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Friday, May 9, 2008

Scientologists Say "Goodbye" to L. Ron Hubbard

After nearly six decades of honoring L. Ron Hubbard as Founder and Source of Scientology, Scientologists are finally demoting Hubbard to merely "Founder", to be given an occasional nod, but not much else.

The responsibility of "Source" will now be assumed by David Miscavige, the current leader of the Church of Scientology.

Miscavige took over the Church of Scientology in the mid-80's and has been consolidating his position ever since. Over the last two decades, he has removed anyone else who was in any position of leadership or authority within the church. The extensive executive structure, established by Hubbard before his death to carry on his wishes for the church, has been completely dismantled, leaving Miscavige as the sole "dictator" of Scientology. A few years ago, Miscavige finally removed the last executives in any leadership roles and locked them up in a special, secure compound-within-a-compound at the Scientology "Int. Base" in Hemet, California. That move left Miscavige, and the revered ghost of L. Ron Hubbard, alone as the official authorities of Scientology.

Removing Hubbard is the last step of Miscavige's power consolidation.

In recent years, Hubbard has become somewhat of an embarrassment to the Church of Scientology. Hubbard was well known for his creative story telling, and his stories of his life were no exception. The Church of Scientology had taken Hubbard's tall tales as gospel truth, and had published many biographical articles and booklets that, on closer inspection, were found to contain significant fabrications. The church was put in a position of defending these published accounts, a task which had become increasingly difficult with the advent of the Internet and easy access to the actual documents regarding Hubbard's life.

As a result of these problems, and as part of his power consolidation, Miscavige has been de-emphasizing Hubbard's name and image in the church's events and publications. In the most recent events and publications, Hubbard's name and image have all but disappeared, being replaced with Miscavige's, everywhere.

In addition:
  • Miscavige has been rewriting the technology of Scientology for many years, issuing orders and bulletins that, in many cases, actually go against Hubbard's specific, written instructions.
  • He has had Hubbard's lectures edited to remove statements that the church now finds embarrassing, or claims by Hubbard that the church now realizes were a bit overblown.
  • Miscavige has recently completed the extensive rewrite of Hubbard's books. The "author" of these books (the "Basics") is now, officially, the "LRH Library", but everyone knows that this actually means "David Miscavige".
  • He currently has a complete rewrite of Hubbard's administrative policies in the works. It is rumored that the full set of revised policies will be issued without Hubbard's name being mentioned anywhere.
  • As well, other actions to move away from Hubbard's influence have been taken, such as the recent dictate that Miscavige's orders shall, from now on, take full priority over anything written by Hubbard.
The removal of Hubbard as "Source" is now, essentially, complete. Hubbard will be given a nod, once in awhile, as the beloved (if somewhat "eccentric") Founder, but will otherwise be carefully moved to the far, far background.

The honor of "Source" as well as "Leader" and, perhaps, even "Savior of Scientology" will be Miscavige's self-assigned accolade from now on.

We wish him good luck with that.


  1. i can't wait until we can say "goodbye" to the Co$!

  2. So it sounds like their squirreling their own tech right and left these days. How convenient, all the more easier to help people stuck in the scam see the truth.

  3. Hi Scientologist!

    You'll have to be a bit more specific. Exactly what part of the post do you think is false? All of the facts are true. Miscavige did take over, he did get rid of any other possible leaders, he did lock a bunch up in Hemet, he did rewrite and edit much of Hubbard's creation...

    But, since you appear to be a person of brevity, let's just cut to the chase.

    In publications and events, whose name is featured? Whose photo?

    Where is LRH?


  4. david misgaviage didn't "take over" (LRH died by the way, 1988 or so) he inherited the post. he didn't rewrite LRH's books he and several others (dedicated) researched the archives and reviewed and edited out the publishers mistakes now it is 100% LRH .If you stayed on source you would know that,but of course everyone is entitled to and opinion. how does the saying go? opinions are like.....

  5. LRH is still the founder/author of scientology dianetics David is handling things since LRH died around 1988. David doesn't have the power to lock anybody up.By the way, what planet have you been on and how long have you been gone?apparently you missed the boat.

  6. You really don't know your own church's history. I am completely amazed that you are so ignorant. David Miscavige was not put in charge when Hubbard died and he did not "inherit" the post. He agressively took over the church, attacking and destroying those who where put on post by LRH himself. You didn't know that? By the way, Hubbard died in 1986 -- just so you know.

