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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scientology Fair Game

It is hard to have any meaningful discussion with the Church of Scientology about "Fair Game" because they insist it was "canceled".

This is the typical, standard Scientology masquerade. The masquerade of pretending to tell the truth while actually giving completely false information.

Scientologists say, "Oh, fair game was canceled in 1968!" But there are important missing words there. The truth is: "Oh, [the use of the phrase] fair game was canceled in 1968 [but we still do all those things]!"

They love to play this game and can play it all day long.

So here is a little "howto" for journalists to get the truth.

Question 1 to the Church of Scientology:
Does the church Policy Letter PENALTIES FOR LOWER CONDITIONS list the following "penalties" for someone the church labels "ENEMY"?
SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.
Question 2 to the Church of Scientology:
Except for the words "Fair game", is this policy letter applied today? That is, are such "SP Orders" issued on people, like critics of Scientology, today?

The only answers possible are "Yes," and "Yes". The Church of Scientology may pad the answers out with lots and lots of spin, but the answers are, obviously,"Yes" to these questions.

Question 3 to the Church of Scientology:
Why does the church, by its own policy, approve of, and even participate in, illegally depriving people of property, injuring them "by any means", and tricking, lying to or even destroying these people?

If they claim they do not approve of this, ask:
Question 4 to the Church of Scientology:
Then why has this abusive, and obviously illegal, policy not been repudiated and really canceled by the church?

Journalists can bypass that whole "fair game was canceled" dance by asking the above questions. These are the policies followed "religiously" by the Church of Scientology, today. The referenced "Policy Letter" was not canceled. No need to talk about "fair game" to expose the church's destructive and highly illegal policies towards those who it labels "enemy".

The Church of Scientology truly believes that it is "above the law". If they label someone "enemy", they actually believe that they may then do anything they want to that person! They are aware they are breaking the law because they always hide what they do. It isn't ignorance, it is vast hubris.

It is high time we taught them the truth: The law does apply to all they do!


  1. Thanks for this.

  2. A Scientologist has attempted to leave a link, no actual comment, to an official Scientology web site that says, in part:
    "There is a rumor around that a ex-member could be declared Fair Game, meaning that illegal actions could be taken against these persons with impunity. This is nonsense and has no evidence at all. A policy of "Fair Game" does not exist within the Church. There was an early policy called 'Fair Game' that was cancelled in 1968."

    As always, the Church of Scientology just plain lies. And it thinks it can get away with it!

    The Policy Letter that I exactly quoted in my post was not canceled!

    The only thing that was canceled was the use of the term "Fair Game" because, Hubbard complained, "It causes bad public relations." But in that same "cancellation" Policy Letter, Hubbard says, "This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP."

    In other words, Hubbard commands, keep on doing all those illegal actions against those declared "ENEMY", just don't call it "Fair Game"!

    The church must lie and lie and lie to cover up the fact that it condones, promotes and even participates in these highly illegal and horribly abusive practices--as a matter of policy!

  3. Were you as a Scientologist aware of this fair game policy?
    Do Scientologists internally talk about this?

    wikipedia says that this policy letter was revised in 1991 and now concludes with this statement:
    "Nothing in this policy letter shall ever or under any circumstances justify any violation of the laws of the land or intentional legal wrongs. Any such offense shall subject the offender to penalties prescribed by law as well as to ethics and justice actions."

    Fair Game

  4. Well, yes. But I read more policy letters than most Scientologists, especially Scientologists today.

    But you have to realize that Scientologists completely believe what the church tells them. If the church says "we don't do that anymore", then, to Scientologists, it isn't done anymore.

    And, therefore, any evidence that Fair Game is done and that it involves illegal actions by the church must be false.

    It is difficult to get through to someone who has allowed belief to supersede facts.

  5. Hmm, when Scientologists flyer the houses of critics with black PR or send PI`s after them, then who exactly is ordering them to do this? There must be someone, who is aware of the fair game policy and who knows hat it hasn`t really been cancelled.

  6. Ah, well, I've given the wrong impression. I should have made it clear that public Scientologists believe that Fair Game was cancelled.

    Staff in OSA know that Fair Game is going strong. However, they believe that it is a "valuable tool" in getting rid of "Enemies" of the church. And, in OSA, "The ends (a Scientology world) justify the means (criminal acts)". So, you know, it's OK.

    OSA, and their ilk are the ones ordering Fair Game -- and they are the same ones denying it is used!

    So you see, there are two tiers in Scientology: Those who are "True Believers" who don't know anything but what they're told, and the "Insiders" who are committing the crimes and doing the cover-ups -- and conning more money out of the True Believers.

    That's Scientology!


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