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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scientologists: Why Scientology is Attacked

As a Scientologist, you are, undoubtedly aware of, and concerned about, the continuing attacks against the Church of Scientology. And very rightfully so.

In your world, Scientology is very, very good. Why would anyone attack it?

The church has presented various explanations for these protests. "People are being paid to protest", "Suppressives are spreading false information," "Big drug companies are working to destroy Scientology," and so on.

However, you have been taught that the "right Why", the "right item", the correct reason for a problem, when spotted, will resolve the problem.

And still, the protests continue.

To make matters worse, the mainstream media are reporting bad things about the Church of Scientology. There are reports of abuse within the church, and worse. It is upsetting.

And, even further, you see other problems. Your local church is struggling. There are few new people, if any. You know your own involvement in Scientology is also fraught with problems. Perhaps your case is stalled, or you've been told to repeat earlier levels, or you now find yourself "off lines" due to various problems. And the Church of Scientology is demanding more and more money from you -- to "solve" problems that persist in not getting any better no matter how much money they collect.

It seems there are many problems today, and they are not getting better.

Hubbard tells us that, if things are not resolving, then one doesn't have the correct source of the problem, right?

David Miscavige's Church of Scientology is pointing the finger of blame outward -- and nothing is getting resolved. The protests continue. The local churches continue to struggle. Scientologists continue to struggle.

Here is what L. Ron Hubbard says, in Keeping Scientology Working:
Trouble spots occur only where there are "no results." Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are "no results" or "bad results."
Note that he says "only". "No results" or "bad results" are the only cause of attacks. He doesn't say "usually" or "mostly" or "often". He says "only".

He also said this, in Keeping Scientology Working:
One: Having the correct technology
One above has been done.
He wrote this in 1965 and emphasized it in later issues. He didn't say, "The technology is well along but needs some improvements by someone". He said "done". He also said that it should be protected from corruption -- that's what Keeping Scientology Working is all about.

25 years ago, when the churches were doing better and there were very few attacks, one can make the case that the Church of Scientology was mostly delivering what was promised. One could assume there were results and that they were "good results".

What changed?

Well, to be frank, most of Hubbard's tech has been changed. Training was completely ripped apart and redone. His books, that he prized and took so much care with, were re-written, twice. Tape lectures have been edited. Vast changes have been made to the administration of the Church of Scientology. Technical "advices" from upper management have been changing the way the tech is applied and there is word that even the Grade Chart is being completely redone, with much material being removed. Virtually nothing has escaped the touch of David Miscavige, "improving" things.

And now Miscavige's Church of Scientology has "no results" and "bad results", doesn't it? I suspect that you, personally, have experienced this. Well, that's not difficult to guess, just about every Scientologist is experiencing "no results" or "bad results", now.

The problem, according to Ron, isn't "out there", it's right there in front of you. You've watched it happen. The only cause of the attacks is "no results" and "bad results".

That's what Ron says. He also says, towards the end of Keeping Scientology Working:
So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. it's our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.
Do you expect the person corrupting everything and creating the "no results" and "bad results" to admit it? No, that person is pointing the finger everywhere but straight back where it should point.

But now you know the real reason Scientology is being attacked.


  1. Hi Bill. Great post as usual.

    I have an idea for you to write about that I've been kicking around, just a thought offered.

    Regarding dissemination and how the church has programs and free courses to teach its members how to "sell" Scientology. Well, how can you handle someone's considerations that they bring up which you have no knowledge about because you are banned from knowing it,(such as the great overlord X--- business).

    Dedicated Scios who would disemminate, are carefully indoctrinated into not applying knowing how to know and have not a clue about actual true verifiable information that every Scientologist would know if they would actually truly "think for themselves". just a thought.


  2. (Gee, maybe I should have a "Suggestion Box")

    This is an interesting subject: How can Scientologists cope with this new environment, where all the confidential and discreditable information about Hubbard, Miscavige and Scientology is broadly known. Can they use the old methods -- but just on fewer people? Does it mean that most prospects are "ineligible"? What happens if only "OT IIIs" can talk to the public?

    You bring up an interesting wrinkle to Scientology's basic recruitment line.

    Can Scientology adapt to the new environment? Technically, they can't, since their policies are cast in stone.

    There might be an article there...

  3. Here's a suggestion/question for your suggestion box:

    Where does Hubbard ever say that suppressive is the same as 1.1?

    Where is it written that a suppressive couldn't be 1.5 or 2.0 or 1.0 or 0.589083478123475...? Or even 2.5? Could you imagine a conservative or cheerful suppressive person? How about someone who's enthusiastically suppressive?

  4. Regarding "Suppressive" = "1.1".

    I know of nowhere where Hubbard ever said that "1.1" was "suppressive". He has a whole issue describing the "anti-social personality" (another term for suppressive) -- but none of the attributes of his "anti-social personality" include the specific tone level "1.1".

    Likewise, in describing the "1.1" tone level, Hubbard did not include "suppressive" in that description. So, Hubbard did not equate the two, as far as I know.

    I agree with you. Theoretically, one could be quite happy to be suppressive. I mean, look at David Miscavige.

  5. Great website and thought provoking and informative posts. But Scientology never delivered, did it? Clear? Not real, never happened. Exteriorizing? Not real, never happened. Being at cause over MEST? Impossible, never happened. It's always been a sham based on a fanciful brew of philosophies and pseudoscience. The only thing one "gets" out of Scientology is what one puts in, which can be said of any human endeavor.

  6. @rebelmacaque
    Thank you.

    I can't argue with what you've said - very insightful.

    That one aspect: one gets out of it what one puts into it, is what traps people. "There!" they say, "I did have gains!" And they think that it was Scientology that was responsible, rather than themselves.

  7. Anonymous said "Could you imagine a conservative or cheerful suppressive person? How about someone who's enthusiastically suppressive?"

    Ask the Minneapolis Org OSA Head (Brian Fesler) about #MinnAnon. Tone 4 is a ground state of being for them.


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