    Hubbard put a large executive stucture in place to carry out his intentions and Miscavige completely destroyed it all. It no longer exists. Can't you see anything?

    LRH carefully reviewed and reprinted his books for thirty years. Those who closely worked with LRH can, and do, attest to that. When Miscavige rewrote all of Hubbard's books, he used, as his justification, that LRH was stupid and unobservant and for over thirty years never noticed his own books were wrong. Now, if you actually believe that, you truly don't know how careful Hubbard was with his works. You actually believe that Hubbard was as stupid as Miscavige says.

    In addition, you need to know that everyone in the church who tried to "stay on source" was viciously attacked and kicked out by Miscavige. Miscavige is making up his own technology and his own religion, and it doesn't have much to to with Hubbard's. But you really don't know, do you?

    As you demonstrate, today's Scientologist is pretty ignorant of their church's history, their technology, and their own Founder.

  7. To the commenter asking what planet I've been on: It's called the real world. We, in the real world don't see the same things as you who live on Planet Scientology. We see things that actually exist, we don't pretend that the fantasies spun by Miscavige are actually true. LOL!

    I said LRH was "Founder", but that's all, now.

    And, if Miscavige doesn't have the "power to lock anyone up" how come he gets away with it?

  8. Exactly. It would be nice if Mr. Scientologist asked himself/herself why he/she hasn't heard anything from the following people in years (except perhaps in one or two events when they had been dusted off and dragged to the stage to say a few words). These were THE people who ten years ago did all Int events with DM:

    Marc Yager, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff, Mark Ingber, Mike Rinder, Mark Rathbun and Ronnie Miscavige.

    If you actually knew what is going on in your own church, you would know that first 4 on that list are in the SP room on the Int Base, under 24-hr security watch and the last 3 have blown or been offloaded from the Sea Org. Every single one of them has been declared an SP by DM himself, including his own brother!

    Or, can you tell me, if you truly believe they have had "other things to do" what that might be? What issues, video briefings, what ANYTHING have you heard from these people in years?

    (And, if you already know all this and work for OSA, all I can say I'm sorry things have gotten to this state, and that it would be a really good idea for you to leave while you still have the chance.)

  9. Dear Scientologists attempting to post here, Your comments aren't getting through because you're missing the idea.

    While I welcome discussion and debate, I guess I need to "define some terms".

    Discussion and debate does not include: Insults, threats, implied threats, advertisements, spam and the like.

    If you want to engage me in a discussion, you need to stay on topic and you need to present something to discuss.

    I realize that this is very difficult for you, but I think you can do it.

  10. WILD BILL I see you didn't post my last message that had the web sites for people to get the real truth but you would rather make accusations and insults.

  11. Dear Scientologist,

    I don't know which comment was yours, but if I rejected it, it was because it was off-topic, abusive or spam.

    But your complaint is disingenuous, dear Scientologist. If you want to see blogs that really, truly, never allow two sides to be discussed, visit any Scientologist's blog. Do you have a blog? Would you allow someone to argue with you?

    Thought not.

    Have a nice day.

  12. Isn't it, like, sacreligious or something for a Sci to post as Anonymous??? Just askin'.

  13. anonymous scientologist lol what a comical remark, well they are all over the web and the world so that's a true statement, right WILD BILL ? CAN WE AGREE ON THAT?

  14. It's a tough time to be a Scientologist, isn't it?

  15. "[Scientologists] are all over the web and the world so that's a true statement, right WILD BILL ? CAN WE AGREE ON THAT?"

    Sure, Scientologists are all over the Web. I mean, I think Greg "What Do You Mean, The Food Is Reserved For The Tsunami Victims?" Churilov is over about 40% of the Web just by himself. All over the world? I see no reason to believe that Scientologists are not located in a variety of geographical regions.

    But does this mean that the absolute number of Scientologists is large, anywhere near the eight million that the CoS desperately tries to claim? Not at all. The evidence is firmly against it. When more people are reporting their religion is "Jedi" than "Scientology", it is clear that Scientology is nowhere as large as it keeps claiming.

