting of all SCN people current and former - make it online
    and in a number of locations
    Figure out a way to tally a vote on DM as leader and vote him out of office.

    DM declared himself POPE saying LRH made him POPE. BULLSHIT
    I would act as if DM has no power and no right to leadership
    Get 3000 former SCN or current disaffected SCN and march on GOLD BASE and simply take it back by fiat.
    Whose religion is it?


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