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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scientology Warning Signs

Before anyone gets too deeply involved in the Church of Scientology, there are warning signs. Pay attention to the warning signs! Your good sense will tell you something is very wrong.

If you ignore the warning signs, it really is your own damn fault, you know.

Preposterous claims
As part of their sales routine, Scientologists try various tricks to get you to tell them of some major problem you are having. It may be family, health, job, the economy, war--they pry something from you that they can use.

Then, no matter what you've said, they will inevitably utter the magic words, "Scientology can help you with that!"

Think about it. Scientology claims to be able to help you with absolutely anything. They claim to be the ultimate solution to everyone's ills. No matter what those ills might be.

This is a big warning sign. Only the most gullible could believe such extreme claims like that. This screams, "Scam!" more than anything else they could say.
Salesmen/Sales tricks
Church of Scientology salesmen troll the sidewalks trying to get people to take a "stress test" or a "personality test". They're out on the sidewalk, they're in the malls. Doesn't that seem just a little off?

And they use these tricks. They tell you it's a "stress test" and hook you up to a meter. The needle jumps. They say it "indicates stress". Oh yeah? What proof do they have of anything? It's their meter. It's their needle. They can do anything they want with them. What kind of test is that? It's a trick to pull you in, that's what it is. Does it have any validity? I'll let you guess the answer to that one.

The "personality test" is the same thing. You spend a chunk of time answering a whole lot of questions. They take it away and come back with a graph of some kind. What is it? What does it say? Is it valid? Does it mean anything? No, it's another trick. It isn't actually any recognized "personality test" at all. It's a sales gimmick. It says what they want it to say, that's all.

You get tricked into these things because you're curious about yourself. But after all that participation, everyone who does these tests learns only one thing: They're "horribly messed up" and "Scientology can help with that". Every test result from every person results in an identical "analysis".

This is a warning sign. These "tests" are sales gimmicks, they're not valid.
Super slick presentation
Another of the warning signs is the super-slick presentation. You get hit with a big video production, in a special theater. Then you are given a stack of slick promotional materials.

Gee whiz! It must be legitimate, look how slick the presentation is!

None of these things give you any real information. It's all show, no substance.

Just try to get straight answers to your questions. Ask away. Listen to the "answers". You don't actually get real answers, just fancy promotional literature and a big video production. No facts.

You're not supposed to notice there are no facts. It's a big distraction.

Actually, it's a big warning sign.
The Contract
Before starting any "major service" (anything above the introductory services) you will be required to sign The Contract.

If ever there was a warning sign, this is it.

This beast is many pages of small-type legalese. The church does not want you to read it, they just want you to sign it.

You are not allowed to take this contract to your lawyer. You are not allowed to have your own copy of this contract. If you actually read the contract you will find that it attempts to absolve the church from any and all liability for anything they might do to you. You sign away all possible rights you might have.

According to the contract, you pay, but you are promised absolutely nothing.

No lawyer would let you sign such a "contract". The fact that this contract is considered secret, and you can't have a copy, is extremely revealing.

Only a fool would sign such a contract.
Money, money, money
It's all about the money. Their only free services are their sales presentations.

Just try to get out of the Church of Scientology without handing over some money. They are very insistent, you have got to buy something. Buy a book. Buy a course. Buy something. Buy!

It starts out with the cheaper things, but, if you show any interest at all, it soon escalates to the more expensive services. Everything they do is for sale and their job is to get your money.

Now, this really should be ringing warning bells for you.
It is very plain and very simple. The Church of Scientology engages in lots of activities that, in any reasonably intelligent person, should trigger loud alarm bells:
"Warning! These activities are not the actions of an honest organization. This group is trying to pull something. Warning, warning!"
Just pay attention, OK?


  1. If you check out the stats for Scientology's recent bookathon, they're down by over 90% at last count. I think people are catching on.

    --- - a Chanology digest

  2. Bill, I have to ask. How did they pull you in? Did you miss the signs? Not trying to make fun of you, just trying to understand how they get people in.
    I once took one of those stess tests and the needle spiked. The lady acted like it was the highest she had ever seen. I asked her to do it also, she politely refused saying she is not suppose to do that while working.

  3. LOL! That was quite awhile ago and different tactics than they use today. Let's just say that a pretty girl is a very convincing argument.

    It's very interesting what happens when you ask questions of these people. They don't like to be questioned.

  4. This is my favorite site for straight talk about the Co$ and it's impact on normal people. Keep up the good work!

  5. I my name is anonymous,

    thx for the creation of this side...i will use it for soome youtube videos...

  6. I've a question about someone i met recently and i suspect something is wrong. What is the purpose of trying to manipulate people? What if i have no money to give? Is there a way i can contact you privately i have a lot of questions. I'm very confused and scared.


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