  16. WILD BILL : I just went to an annual dianetics event WILD BILL. guess who was the guest speaker? why your friend heber jenzch and guliame leservre (they must have broke the chains of david michevious) Oh and by the way they sold 38,000 dianetics books world wide in 48 hours, so you see there's some "real world" production

  17. Actually, I'm very glad to hear that about Heber and Guliame! I figured if enough people talked about the SP Hall, Miscavige would have to let a few of the loose for the events.

    Unfortunately, just before the event, and right after, they were both locked up, but we are impinging! Miscavige is reacting to what we talk about!

    Unfortunately, he still has those two, and many, many others locked up in his "re-education prison". This is wrong!

    As for the fanciful 38,000 books sold. Um... You haven't a clue on how they do that, do you? The "stats" are bogus. You realize those figures do not mean that 38,000 individual people bought books, don't you?

    I was peripherally involved with that sort of thing, back in the "bad old days". It's creative stat padding, but it doesn't actually mean what you think it means. Most of those books will never get to individual people who read them.

    You are exactly the sort of person Miscavige needs more of - gullible, trusting, eager to believe. Luckily, he's running out of your type.

  18. you didn't get it,or won't get it.whichever, whatever, doesn't matter but don't try to prevent others from getting it cause you couldn't get it.there's something you're not telling. maybe cause you fudged the numbers when you sold books they booted you out, is that it? wild bill?

  19. Woah! Your comment is a perfect example of what Scientology can do. It didn't make any sense, but at least it misduplicated everything I said.

    You're accusing me of selling books, or not selling books? Can't make it out.

    Anyway, I didn't sell books. And the Church of Scientology did not sell 38,000 books to new bookbuyers! LOL!

    Guaranteed, most of those books went out the front door and returned through the back door. That's the way Scientologists do it. Make the "stats" go high, never mind that it's all fake. The books aren't really going out there. All show and no substance. That's Scientology!

    Those events are packed with pure fantasy. All show, nothing is real. It's made up, to keep the marks docile and paying money.

    You have never verified anything that Miscavige has said. Not ever. You are very, very gullible.

  20. Dear anonymous (scientologist)

    Question for you. Please look around your org. Are there as many students on course as there used to be? In your org, on your schedule? As many as a year ago? As 5 years ago? 20? What is YOUR observation? And does that add up to expansion or contraction?
    This was a question that was asked to me and I had to answer the obvious truth. It was my first step, maybe it can be yours.

  21. Ah yes, "Expanded more in the past 5 years than all the years before" or something of that sort. Well, after having done a little math (nothing too complicated mind you) if expansion had been even just 4% per yeast over the last 25+ years I'd been associated with that organization there certainly would have been more that the 10-15 people I'd seen on the sign-in page at reception at mid-afternoon including those going to both Academy & HGC. These sign-in observations in recent months have been on multiple occasions.

  22. Hubbard abused amphetamines. It's a common side-effect, particularly with meth, to believe bugs are crawling under your skin. It is easy to see how Hubbard came up with the idea of body thetans. When he was going through the "wall of fire", Hubbard jumped out of a 2 story building, breaking his back and arms. When he came to his senses, he believed he had come out of the "wall of fire" relatively unharmed, and thought he was the first person in MEST history to do so. Hubbard was hopelessly insane... and I really do feel sorry for all of the people in Scientology who will never ever wake up, or will wake up too late. The bridge to total freedom, is the bridge to total insanity. If you are a scientologist who says I am bullshit... listen to Rons Journal 67, type "Xenu" into youtube, and listen to Hubbard rant and rave about body thetans and xenu. You'll figure it out...

  23. This is an interesting collection of fact, speculation and rumor. It would sure be interesting to know what really went on all those years.

    I don't buy into all that you say, and I certainly no longer buy into what Hubbard said. But what is the truth? I just don't know.

    I think it all started out as a rather detailed con, but was OT III part of the con? Or had Hubbard started believing his own stories by then? What injuries did he sustain, if any? Since the only source of the story is Hubbard, the veracity is suspect, don't you think?

    If I had to guess, I'd guess the whole OT III thing was just more Hubbard story telling -- no Xenu, no injuries. But, that is ... more speculation.

  24. The evidence documented of Hubbards involvement in black magic, particularly his assumption that he was the successor to Crowley as the Anti-Christ, leads to the conclusion that he believed in something. The OTIII storytelling though obviously a product of his imagination also plays a part in justifying to himself his position as 'source'.

    He needed the structures of these 'higher' levels, not just to milk the bank accounts of others, but also
    to provide a framework allowing people to follow him. If he is the greatest, it doesn't matter what he tells anyone, the important thing is that he is celebrated.

    He was not willing to show the true origins of his thoughts and concepts because he had the sense to know this would undermine his ambitions. These were to make him rich, to give him power, but ultimately to satisfy his narcissism. He suffered from the common delusion that the more you do -the more you are. His prolific writings were proof to him that he was bigger than anyone else. However, he was unable to stop producing because of the effect this would have on his self-esteem. Gods do not suffer from writers block, cannot be seen to be utter failures. Hubbards whole life was a struggle to fill in the black hole of an empty and worthless character. He was too lazy and incompetant to study to any deep degree though he was adept enough at skimming off ideas in the fashion of an opportunist.

    The idea which Hubbard wanted to convey was that he had discovered something which he wanted to give to the world. He needed nothing himself except the means to do it. Of course this is the complete opposite of the truth. Without the structures he built he was nothing. In his final years when he was out of sight this was the time when his psychosis got the better of him: he was unable to manage or control his own thoughts, therefore his strutures were falling down. His final insanity was a retreat into his inner world. But this was totally chaotic too. He took an anti-psychotic drug to try to control his condition but those inner strengths encouraged and exhibited by warmth, generosity, gratitude, love and compassion he did not have. So he died a dark, miserable and painful death.

    This is perhaps the fate of all those who imagine Hubbard had wisdom. He was a sociopath and those who give him credit learn from him how to be a sociopath themselves.

  25. The information that has come out of Hubbard's involvement with Crowley's black magic is pretty revealing. Especially when you look at that belief system and what Hubbard created later with his "OT Levels".

    Hubbard's last years were pretty awful for him. I think that says everything that needs to be said about his "technology".

  26. If you buy Crowleys book mentioned in the PDC courses, you can see a lot of the philosophy resembles Hubbards creation. I remember when I first started learning Scientology the huge stresses and unanswered questions I had. Its a great feeling to know the feelings were for a reason... because I was studying the works of a true antisocial psychotic.

  27. Tired old story, really.

    If Hubbard were Jesus, Davey would be Paul.

  28. Hmmm. Interesting parallel. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, "Paul was ... the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus."

    Except, of course, that comparison makes too much of Hubbard, I think.

  29. To the anonymous scientologist. First read Hubbards Affirmations. But even if you don't believe that, there are the major outpoints that DM is knowingly commiting every day.

  30. So many people suffered because of a sociopath, and are now suffering because of another psychopath.

    Some of Hubbard's Affirmations:

    "Your psychology is advanced and true and wonderful. It hypnotizes people. It predicts their emotions, for you are their ruler."

    "In the Veterans examination you will tell them how sick you are. You will look sick when you take it. You will return to health one hour after the examination and laugh at them."

    "Material things are yours for the asking. Men are your slaves. Elemental spirits are your slaves. You are power among powers, light in the darkness, beauty in all."

    "I can have no doubts of my psychic powers. My magical ability is high and clear. I earned my
    titles and command."

    "Your psychology is good. You worked to darken your own children. This failure, with them, was
    only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was "ordered." The same psychology works
    perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence."

    "No matter what lies you may tell others they have no physical effect on you of any kind. You
    never injure your health by saying it is bad."

    "I must cease to take hormones. I must rebuild my feeling of excitement about things sexual."

    "That my code is to be all things a "magus" must be, that I am those things. That I burn high
    and bright and will last as a potent and brilliant force until well after this century has run."

    "What people think of you does not matter. You know when you are right. Women especially love
    you and you fear no man."

    "The slipperier they are the more you enjoy it because it means their mucous is running madly
    with pleasure."

    "You are able to trance. No other human being can hypnotize you in any way. You can believe or
    disbelieve whatever you read at will. You cannot be hypnotized by any but yourself."

    "There was no danger for you from government or navy. You are too big to be touched by their
    petty opinions and force. Your force and destiny is infinite power."

    "You use the minds of men. They do not use your mind or affect it in any way. You have a sacred
    spiritual mind, too strong, too high to be touched. Your league with Higher Beings, your mighty Guardian and the All Powerful, renders you beyond all human criticism."

    I love the last one. Real humanitarian, that Lafayette was.


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